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    Bartpe Disk

    I on several occasions have had to pull a VISTA drive and ruin chkdsk with a XP (service pack 3) install to get it to boot again. It once reason I bought http://www.emtcompany.com/products/adapter...apter-cable.htm
  2. iccaros

    Work Study Project Help Please!

    http://iase.disa.mil/stigs/stig/index.html do it the way we do.. securing a stand alone XP box is much harder since there is no group policy. there is a thing call limited user account.. This will stop people from installing software but I don't understand the true restrictions.. VDI is how we lock down our workstations.. or stateless installs. if you don't know how to create groups and apply policy to them, then you have a lot to learn before messing with the registry. but I guess not working domain is your problem since you can not set group policy without it http://mcpmag.com/columns/article.asp?EditorialsID=1274 you could use windows scripting host and apply scripts in the users startup scripts. but enabling scripting host means a person can run bat files, which is a great way to hack a locked down pc with no permission to start a command prompt. more specifics are need. But the most important lesson is that Windows is not a Multiuser OS. SO it is not designed to do what you are asking. UNIX was designed to do that as its a multiuser system. in order to overcome this MS create the ideal of domains where authentication did not happen on the client but at a central location. This way you could have different profiles for different users.
  3. need more information Programing Language and Database type??
  4. iccaros

    Thinking On Buying A Mac

    to add, Like buying memory from HP or Dell, Apple is expensive for Ram upgrades.. Look at people like http://www.crucial.com or http://www.ec.kingston.com/
  5. iccaros

    Help Reading Dump File

    try this http://www.iexbeta.com/board/lofiversion/i...php/t48617.html are you getting a stop code.. There is no real error in this log. everything is loading, just a kernel stamp issue. The loading of the Kernel is a issue, normally a bad drive (or going bad.. ), strangly MS is reporting a bad keyboard causing this error message also. a blue screen stop code would be better.. Maybe..
  6. iccaros

    Vnc Networking Issues

    did you open up VNC on the Mac on allowed services.. Also when you say can see it.. do you mean you did a ping.. what are the IPs of the machines.. and how are they wired?
  7. iccaros

    Ntfs Config

    I am guessing this is ubuntu? NTFS is picky in the way it is unmounted and can be made not to boot windows again if its done wrong (Vista is less forgiving than XP) . also NTFS contians a database that lays out where the files are.. when NTFS is mounted this is what is shown (on mine I see it twice, once raw and once as a folder view) so you need to unmount at the device level something like sudo umount /dev/sda1 or what ever it is do a df -m and post it so we might be able to give better instructions.
  8. iccaros

    Printer Issues

    sadly you wont Nativity. you can pipe to the print command or write a wrapper in powershell or some other scripting language. do a screen capture but the truth is access or openoffice base (Free) would be better replacements for the software he is using. if this is for a business he may want to change to keep up with E-discovery rules. it would be sad to loose your business because your old dos flat file database can not be traced correctly encase of a law suite. http://searchenterpriselinux.techtarget.co...1151013,00.html truth be told mysql and Ruby or django would be better options as then your forms would be web based. for a business this is a much better solution, even for companies with only two employees, as you don't have to play the where is the file game and who has it open. Warning self advertisement take with grain of salt This is one of the things my company does for small companies, take old database and their forms and move them to more manageable systems both legally and administratively. As we do not even truly like Access or Base for information that is important end advertisement
  9. iccaros

    Bye-bye Sco

    if you Read the MS deal with Novell you will see that Microsoft purchased more protection to its customers over UNIX parts in windows than they gave Novell for protections over windows stuff in Linux. But Microsoft Marketing got to announce the Deal.
  10. iccaros

    Powerpoint 08 And Macs Crashes

    do you have the crash log.. is she opening spreadsheets created somewhere else, Microsoft removed VB support from the Mac version of office and that has been known to be a reason for crashes.. Leave it to MS to make products not compatible with them selves.
  11. how is this diffrent with Windows... Last year we did a 12 Monitor AV install all at 1080p over Fiber.. we had a issue where no computer with a newer video card would play video at 1080p on monitors we bought 6 month earlier. after some searching and talking to both NVIDIA and Sony. The issues turned out to be HDCP related. we fixed the issue by breaking out the same videocards made a year earlier that did not have a HDCP chip installed. Apples did not change anything. you just can not order a video card with out HDCP.. its done at the hardware level not the OS level so this is not new, or unexpected.. Toms hardware had a article about this in windows 2 years ago.. and the possible issues.. there was even a law suit against ATI and NVIDIA http://www.engadget.com/2006/05/08/ati-sue...ng-hdcp-claims/ don't blame the hardware maker but the lawmakers that allow the MPAA and RIAA to abuse Fair Use to protect what they think is theirs. Nancy I am talking about you ... good luck
  12. iccaros

    Activate Wifi In Ubuntu 8.04

    if you are not using you parallel port and serial port, try turning them off in the BIOS.. I have seen that chip collide with either, causing the issue you are seeing.. I am not saying it will fix your issues, but it may also a Live cd can show performance issues depending on how much ram you have
  13. iccaros

    Programing An Os

  14. iccaros

    Ubuntu 8.4

    Marty have you tried the alternate installer. its text based so issues during install don't affect it. most lock ups are due to low specs are related to live CD GUI's and the amount of memory needed. its on this page and you check under start download http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download
  15. iccaros

    Password At Startup

    the first is to require a password at reboot, this is good to keep people from overriding the boot process with a different boot disk, and can also be used to alert you that your system booted with out your doing(windows update is the main reason) the second make someone enter a password before they can change hardware , good for CM or locking down ports all of these are useless on a desktop, if they have access its a simple matter of pulling the case and reseting the bios.. on servers in a enterprise system all of these are used, if they follow good security policy, as you can not just pull off the case on most servers and reset the password. on Sun servers its not a BIOS its a small OS that controls hardware.. it is to slow down people with physical access, from easily getting information or control. but they would more likely just pull the hard drive..
  16. iccaros

    Activate Wifi In Ubuntu 8.04

    The new 2.6.27 Kernel is list office support for your wireless chip set now.. Maybe intel fixed the driver
  17. iccaros

    Activate Wifi In Ubuntu 8.04

    is this 32 or 64 bit. The issues you are seeing is related to the firmware not loading, most likely. if its 64bit try the 32bit as it looks like the driver and firmware are not 64bit ready. then write intel and use big words asking why they are not providing better drivers. there is a Kernel Bug Listed for this Chip https://lists.linux-foundation.org/pipermai...ber/019730.html it looks like Intel driver does not work..
  18. iccaros

    Python Help

    don't know what I did wrong, but in case people care, here is my code at its current state. this is a nice basic AI experiment. no fancy graphics, thou with pygame they would be simple to add, but for now this is an experiment in having the computer learn, the same way we do, observer and repeat along with remember your successes. this is still rough, I am working out logic...love that python shell #!/usr/bin/env python import os, sys, random, time #text and copywrtie information with rules def Question(): question = raw_input("Welcome to PyHexAPawn, would you like to read the instructions? Y/n: ") if question == 'Y' or question == 'n': if question == 'Y': OpeningText() else: print "you must enter either Y or n, nothing more please" Question() def OpeningText(): x = 0 Rules_File = open('rules.txt', 'r') for line in Rules_File: print line, x += 1 if x == 40: raw_input("Press Enter to contenue") x = 0 Rules_File.close() #cross platform clear screen def Clear_screen(): name = os.name if name == 'nt': os.system("cls") else: os.system("clear") #find the key in a dictionary from a value def find_key(dic,val): return [k for k, v in dic.iteritems() if v == val] [0] def User_inputStart(board): try: start = int(raw_input("Start:")) except ValueError: print "incorrect input" start = User_inputStart(board) if board.arena[start] != 'W': print "you have to select your pawn" User_inputStart(board) return(start) def User_inputFinish(): try: finish = int(raw_input("Finish:")) except ValueError: print "incorrect input" User_inputFinish() return(finish) def Check_badMove(randMove): badmove = [9,13,19,23] #holds moves that would be illegal for check in badmove: if randMove == check: return 1 return 0 class Game_Board(): def __init__(self): self.arena = [ 'B','B','B', '-','-','-', 'W','W','W' ] self.location = {0: 0,1: 1,2: 2,10: 3,11: 4,12: 5,20: 6,21: 7,22: 8} def Print_Board(self): print self.arena[0], self.arena[1], self.arena[2] print self.arena[3], self.arena[4], self.arena[5] print self.arena[6], self.arena[7], self.arena[8] class Computer(): def __init__(self): self.memory = [] self.currentMap = [] self.moves = [] self.currentmove = [] self.currentPawns = [] def Move(self,board): self.memory.append(board) #returns a list, with the first number representing true or false def Checkmemory(self,test): x = 0 for check in self.memory: if check == test: return ("true",x) x += 1 return ("false",0) def addToMoves(self,Move): self.currentmove.append(Move) def Win(self): self.moves.append(self.currentmove) self.currentmove = [] def Lose(self): x = len(self.currentmove) del self.currentmove[x-1] self.moves.append(self.currentmove) self.currentmove = [] #main loop def main(): #create game instance varables computer = Computer() computer.currentPawns = [0,1,2] #I like default values, I know so Un Python like playerStart = 0 playerFinish = 0 Question() raw_input("Press Enter to start play") #define moves #define board board = Game_Board() contenue = "yes" #this will be the main loop a return will exit while contenue == "yes": #define if the player made a fair move nomove = 0 Clear_screen() board.Print_Board() while 1: #user input check playerStart = User_inputStart(board) playerFinish = User_inputFinish() #check that move is legal if find_key(board.location,playerStart) - 10 == find_key(board.location,playerFinish):#up one if board.arena[playerFinish] != 'B': board.arena[playerStart] = '-' board.arena[playerFinish] = 'W' break if board.arena[playerFinish] == 'B': nomove = 1 break if find_key(board.location,playerStart) - 11 == find_key(board.location,playerFinish):#diagnal left if board.arena[playerFinish] != 'B': nomove = 1 break elif board.arena[playerFinish] == 'B': board.arena[playerStart] = '-' board.arena[playerFinish] = 'W' #need to remove computer player break elif find_key(board.location,playerStart) - 9 == find_key(board.location,playerFinish):#diagnal right if board.arena[playerFinish] != 'B': nomove = 1 break elif board.arena[playerFinish] == 'B': board.arena[playerStart] = '-' board.arena[playerFinish] = 'W' #need to remove computer player break if nomove == 1: print "nomove" else: #redraw board Clear_screen() board.Print_Board() time.sleep(2)#slow down move, because we know interpated languages are slow :) while 1: #computers move answer = computer.Checkmemory(board.arena) if answer[0] == "true":#found layout in memory board.arena[computer.moves[answer[1]][0]] = "-" board.arena[computer.moves[answer[1]][1]] = "B" else:#did not find in memory computer.memory.append(computer.currentMap) randStart = computer.currentPawns[random.randint(0,len(computer.currentPawns)-1) ] randMove = find_key(board.location,randStart) + random.randint(9,11) if randMove == randStart + 10: if board.arena[board.location[randMove]] == "-": board.arena[board.location[randStart]] = "-" board.arena[board.location[randMove]] = "B" tempMove = [randStart,randMove] computer.currentmove.append(tempMove) break else: if Check_badMove(randMove) != 1: if board.arena[board.location[randMove]] == "W": board.arena[board.location[randStart]] = "-" board.arena[board.location[randMove]] = "B" tempMove = [randStart,randMove] computer.currentmove.append(tempMove) break #redraw board Clear_screen() board.Print_Board() #end game if __name__ =="__main__": main()
  19. iccaros

    C Language

    sorry we don' do people homework, this is all very basic, and what ever book you are reading from (or class) should cover these basics.. but incase you have more questions? http://www.zeuscmd.com/tutorials/cplusplus/33-C++Strings.php also if you are having problems, submit your code and we can point to where you may be going wrong
  20. iccaros

    Text Scroll On Lcd

    yes, more information is the LCD direct connected, parallel or serial LCD. are using a LCD interface. there is no such thing as code that will work on any LCD, as all LCD's or most, use different pin outs. and which ARM PIC code could be like this extern unsigned char delayus_variable; #if (PIC_CLK == 4) #define dly125n please remove; for 32Mhz+ only #define dly250n please remove; for 16Mhz+ only #define dly500n please remove; for 8Mhz+ only #define dly1u asm("nop") #define dly2u dly1u;dly1u #endif #if (PIC_CLK == 8) #define dly125n please remove; for 32Mhz+ only #define dly250n please remove; for 16Mhz+ only #define dly500n asm("nop") #define dly1u dly500n;dly500n #define dly2u dly1u;dly1u #endif #if (PIC_CLK == 16) #define dly125n please remove; for 32Mhz+ only #define dly250n asm("nop") #define dly500n dly250n;dly250n #define dly1u dly500n;dly500n #define dly2u dly1u;dly1u #endif #if (PIC_CLK == 20) #define dly200n asm("nop") #define dly400n dly250n;dly250n #define dly2u dly400n;dly400n;dly400n;dly400n;dly400n #endif #if (PIC_CLK == 32) #define dly125n asm("nop") #define dly250n dly125n;dly125n #define dly500n dly250n;dly250n #define dly1u dly500n;dly500n #define dly2u dly1u;dly1u #endif #if ((PIC_CLK != 4) && (PIC_CLK != 8) && (PIC_CLK != 16) && (PIC_CLK != 32)) please define pic_clk #endif //delay routine #if PIC_CLK == 4 #define DelayDivisor 4 #define WaitFor1Us asm("nop") #define Jumpback asm("goto $ - 2") #endif #if PIC_CLK == 8 #define DelayDivisor 2 #define WaitFor1Us asm("nop") #define Jumpback asm("goto $ - 2") #endif #if PIC_CLK == 16 #define DelayDivisor 1 #define WaitFor1Us asm("nop") #define Jumpback asm("goto $ - 2") #endif #if PIC_CLK == 32 #define DelayDivisor 1 #define WaitFor1Us asm("nop"); asm("nop"); asm("nop"); asm("nop"); asm("nop") #define Jumpback asm("goto $ - 6") #endif #if ((PIC_CLK != 4) && (PIC_CLK != 8) && (PIC_CLK != 16) && (PIC_CLK != 32)) please define pic_clk #endif #define DelayUs(x) { \ delayus_variable=x/DelayDivisor; \ WaitFor1Us; } \ asm("decfsz _delayus_variable,f"); \ Jumpback; /* timeouts: C code for testing with unsigned chars & ints, using simulator for verification: unsigned char timeout_char; unsigned int timeout_int; volatile unsigned char x=0,y=1; //good practice, make main/int vars volatile while(1) { //for max 491512us timeout @ 8Mhz //for max 245756us timeout @ 16Mhz timeout_int=timeout_int_us(500); b; while(timeout_int-- >= 1) { if (x==y) break; //typical overhead for checking ring buffer } b; //for max timeout of 1147us @ 8Mhz //for max timeout of 573us @ 16Mhz timeout_int=timeout_char_us(500); b; while(timeout_char-- >= 1) { if (x==y) break; //typical overhead for checking ring buffer } b; } Time taken: optimisations on: 9cyc/number loop, 4.5us @ 8Mhz with extra check ie: && (RB7==1), +3cyc/number loop, +1.5us @ 8Mhz Formula: rough timeout value = (<us desired>/<cycles per loop>) * (PIC_CLK/4.0) */ #define LOOP_CYCLES_CHAR 9 //how many cycles per loop, optimizations on #define timeout_char_us(x) (unsigned char)((x/LOOP_CYCLES_CHAR)*(PIC_CLK/4.0)) #define LOOP_CYCLES_INT 16 //how many cycles per loop, optimizations on #define timeout_int_us(x) (unsigned int)((x/LOOP_CYCLES_INT)*(PIC_CLK/4.0))
  21. iccaros

    Google Chrome (beta)

    is traceMonkey part of Fire Fox 3 or only from the SVN FireFox is fast, but opening sites next to each other, Chrome (V8) seams to render the page and start running the java script before Fire Fox, and much faster then IE8. but that may be a difference in spinning tabs to their own process and not the actual rendering.
  22. iccaros

    Google Chrome (beta)

    I think Chrome is a nice, quick browser, its fast... once it can do JAVA and then have plugins, on windows it will be one of the better browsers. but I am waiting for a Mac and Linux release. that will be the test. but the point of Chrome is to allow Google to control a rendering engine, and with it being open source it means Fire Fox will pull in its java script improvements.
  23. iccaros

    Location Of Network Drives

    simple answer, Nautilus does not mount it.. I know it looks mounted and asked if you want to unmount.. an quick check with wire shark will show that it does a smbtree like search and displays this information. then uses smbclient to grab what you want to see or put new things on.. this is messy if you want to use the command line or even VLC at times.. you can use samba in your fstab to mount the shares...
  24. iccaros

    Bjc 255sp

    This is a parallel printer right? see if lp is loaded sudo lsmod | grep lp if not then try sudo modprobe lp then from a browser enter localhost:631 and go to printers.. you should be able to add the printer (it will have you log in I think) also you can try some of these tricks https://help.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/desktopguid...figuration.html let me know how that goes.. I will be out of town after tomarrow afternoon, so If I don't get back to you by then, hitest or anyone else should be able to help
  25. iccaros


    experts, no we just banged our heads on these issues first..