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  1. we all were at one time.. it get additive. I use Vmware alot and try every distrobuution in it.. for $189 its much better than buying a new PC. plus you can pause and boot others, run mutiple vmware session (ram cpu dependent) .. I have my standard Gentoo install wiht vmware.. I use windows XP in vmware for Autocad and VISIO (work stuff) please anyone we need autocad for Linux and art for DIA so I can drop VISIO. I also use it to build my own linux..
  2. the good thing is you do not need any of the tools you listed in linux....... you may have to change your signature..
  3. when you go to logout there is no shutdown???? try typing init 5 (mandrake may be telinit 5 insted of init) as root when you login.. or kdm insted of kdestart if kdm is not running you will not be able to shutdown from kde.. if you can't spend the time to learn.. Windows is easy I hear. init levels are some of the most powerfull tools in linux.. just think how fast video transcoding is if you were not using up memory with a GUI. look at your /etc/inittab and make sure you are set to start at init level 5 not 3
  4. I use prozilla to downlaod.. but if its stalling it may be a problem with the driver.. I have never had good luck with winmodem drivers in linux.. what are the otehr specs of the machine.. also when it stalls type dmesg and see of your kernel is telling you something.
  5. does audio work normally on your system.. have you palyed cd's or mp3's? which program are you using ot do DVD's xine?
  6. sorry.. yes you will have to uninstall suse's version of xine or kaffeine and install new ones.. remeber MS has no way of playing DVD's out of the box.. you have to install a DVD player in MS.. This comes with the MS version of libdvdcss.. problem ..no one has made a for sale DVD playing program.. if you live in the US.. you need to make people aware that the movie industry is tring to stop people from watching their movies.. I know this sound wrong.. but they what ot make money on the movie and on the player. they say its to stop people from stealing the movies....... please .. it because they collect a license fee on all autherised DVD player sales.. write congress and the FCC and explain the monopaly they are allowing to bhe created and the freedomes being taken away.. in the US history it has always been true, end users rights out weigh the rights of the corperation. but not now.. MR Hatch ® navadia is one that needs to go. sorry my soap box...... but your problem is all because of these actions.
  7. try man man on the command line.
  8. any tar.gz files tar -zxvf <filename> good reads for you are rpm and tar. Its not stupidity to not understand the Command line tools, MS has done their best to make sure people have no way of leaning how a OS works. so by hiding the command line you stop seeing the SO work. this is good in some places where people do not care. But Now you have so called windows Experst who have no clue what happens when they click something. this is where linux is a good thing.. you have yast, great but now you see what happen when a company dictates what you can and can not do. now some of use gentoo.. and every one said its hard.. but I promiss if learning linux is your goal you will learn more faster and not feel as dumb, because no one hides the OS in gentoo. there is a install guide not a install program. plus you are not dumb, you ask..I just need more infromation on how low to go with instructions..
  9. command as root rpm -ivh ./<filename> if they are in a folder by them selves you can do this rpm -ivh ./* any questions?
  10. also from http://www.linux.com/howtos/DVD-Playback-H...tall.shtml#suse 3.5. SuSE The YaST package program included with SuSE works only with official packages, and there are no official packages that support DVD. Therefore you will have to install the packages for all of the DVD software manually. MPlayer and Xine packages for SuSE are available on the PackMan site. For MPlayer, you need the MPlayer, lzo, and xvid packages on that page as well as the "additionally needed binary packages" listed on the page for each package. SuSE 9.0 users should note that as of this writing the MPlayer package for SuSE 9.0 has a broken libsmbclient.so.0 dependency. You can work around this problem with the commands # rpm -Uvh --nodeps MPlayer-1.0pre3-pm.1.i686.rpm # ln -s libsmbclient3.so.0 /usr/lib/libsmbclient.so.0 To install Xine, you should download and install the libxine1-dvd and xine-ui packages from PackMan. Encrypted DVD support in Xine also requires installing libdvdcss from the VideoLAN site. Ogle can be installed using the Red Hat RPMs from the Ogle site. SuSE 9.0 users who want to install the Ogle_gui package will also need to install orbit, gdk-pixbuf, gnome-libs, and libglade from SuSE 8.2. VideoLAN users will need to download the Red Hat RPMs from the VideoLAN site and install them forcibly using rpm --nodeps. The VideoLAN packages also require XFree86-compat-libs and freetype from SuSE 8.2 in order to run. links http://download.videolan.org/pub/libdvdcss/1.2.8/rpm/redhat/ see main site for more help
  11. your using suse.. ... you will need to install ether again.. a quick google search will tell you what you need to do.. SuSE are scared of all the licensing issues surrounding Multimedia codecs and DVD decoding and such. So they distribute an old version of Xine with old codecs. Download the SuSE 9.1 packages for xine from packman.links 2linux.org instead. Also install the MPlayer stuff from there too. http://packman.links2linux.org/index.php4?action=cat&cat=16
  12. I forgot method 2... boot anylive cd.. mount the disk.. chroot to mount point.. example you mount you suse disk as /mnt/suse chroot /mnt/suse /bin/bash type passwd enter new root password.. reboot. you now have the root password
  13. Its good you back up because all OS can loose data.. but this is a method I use on linux to make it simple.. I only back up my home partition.. Yes partition.. I keep /home as a partition.. that way any courption of Home or / will not kill the other. plus It easy to do a bit by bit inage and then dd the partition back from any systme even windows (rawwrite in windows). also My backups are smaller.. no need ot back up the OS . We have install disk for that .. and in Gentoo applications are only a emerge away. I do back up things like smb.conf, scane.conf and cups.conf.. I hate reconfiguering these..
  14. ?? you mean all you see is a html file when you view the disk... ??? try getting a dsl cd or another live linux cd and see if they boot. your system may not like linux boot partitions.. ..by the way ona new knoppix cd alls you should see in winders is a HTML file. but check how much disk space is used.. aroung 650 megs.. or more?? I have seen a lot of people say.."i'll try linux on an old machine.. but not all oldmachines can do ELToro boot partitions..
  15. how many charaters are in your password. if its more than 8 try only using the first 8.. also try loging in as root. you should have made two passwords at install..
  16. ???? nothing in my instructions would have made your windows grow.. are you sure you were not reading FREE space of 3 gigs (like the partition you have now). since that is the main number windows gives?? your coudl alwyas back up yoru important windows stuff. whipe everything.. create new partitions and reinstall installing winders first.
  17. for modems you would use KPPP for a KDE desktop, gnome under system tools or internet also has a dialer setup. if its a winmodem no linux is easy.. the modem was made for WINDOWS.... its willnot work (or may not work) with other OS becase it was made not to.. its hte modem not the OS.
  18. read this http://members.home.nl/lsnoek/iso.htm
  19. "NTFS partition from linux since it's not native to the kernel" NTFS is native to the linux kernel.. it under /driver/ filessystems/ntfs,ntfs-read-only,ntfs-write,ntfs-secuerity I have found that when windows uses a ext2/3 drive there is lots of room for error just in the way MS handels file systems.. I had a power outage and MS wrote somthign to my ext3 partition that made it unreadable.. It a warning.. As I only have a single MS box at home (my MAME arcade and it also is my xbox tunnel to play online) I don't use any.. when I had a dual boot at work before VMWARE I had problems with the ext3/2 drivers as most were written fast to give some usefulness. while the NTFS drivers in Linux have been worked on for a long time. now I run Linux at work adn use vmware for winders if I need it (check voice mail is the only reason I know) plus I did not find a ext driver on the page?
  20. if your windows partition is almost full then it is using almost 7 gigs of space.. so no you can not make it smaller.. but you want to expand windows back to the rest of the drive.. right?? qtparted may also do that .. go back and make teh space after change the same as the whole disk.. sorry but winders can be a least 4 gigs with no extra software.. add anlmost any software like office or games and you are past 7 gigs.. It sounds like you need a new harddrive.. get a bigger one.. or use slackware or gentoo to get a smaller than 3 gig install.
  21. yes .. remember .. windows can kill you ext partation as its is not Native to its kernel. Im using kdenlive http://kdenlive.sourceforge.net/.. shame ..shame ..shame.... .. good luck:)
  22. under the windows go to managments (right click my computer) and disk managment.. see if you can span the disk.. as for 10 gigs as 7 it soudns liek you gave windows 3 gig and had 7 left over as free? correct.. that makes 10 gig..I do not see what went wrong.. unless you did not change the size when you told it to resize the windows partition.. I think 3 gig is default.. Sorry .. I did not think about warrning you to read the menu..
  23. NA , I have a smartXX V2 chip and no dashboard replaced to put Xebian on. If I used the softmod then my menu item for Xbox live would be replaced with the boot linux option.. but that is not aginst the law as you are not using any software.. the menu is in a ini file ..its just changed.. while things like uix are dashboard replacments and *compiled* versions contain code from the XBDC from MS and is aginast the "copy" write laws to distribute.. as the agreement with the XBDC is you will not make any homebrew applications.. but you are correct.. if you changed the menu to boot linuxx and ran a say halo2 adn you click join Xbox live it will update your dashboard and the menu item will go away.(to be fixed latter) I'm running my mythtv frontends on my Xbox.. 3 wintv250 cards in my gentoo box connected to DirectTV ... my entire home entertainment is served from my basement.. that is what full mesh is about.. I could do it all with a mini-itx board.. insted of a Xbox.. but at $70 used in the DC area.. why.. and plus I liek playing mechassult...
  24. first what is codepage=850? and the only thing you are missing is unhide.. for winders disk.. adn do you really what programs to exec from cdrom??? wine does not need that option to run winders programs.... I see no reason for the umoutn to be nessary.. do you have the newest k3b? mine does nto have that problem... but it may be yoru cdbuffer locking up that is why disk at once works..
  25. "You cannot go onto XboxLive after installing Linux" not 100% true... . putting linux has nothing to do with a dashboard (minus mechassult/007 hack) with a modchip (not aginst the law if you are not playing hacked games..... ) you can load linux on the + 8gig of the hard drive (if you have 10 gig or add another drive..) replacing the dashboard is aginst the law as all current dashboards were developed using the xbox development kit.. the opesource xbdc is not working yet so untill that day that part does break the law.. remeber Microsoft belives you should not eb alowed to open the Dell computer let alone your Xbox... by the way putting linux on a Xbox is covered under www.xbox-linux.org Everything done on this project is for the sole purpose of writing interoperable software under Sect. 1201 (f) Reverse Engineering exception of the DMCA.