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    I would try the upgrade, install 7.10 then use the package manager to update. was this a cd you burned? or did you get it mailed to you? and did you do a cd check at the start (I think its a menu Item when you boot the CD)
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    is this an upgrade?
  3. this may help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_VoIP_software also note that any SIP software "should" be able to talk to any other SIP software. I use kphone and call up our CISCO SIP phones at work with no issues. (can't call a CISCO call-manager as that uses a proprietary connection)
  4. Language? text base games basics list of rooms = multi-dimensional arrays list of attributes a class list of items = array lots of typing..
  5. http://xkcd.com/424/ sometimes the XKCD guys hit the nail on the head..
  6. It's hard to believe that I have been chatting with Hitest, shannan and some of the others for over 4 years now.. This is the only site I go to now, Leoville became full of trolls, it was hard to not tell people off. what happen to Uberpenguin?
  7. I have an issue on a server where a samba share keeps dropping but mount shows that it is there, but df will show that it is not I create a script check=`df|grep /dev/sda5|wc -l` if [ $check -ne 0 ] then echo "sda2 is there" else echo "sda2 is not there" fi this is the basic outline.. is there a better way? (note I do not have the same share on this workstation so I substatuted a device I know would show up)
  8. ---EDIT-- Sorry missread.. you are right.. I did not keep the structure and I missed that whole part this will keep the structure and place the files in a nice tgz for backup and restore find /home/huskeyw -name "*.gif" -print0 | xargs -0t tar --no-recursion -PSczf /tmp/find/gif.tgz you could untar it right after to get the same output, but its not one command find /home/huskeyw -name "*.gif" -print0 | xargs -0t tar --no-recursion -PSczf /tmp/find/gif.tgz;cd /tmp/find/;tar zxvf gif.tgz hope this helps someone. I left the original post so you can see what I was thinking.. also to point out.. that I feel like a dum A$$ after rereading you response.. it works for me, but I put to copy to a folder not a file [email protected]:/tmp$ ls gconfd-huskeyw orbit-huskeyw seahorse-aoi2Cl Tracker-huskeyw.5990 keyring-cYDBha pulse-huskeyw tmp.jZvSSS5741 virtual-huskeyw.uBgb8E note noting in tmp so we create a folder to put my gif files [email protected]:/tmp$ mkdir find now lets capture a list of all gif files I have in my home folder find /home/huskeyw/ -name "*.gif" -printf %f\\n find: /home/huskeyw/.ssh: Permission denied arrow.gif arrowd.gif broken-image.gif grabber.gif gopher-audio.gif gopher-binary.gif gopher-find.gif gopher-image.gif gopher-menu.gif gopher-movie.gif gopher-sound.gif gopher-telnet.gif gopher-text.gif gopher-unknown.gif loading-image.gif table-add-column-after-active.gif table-add-column-after-hover.gif table-add-column-after.gif table-add-column-before-active.gif table-add-column-before-hover.gif table-add-column-before.gif table-add-row-after-active.gif table-add-row-after-hover.gif table-add-row-after.gif table-add-row-before-active.gif table-add-row-before-hover.gif table-add-row-before.gif table-remove-column-active.gif table-remove-column-hover.gif table-remove-column.gif table-remove-row-active.gif table-remove-row-hover.gif table-remove-row.gif Blank Bkgrd.gif Btzhsepa.gif Citrus Punch Bkgrd.gif Ivy.gif Network Blitz Bkgrd.gif Sweets Bkgrd.gif aleabanr.gif amaizrul.gif anabnr2.gif aswrule.gif citbannA.gif fieruled.gif sunbannA.gif tech.gif Blank Bkgrd.gif Btzhsepa.gif Citrus Punch Bkgrd.gif Ivy.gif Network Blitz Bkgrd.gif Sweets Bkgrd.gif aleabanr.gif amaizrul.gif anabnr2.gif aswrule.gif citbannA.gif fieruled.gif sunbannA.gif tech.gif 0000000001_000000000000000017246[1].gif 0000000001_000000000000000151527[1].gif 0408_004_A_728090_A_NTC_415[1].gif 6CDE404B4BFEC334D023E5422081E0[1].gif Generic_Missions_Site_Banners_MSCOM_180x150[1].gif addrbook[1].gif clear1x1[1].gif collapse[1].gif copyto[1].gif deleted[1].gif exclaim[1].gif expandbutton-open[1].gif icon-contact-dl[1].gif icon-folder-tasks[1].gif icon-journal[1].gif icon-msg-forward[1].gif icon-msg-signed-reply[1].gif icon-msg-unread[1].gif icon_ieaddons[1].gif icon_support[1].gif imp-high[1].gif light[1].gif lightbtm[1].gif login-arrow[1].gif loginHeader[1].gif loginh1[1].gif logoff[1].gif logon_IE_top[1].gif main-bg-trans[1].gif msnbf[1].gif nb-hide-ql[1].gif nb-ql-tgl[1].gif newemail[1].gif newitem[1].gif notes[1].gif osb[1].gif outbox[1].gif pg-next[1].gif pipe[1].gif por2_active_cap_lft[1].gif por_active_cap_lft[1].gif por_arrow[1].gif portlet-gray-right[1].gif portlet-left[1].gif public-fld[1].gif refresh[1].gif saic_link[1].gif saic_link[2].gif signin[1].gif sort-d[1].gif spacer[1].gif tab_on_a[1].gif titlebar-button-minimize[1].gif titlebar-gray[1].gif video[1].gif 32[1].gif 5-1x1_tracking_pixel[1].gif 9CC7E6CB6C74EE6769A6C8FDA33AB[1].gif KenD_CEO[1].gif bg_b[1].gif calendar-lg[1].gif dark[1].gif down-w[1].gif dumpster[1].gif folder-icon[1].gif folder-lg[1].gif glow_b[1].gif icon-appt[1].gif icon-folder-calendar[1].gif icon-folder[1].gif icon-msg-reply[1].gif icon-msg-signed-read[1].gif icon_ie7[1].gif ie7_home_feature_bullet[1].gif inbox[1].gif issaic_header[1].gif issaic_logo[1].gif junkemail[1].gif light[1].gif log-off[1].gif logo_microsoft[1].gif logon_IE_bot[1].gif logon_Microsoft[1].gif moveto[1].gif options[1].gif pg-first[1].gif por_active_bkg_span[1].gif por_bkg_cap_lft[1].gif prev-bott[1].gif primedns[1].gif resize-dot[1].gif search-box-issaic[1].gif search-box-people[1].gif search[1].gif sent-items[1].gif show-hub-playerbg[1].gif t[1].gif t[2].gif tab_on_b[1].gif task-lg[1].gif titlebar-right[1].gif view-document[1].gif view-flag[1].gif 32E46DE281A68B9C33FC582D2569D[1].gif 7CE57843948D6DF13E79A2DE4E15C[1].gif 86F1396496DFE1BAD68AB5F28409[1].gif WL_b[1].gif bg[1].gif blank[1].gif blank[2].gif btn_232x24[1].gif bullet[1].gif dark[1].gif down-b[1].gif drafts[1].gif edit-portlet-icon[1].gif email[1].gif flg-empty[1].gif icon-doc[1].gif icon-folder-journal[1].gif icon-msg-read[1].gif icon-msg-signed-forward[1].gif icon-msg-signed[1].gif icon-mtgreq[1].gif icon-post[1].gif jeffkoons[1].gif lightbtm[1].gif logon_logo[1].gif main-bg[1].gif main-bg[2].gif msft[1].gif msn_b[1].gif msx80019_main_180x150_ms[1].gif nb-bkgd[1].gif nb-show-ql[1].gif options-lg[1].gif pg-last[1].gif plus[1].gif por2_active_cap_rt[1].gif por_active_cap_rt[1].gif por_bkg_cap_rt[1].gif portlet-gray-left[1].gif portlet-right[1].gif prev-off[1].gif prev-right[1].gif replyall[1].gif rules[1].gif search[1].gif sr[1].gif titlebar-gray-right[1].gif titlebar[1].gif tool-bkgd[1].gif view-importance[1].gif windowsNGN_ltr[1].gif 0000000033_000000000000000578669[2].gif 26[1].gif IT_portlet_logo[1].gif arrow_green_rt[1].gif btn_232x24_a[1].gif buttons[1].gif clear[1].gif contacts-lg[1].gif cwtv_nav[1].gif delete[1].gif help[1].gif icon-contact[1].gif icon-folder-contacts[1].gif icon-folder-notes[1].gif icon-paperclip[1].gif icon-task[1].gif icon_community[1].gif icon_quickref[1].gif issaic_footer[1].gif logo2[1].gif logo_windows[1].gif logo_windowslive[1].gif minus[1].gif newfldr[1].gif nin-bg[1].gif pg-prev[1].gif playerbg[1].gif por2_active_bkg_span[1].gif por_bkg[1].gif por_bkg_divline[1].gif register[1].gif reminder[1].gif root[1].gif rules-lg[1].gif saic_link[1].gif saic_logo_footer[1].gif saic_tnail[1].gif saicatglance[1].gif search-box-capabilities[1].gif search-box-google[1].gif status-info[1].gif tab_IE_off[1].gif timeline-slider[1].gif view-paperclip[1].gif Yukon PM Schedule.gif Yukon SE Schedule.gif Yukon SI Schedule.gif Yukon Schedule.gif 071207_ST_Q4_C_300x250[1].gif 234x60e[1].gif CAI7OB9M.gif CAOPQRAB.gif ainw_000000[1].gif b_homepage[1].gif bh[1].gif bh[2].gif bins=1[1].gif blank[1].gif btn_232x24[1].gif bullets[1].gif clear1x1[1].gif down-b[1].gif drafts[1].gif email[1].gif flg-empty[1].gif folder-icon[1].gif hit[1].gif ico_cpu[1].gif icon-doc[1].gif icon-msg-signed-forward[1].gif icon-msg-signed[1].gif icon-msg-unread[1].gif icon-mtgreq[1].gif icon-post[1].gif imgad[1].gif imp[1].gif junkemail[1].gif justify-r[1].gif logo_windowslive[1].gif logon_IE_top[1].gif media224440[1].gif nav-bg-over[1].gif nb-bkgd[1].gif nok[1].gif options-lg[1].gif pair_networks_20[1].gif pg-last[1].gif pg-prev[1].gif pixel_white[1].gif playnowcars[1].gif plus[1].gif por_active_cap_rt[1].gif por_bkg_cap_rt[1].gif prev-off[1].gif prev-right[1].gif prio-low[1].gif refresh[1].gif rules[1].gif saicatglance[1].gif search-box-issaic[1].gif search-box-people[1].gif sharegamesbanner[1].gif spelling[1].gif sr[1].gif tab_on_b[1].gif tabby[1].gif thumb-shadow[1].gif tit_gamesbyothers[1].gif tit_partnersites[1].gif tit_randomgames[1].gif tit_siteinfo[1].gif tit_topgames_blue[1].gif titlebar-gray-right[1].gif titlebar-right[1].gif tool-font[1].gif tool-spellprogress[1].gif top-story-bg-hover[1].gif tt[1].gif video_link[1].gif view-importance[1].gif view-webpage[1].gif 469554974[1].gif CA4TMZWD.gif CACPQ3KT.gif CAGBZNIG.gif IT_portlet_logo[1].gif RGST[1].gif arrow_yellow[1].gif arrowred[1].gif attach[1].gif b_topgames[1].gif back[1].gif blank[1].gif btn_232x24_a[1].gif bullet_arrow_orange[1].gif bullnumb[1].gif calendar-lg[1].gif chotz[1].gif click[1].gif down-w[1].gif header-background[1].gif headline-arrow[1].gif hr_gray[1].gif ico_hdd[1].gif icon-appt[1].gif icon-folder[1].gif icon-msg-read[1].gif icon-msg-signed-read[1].gif icon_community[1].gif icon_quickref[1].gif inbox[1].gif issaic_header[1].gif issaic_logo[1].gif justify-l[1].gif lat_r[1].gif logon_logo[1].gif moveto[1].gif next[1].gif nin-bg[1].gif notes[1].gif options[1].gif pgph-ltr[1].gif por2_active_cap_lft[1].gif por_active_cap_lft[1].gif por_bkg[1].gif por_bkg_divline[1].gif prev-bott[1].gif resize-dot[1].gif rss[1].gif saic_link[1].gif saic_link[2].gif save[1].gif search[1].gif sent-items[1].gif status-info[1].gif tab_on_a[1].gif task-lg[1].gif tit_exclusivegames_blue[1].gif toms-hardware-logo[1].gif tool-bkgd[1].gif top-story-bg-hover[1].gif view-document[1].gif view-flag[1].gif 293042060[1].gif CA6P8RSB.gif CATO6D93.gif CAU7WLY5.gif KenD_CEO[1].gif Surfrider300x250_1[1].gif b_freesite[1].gif banner609x65b[1].gif bluaro[1].gif borders[1].gif bullet_arrow[1].gif cap-right[1].gif checkname[1].gif checkout_000000[1].gif clear[1].gif connect[1].gif contacts-lg[1].gif copyto[1].gif delete[1].gif dumpster[1].gif edit-portlet-icon[1].gif expandbutton-open[1].gif fontcolor[1].gif help[1].gif hit[1].gif ico_vga[1].gif icon-contact[1].gif icon-msg-reply[1].gif icon-paperclip[1].gif icon-task[1].gif imgad[1].gif issaic_footer[1].gif lat_l[1].gif left[1].gif logo2[1].gif logo[1].gif logo_windows[1].gif logon_IE_bot[1].gif minus[1].gif msx80019_ware_180x150_ms_001[1].gif nav-bg[1].gif nb-show-ql[1].gif newfldr[1].gif newitem[1].gif outdent[1].gif pgph-rtl[1].gif pixel[2].gif por2_active_bkg_span[1].gif por_active_bkg_span[1].gif por_arrow[1].gif portlet-gray-left[1].gif portlet-left[1].gif prev[1].gif print[1].gif reminder[1].gif right[1].gif root[1].gif rules-lg[1].gif saic_logo_footer[1].gif search-box-capabilities[1].gif search[1].gif tit_gamesearch_green[1].gif tit_newgames[1].gif top_ten_bar[1].gif view-paperclip[1].gif 11[1].gif 12009424321195222546-freegamepick-1-1[1].gif CA97VX0K.gif CAI70ZFS.gif CAOVALIH.gif CAU7GJNC.gif addrbook[1].gif b_contact[1].gif b_home[1].gif b_submit_green[1].gif bh[1].gif bomg[1].gif cap-left[1].gif collapse[1].gif connect[1].gif deleted[1].gif folder-lg[1].gif hr_wil_tnail[1].gif icon-contact-dl[1].gif icon-journal[1].gif icon-msg-forward[1].gif icon-msg-signed-reply[1].gif icon_ie7[1].gif icon_support[1].gif imp-high[1].gif indent[1].gif justify-c[1].gif loginHeader[1].gif loginh1[1].gif logo_microsoft[1].gif logoff[1].gif logon_Microsoft[1].gif nb-hide-ql[1].gif nb-ql-tgl[1].gif nb-sel-bkgd[1].gif newemail[1].gif outbox[1].gif pg-first[1].gif pg-next[1].gif pixel_transp[1].gif por2_active_cap_rt[1].gif por_bkg_cap_lft[1].gif portlet-gray-right[1].gif portlet-right[1].gif prio-high[1].gif public-fld[1].gif replyall[1].gif saic_link[1].gif search-box-google[1].gif search-button[1].gif send[1].gif sig[1].gif sort-d[1].gif spacer[1].gif status-info20[1].gif tab_IE_off[1].gif tit_gamecategories[1].gif tit_top10games[1].gif titlebar-button-minimize[1].gif titlebar-gray[1].gif titlebar[1].gif top-story-bg[1].gif top-story-bg[2].gif windowsNGN_ltr[1].gif x-click-but21[1].gif jitalert.gif tips.gif jitalert.gif tips.gif no_favicon.gif rss.gif 16x16-digg-guy.gif blinklist.gif facebook.gif furl.gif netscape.gif technorati.gif tumblr.gif arrow.gif arrowd.gif broken-image.gif grabber.gif gopher-audio.gif gopher-binary.gif gopher-find.gif gopher-image.gif gopher-menu.gif gopher-movie.gif gopher-sound.gif gopher-telnet.gif gopher-text.gif gopher-unknown.gif loading-image.gif table-add-column-after-active.gif table-add-column-after-hover.gif table-add-column-after.gif table-add-column-before-active.gif table-add-column-before-hover.gif table-add-column-before.gif table-add-row-after-active.gif table-add-row-after-hover.gif table-add-row-after.gif table-add-row-before-active.gif table-add-row-before-hover.gif table-add-row-before.gif table-remove-column-active.gif table-remove-column-hover.gif table-remove-column.gif table-remove-row-active.gif table-remove-row-hover.gif table-remove-row.gif EasternSierraPanorama.gif b.gif gbck.gif hb.gif logo.gif mainbck.gif splash.gif topbck.gif arrow.gif arrowd.gif broken-image.gif grabber.gif gopher-audio.gif gopher-binary.gif gopher-find.gif gopher-image.gif gopher-menu.gif gopher-movie.gif gopher-sound.gif gopher-telnet.gif gopher-text.gif gopher-unknown.gif loading-image.gif table-add-column-after-active.gif table-add-column-after-hover.gif table-add-column-after.gif table-add-column-before-active.gif table-add-column-before-hover.gif table-add-column-before.gif table-add-row-after-active.gif table-add-row-after-hover.gif table-add-row-after.gif table-add-row-before-active.gif table-add-row-before-hover.gif table-add-row-before.gif table-remove-column-active.gif table-remove-column-hover.gif table-remove-column.gif table-remove-row-active.gif table-remove-row-hover.gif table-remove-row.gif splash.gif STAR.gif STARlogo.gif EasternSierraPanorama-1.gif EasternSierraPanorama-2.gif splash.gif sorry I have lots of gif files, but its a mass example now lets copy the gif files to a tmp folder [email protected]:/tmp$ find /home/huskeyw/ -name "*.gif" -exec cp {} /tmp/find/ \; find: /home/huskeyw/.ssh: Permission denied now lets look at what we got [email protected]:/tmp$ cd /tmp/find/ [email protected]:/tmp/find$ ls 0000000001_000000000000000017246[1].gif 0000000001_000000000000000151527[1].gif 0000000033_000000000000000578669[2].gif 0408_004_A_728090_A_NTC_415[1].gif 071207_ST_Q4_C_300x250[1].gif 11[1].gif 12009424321195222546-freegamepick-1-1[1].gif 16x16-digg-guy.gif 234x60e[1].gif 26[1].gif 293042060[1].gif 32[1].gif 32E46DE281A68B9C33FC582D2569D[1].gif 469554974[1].gif 5-1x1_tracking_pixel[1].gif 6CDE404B4BFEC334D023E5422081E0[1].gif 7CE57843948D6DF13E79A2DE4E15C[1].gif 86F1396496DFE1BAD68AB5F28409[1].gif 9CC7E6CB6C74EE6769A6C8FDA33AB[1].gif addrbook[1].gif ainw_000000[1].gif aleabanr.gif amaizrul.gif anabnr2.gif arrowd.gif arrow.gif arrow_green_rt[1].gif arrowred[1].gif arrow_yellow[1].gif aswrule.gif attach[1].gif back[1].gif banner609x65b[1].gif b_contact[1].gif b_freesite[1].gif bg[1].gif bg_b[1].gif b.gif bh[1].gif bh[2].gif b_home[1].gif b_homepage[1].gif bins=1[1].gif blank[1].gif blank[2].gif Blank Bkgrd.gif blinklist.gif bluaro[1].gif bomg[1].gif borders[1].gif broken-image.gif b_submit_green[1].gif btn_232x24[1].gif btn_232x24_a[1].gif b_topgames[1].gif Btzhsepa.gif bullet[1].gif bullet_arrow[1].gif bullet_arrow_orange[1].gif bullets[1].gif bullnumb[1].gif buttons[1].gif CA4TMZWD.gif CA6P8RSB.gif CA97VX0K.gif CACPQ3KT.gif CAGBZNIG.gif CAI70ZFS.gif CAI7OB9M.gif calendar-lg[1].gif CAOPQRAB.gif CAOVALIH.gif cap-left[1].gif cap-right[1].gif CATO6D93.gif CAU7GJNC.gif CAU7WLY5.gif checkname[1].gif checkout_000000[1].gif chotz[1].gif citbannA.gif Citrus Punch Bkgrd.gif clear[1].gif clear1x1[1].gif click[1].gif collapse[1].gif connect[1].gif contacts-lg[1].gif copyto[1].gif cwtv_nav[1].gif dark[1].gif delete[1].gif deleted[1].gif down-b[1].gif down-w[1].gif drafts[1].gif dumpster[1].gif EasternSierraPanorama-1.gif EasternSierraPanorama-2.gif EasternSierraPanorama.gif edit-portlet-icon[1].gif email[1].gif exclaim[1].gif expandbutton-open[1].gif facebook.gif fieruled.gif flg-empty[1].gif folder-icon[1].gif folder-lg[1].gif fontcolor[1].gif furl.gif gbck.gif Generic_Missions_Site_Banners_MSCOM_180x150[1].gif glow_b[1].gif gopher-audio.gif gopher-binary.gif gopher-find.gif gopher-image.gif gopher-menu.gif gopher-movie.gif gopher-sound.gif gopher-telnet.gif gopher-text.gif gopher-unknown.gif grabber.gif hb.gif header-background[1].gif headline-arrow[1].gif help[1].gif hit[1].gif hr_gray[1].gif hr_wil_tnail[1].gif ico_cpu[1].gif ico_hdd[1].gif icon-appt[1].gif icon_community[1].gif icon-contact[1].gif icon-contact-dl[1].gif icon-doc[1].gif icon-folder[1].gif icon-folder-calendar[1].gif icon-folder-contacts[1].gif icon-folder-journal[1].gif icon-folder-notes[1].gif icon-folder-tasks[1].gif icon_ie7[1].gif icon_ieaddons[1].gif icon-journal[1].gif icon-msg-forward[1].gif icon-msg-read[1].gif icon-msg-reply[1].gif icon-msg-signed[1].gif icon-msg-signed-forward[1].gif icon-msg-signed-read[1].gif icon-msg-signed-reply[1].gif icon-msg-unread[1].gif icon-mtgreq[1].gif icon-paperclip[1].gif icon-post[1].gif icon_quickref[1].gif icon_support[1].gif icon-task[1].gif ico_vga[1].gif ie7_home_feature_bullet[1].gif imgad[1].gif imp[1].gif imp-high[1].gif inbox[1].gif indent[1].gif issaic_footer[1].gif issaic_header[1].gif issaic_logo[1].gif 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SE Schedule.gif Yukon SI Schedule.gif [email protected]:/tmp/find$ so I don't know what does not work, to copy all files from one place to another.. it does not keep diretory structure because we are not worring about that or else we would have to keep them note that duplactes are not coped.. also once you ran this command you can use the --update for the copy command to only update the backup folder find /home/huskeyw/ -name "*.gif" -exec cp --update {} /tmp/find/ \; also we could be more useful and tar up the results [email protected]:/tmp/find$ ls [email protected]:/tmp/find$ [email protected]:/tmp/find$ find /home/huskeyw -name "*.gif" -print0 | xargs -0t tar --no-recursion -PSczf /tmp/find/gif.tgz [email protected]:/tmp/find$ ls gif.tgz I skipped all the output from the find/ you will find this did keep all my directroy structue so it can be restored afer doing a tar zxvf on gif.tgz I get [email protected]:/tmp/find$ ls gif.tgz home and my whole structure is there..
  9. at work we have contest to see who can make a script smaller. the ideal is to take a working multi line script or set of commands and make it as small as possible here is a one liner for the mp3 move find $SOURCEFOLDER -name "*.mp3" -exec cp {} $DESTINATION \; if you are at the root of your home folder put a . for the source folder to get all mp3 files no matter where in home they may be.
  10. you did turn off anti-virus when installing ( I know, you would think that the only OS in the world to inflicted with a huge majority of viruses would know how to install thing with the protection on... but they don't )
  11. need more information video card type and the what are the two monitors.. I have seen this happen when the resolution chosen for the second monitor is incorrect. choose a low resolution for the second monitor then try again.. then if that works, increase it by one setting until it stops working. then you will know the max resolution that both the monitor and video card will do together. just because a video card can put out a resolution and the monitor can accept the resolution, it does not mean in dual monitor mode the card can put out a signal the monitor will like at that resolution.
  12. you may be able to hack this to do what you need. you need some C# skills or any c language and an ability to code. I think you have to sign up at the code project to download code? sharpdevelop is a great IDE for .NET...
  13. or use something like openVPN to create a tunnel and routing gateway for your VNC connection. as for VNC not working at all on VISTA, I have realVNC working with the video driver and using Chicken of the VNC for Mac to connect. try rdesktop.. it works a little better for windows.. unless you need to see someone elses login.
  14. you could create a script with wget.. but this would work if you knew what you were looking for.. with directory listing turned off, you can not just list the contents of a directory on a web server.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webserver_directory_index
  15. having problem with the build from svn attached is the tee of the make build.txt
  16. ko, I am getting the source tree, it seams that libjingle was made part of the main brach, when I have it tested and done I will create a .deb so you can use apt to install, I will need tester to make sure I did not introduce non standard Ubuntu libs..
  17. ok, why not use the google talk gadget? http://www.google.com/talk/otherclients.html this seams to work with my ubuntu out of the box and no software to install, you loose voice calls to other users, but you only get that if you gave the Google talk client and Google only made that work with windows. I find it strange that they limited the gadget, its there choice, they could have made it do all the same things.. Sorry jeff, after looking this up I don't not see how this is a linux issues.. The issue with PSI is just bad packaging, that a lot of, and I mean a lot of projects are guilty of. just look at the universal linux install for mono, simple or the install for skype or even firefox, all easy, crossover office is even better. why others can not be bothered is beyond me, except its Free, and Free comes at a cost sometimes.. but once you get free working.. most of the time it is as good or better than payed.. the universal installer project tried to fix this issue, but since there is not one person that linux distributions listen to as a whole, everyone gets to do it there own way, which is kind of the American Way (or Burger king but why go there) so again its Americas (United States America) fault again.. but thanks to sites like your, people can come and get help with these issues, which I must say have been very few and far for any real questions.. no like 3 years ago when if you missed the board for a day, there were at least 5 new questions.. thanks for the site Jeff and we will keep trying to help..
  18. X has always been a issue on the desktop, this effects not just linux, but BSD and other UNIX flavors. I am waiting on Red Hat/IBM/HP to fix the issues, but they want to stay away from the desktop, and the head on with microsoft, and compete with the server side where MS is not as deep. This is also why LDAP and Fedora directory sever is so hard to use. they have it to have something, but don't bother competing with AD.
  19. LOL, That happens to me all the time in windows.. I have seen ubuntu completely lockup, but I have yet to lock my Gentoo box once unless I do a kernel Panic.. the thread is down for maintenance.. so I'll look at it tonight.. what did you do for dual monitor this time? I should be home in the next hour, go to the gym, put kids in bead.. I'll find you an answer, but I don't miss the point that me looking for answers makes this any better for you. but I'll give you a story that may help the frustration if you think about it.. my wife who has used nothing but windows for, well lets says since the first version as there is no need to give out age. she has used Firefox well before it was called firefox.. last year I bought her a Mac and she has been using it , even though the differences frustrater her. but she uses it everyday, and everyday there are less complaints. until yesterday, she goes to my laptop running ubuntu and goes to show me a web site that is not working on the Mac, it says it needs a plug in but not which one, so in my firefox she goes to open a tab. after 15 min she complains that linux is too hard for her to use and walks off. I see on the screen about 50 open terminals, so I wonder what she did. turns out she was hitting ALT-T to open a tab, but in my system that opens a terminal. when asked why she was hitting alt-t instead of ctrl-t she showed me, on the Mac the apple key is in the same place as the alt on most keyboards. and on the apple you hit apple-t to open a new tab.. so for most cases of it's too hard I see that its just different.. your issues are diffrent in that they do not work, but for most, its not too hard, just too different.
  20. I found that dual monitors works great with DVI monitors. no editing just use the gui and set it, you have to restart X (ctrl-alt-backspace if your like me or logout if you need to do it correctly) VGA monitors I had lots of issues, but they turned out to be the profiles for the monitors were wrong.. also different size monitors is an issue.. for those instead of doing xenarama I had it do a new server on each screen, you can't drag apps from one screen to the next, but you can start them on the different screens.. what were the problems with Google talk? I have not tested it, but I am thinking it was issues with the Mic, I 'll be glad to look into it... also Marty has raised the issue on how to install software (where to find it) I am not sure what happened to his firefox, as it comes pre-installed. but under System->Administration there is Synaptic that let you search for and install packages.. I use almost exclusivity Ubuntu on my desktop and use NX to get to it at work. what I need from windows is sharpdevelop. Monodevelop just sucks and I need for work to compile in Mono and .Net everything else I do from ubuntu. Audio well is done from the Mac. I'll play with google talk and see what it takes to set that up, this is not the mixing of audio we talked about before is it?
  21. iccaros

    Help With Xml

    plus even with CSS do you not need something to read the xml file? like PHP, JAVA ect? I use Ruby it seams fast, and it uses zero xml also how do you get faster then strait HTML?
  22. I believe that issue has been fixed. I have been running 7.10 for a while now and with no changes, I have not seen the issue. it was with Hitachi drives, and I did not understand it much, Hitachi stated that the drives would be damaged, but powersave was using the setting in the FW of the Hitachi drive.. so it was there drives that had the issue... http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=381...p;postcount=489
  23. I remember doing this in solars (and sun OS), but I could not even begin to know how to do this for windows. I guess you can use linux... here is a how to http://martybugs.net/linux/image.cgi ackup the Partition Table To backup the partition table to a file, we can use dd as follows: dd if=/dev/hda of=/mnt/hdc1/my-hda.mbr count=1 bs=512 Linux treats a filesystem or a partition as a file, and the syntax above specifies the input file to be the /dev/hda partition, and the output file is a file on our target HDD. The other parameters specify that only a single block should be copied, and we're forcing the filesize to be 512 bytes. The output filename is arbitrary, so give it a suitable name that indicates which HDD it relates to. A ".mbr" file extension indicates it contains details relating to the master boot record. Backup Extended Partition Information If you have any extended partitions on the HDD being imaged, the details of the extended partitions can be saved as follows: sfdisk -d /dev/hda > /mnt/hdc1/my-hda.sf This will dump the partition table contents into the file we specify, in a format suitable for easily rebuilding the partition table. Again, the output filename is arbitrary, so use a suitable filename. to restore # se dd to restore the partition table (dd if=/mnt/hdc1/my-hda.mbr of=/dev/hda) # use sfdisk to restore the extended partition information (sfdisk /dev/hda < /mnt/hdc1/my-hda.sf)
  24. sorry, unless someone else has an answer, you can also try the windows forum.. they are also smart.. its a shame the NTFS schema is so undocumented.. it has taken years just to read and write to it. there are some recovery tools that should allow you to grab data off the disk, but since I normally just wipe and forget..
  25. thanks.. getops is a good example.. now back to work