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  1. I purchased this set yesterday at sears. Panasonic TH46PZ80U Anyway have little experience with plasma sets and none with panasonic products at all, and I am concerned about burn in regarding station logos and aspect bars. I read that sets have protection for this but couldn't find it in the manual or in the menus, or is it perhaps an automatic thing? Thanks in advance. Also Any other pointers on how to get the most out of this set would be appreciated as well.
  2. We all have herd of podzilla (ipod linux), but many are not aware that there is another OS for not only ipods but many other players as well. Why use another OS many may ask. Well the reason is simple or should I say reasons. For my ipod for example I can play my mp3s (or just about any other non drmed audio file formate on the planet need I say flac, or ogg). I do not need itunes and can simply drop or copy the files I want to my ipod from either linux or windows explorer. I can also boot into the apple OS if I prefeer to sync with itunes for podcasts I subscribe to. I can also easily remove rockbox and in no way will rockbox ruin my ipod. Lastly and just as important, rockbox is very customizable with themes galore and backgrounds and fonts of your choice, and config files you can edit to your liking. To install rock box, down load a current build for your device, unzip it to your device, open the rockbox manual and in the section for installing the bootloader in the OS of your choice click on the link and follow the instructions. You may find the default fonts difficult to read as they are generic in size to work on a variety of players, so I advise you download the font packages and simply unzip it to your player as you did for rockpox, everything will go where it is supposed to. Also go for a theme or two and install in the same manner. Rockbox georgeous themes (remember you can edit them further to your liking) The pics are the back grounds I use in one of my favorite themes. Note my instructions are as per my ipod 60 gb video, and there may be differences for other players. painel.bmp back.bmp
  3. My vote goes to k3b as well. My only beef against k3b is that there is no support for burning sequential cd/dvds for backing up a large data base, of music or photos for example.
  4. Hi everyone, back to firefox. My prefered method is to install FF directly from mozilla to either your home directory or to say perhaps /opt. When I get everything as I like I open my home folder (kde) enable hidden files, copy the .mozilla folder and repast it back into my home folder, when prompted about overwritting I rename it to .backupmozilla. If I ever have trouble saving my bookmarks renaming the backup to .mozilla overwriting the corrupt folder when prompted, usually fixes it for me. One can even replace the /opt/firefox if needed. Be sure you uninstall the FF version installed by your package manager first. You can also rename the backup as per date, for example .backup-1-30-7mozilla, These aren't overly large folders and it shouldn't take up too much space.
  5. An interesting foot note concerning the ReiserFS file system. I recently read that the developer, can't remember his first name, any way Mr. Reiser may be facing murder charges concerning his missing wife. At least according to linux pro magazine. I don't know what effect this will have on future developement of the system though, which is my point for posting this.
  6. I here ya dude I love MM myself it is a great music organizer. Sad thing is there used to be linux support from them mac as well but not any longer. Your only hope is to purchase crossover office or sedaga. Sorry.
  7. You can get this sometimes if permissions are not right for your FF profile. And as you have found deleating causes FF to create a new profile.
  8. Your welcome hitest, always a pleasure to be here.
  9. In Flanders Fields By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918) Canadian Army IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow Between the crosses row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.
  10. "Scratches head", I usualy just read the system requirements, or go boldly and install. Lol must be just the maverick in me.
  11. What also amazes me is how we were lucky enough to live to our present age. Lol think about it, we talked to strangers, we rode our bikes with out helmets, were never placed in car seats or wore seat belts, I was given wet asbestos to model with in grade 1 class that i later was told to sand smooth with pipe cleaning cloth, I helped dad paint when I was ten with led based paint, walked to school across a busy highway, didn't get to stay at home on stormy school days (walked in the blizzard across same highway), if i cam home and told dad I was spanked by mr so and so for throwing stones at his house i was spanked again and made to go with dad and apologize with him to mr. so and so and I had to help repair the broken window, rather than go see mr police man about pressing charges against mr. so and so, we roamed the neighborhood till past dark, before we were sixteen we worked for farmers service stations, or small store keepers to earn a bit of cash, some of my friends drove tractors. And miraculously I managed to live to adulthood as did my pals and girl pals. If my kids were found doing any of this today they might be taken from me lol.
  12. Now this is realy cool, and another reason why the folks at mandriva and pclinux are winning the first place in my heart. With this app (available currently only for pclinux and mandriva) you can create a live/install cd of your own system containing your favorite apps, home directory, settings, everything. And you can reuse it has an install cd for backuo or simply a portable system. There is also the option to create simply a restoration cd. Yes this has been possible with knoppix and others, but it involves a bit of hoop jumping to do, with this app and distro you can do it with just one simple scrypt has root. The screenies are of my live dvd desktop, running ksmoothdock, from where I am posting this post (though unfortunatly ksmoothdock is not centered, and screen res boots at less than nominal), though things are not nominal it is not to bad for a live dvd. If you want a live dvd or cd with upto the minute apps, all your bookmarks FF extensions etc. etc. then you should give pclinux and livecd a try.
  13. Go with amarok, or for a more itunes look and feel try juk. Banshee has promise though still new has some bugs to iron out.