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  1. Awesome. Although I have to say how you worded it to start made me start thinkin u ripped off your boss pretty well; rofl... Reminds me of some HDDs that wouldnt work unless they were on their side and balanced just right. :\
  2. Get this: Setting pingplotter to have an affinity to Core 1 instead of Core 0 or both makes it behave normaly. Setting the games to Core 1 does the same thing. Maybe my CPU is fried?
  3. Yea, it sent me an email about it. Check yours
  4. Tried all that already. The main NIC is onboard I have tried a PCI card and have disabled and changed many settings router and firewall related.
  5. The other machines are less protected against malware and the likes than this one (doesnt rule it out though, but believe me thats the first thing I loked for). All machines take the same route and have no problems at all. Running C:\netsh interface ip delete arpcache does nothing
  6. But the thing is that it IS my machiens problem. Like I said I have run this on the other machines I have on my network with a bunch of different settings and what not and they have no problems at all. Really mind boggling that something like this would happen.
  7. Edited original post with links to images
  8. The file itself is a .pp2 I have tried ziping and raring it though with no success.
  9. lol, had it happen... Also had it happen with an IDE drive. Have to give it power but not IDE till it starts to detect the drives...
  10. Thats mostly due to the fact that more often than not there are instalation problems that have to be overcome when using a SATA as your boot device, and alot of people dont have a clue what they are doing; hence bad reviews... As was mentioned earlier getting a good mothergboard will help tremendously. SATA and IDE drives of that size are very close in price and if you want to have the little added performaces get the SATA.
  11. Sending and recieving commands to the HDD is faster because of the SATA interface. Aswell most SATA drives have a faster seek time than IDE drives. And alot have 16MB of cache which is great for copying lots of smaller files to and from. Definitley faster than an IDE drive, but really not all to significant. If you want performance buy a 100-200Gb IDE drive and stick windows on it then grab another 100-200Gb and put all your games and/or swap file on it. I personaly have 5 drives in this system and let me tell you its insanley awesome games on the 2 drive RAID 0 windows on another drive with my music swap file on another drive and misc on the last . Only 2 are IDE. Buying 2 HDDs like I said and maybe getting smaller ones and possibly less overall space will give you a much more significant boost than buying one really fast drive in most cases. Long post yes but I hope it helps! Edit: Hard as I try I always spell something wrong :\
  12. I click that button yes and it uploads it in a couple minutes and refreshes the page and just shows that I still have 4.88mb left and nothing seems to have been attached :\
  13. Not an image file and its 3.5mb well short of the almost 5mb limit.
  14. Correct. The issue is with just this machine. I gave the game symptoms to maybe shed more light. They are what gets affected really, and the graph(if it would upload!) would show what it "looks like".
  15. I suppose I should have mentioned that I have already 100% ruled out it was my ISP. I have run ping plots on many other machines that I have and have tried a couple different connections. Only this machine has the problem.