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  1. if you are building a distro you have a boot device but you have no ideal where the user is going to put their root partition. you could write a scripts or part of the install program that changes the boot loader to point to hte installed root. but why .. this make it more simple.. IT really works well with thin clients where you have a kernel and a initrd.ing that is your root partition. this way you store these two files on a newtwork share and use DHCP to point to them .. and all systems can boot from one kernel and one initrd.ing. to upgrade you just replace the two files. and all of your clients are upgraded at the same time. as for you modules .. when you use a initrd.ing your modules are not updated on the root partition or even their (I have ot check this one) I know when Red Hat does a Kernel upgrade or you add something to the kernel you only upgrade the kernel and the initrd.ing. I see no advantage to a normal desktop user using gentoo. I know genkernel uses it.. but I have never gotten a genkernel to boot.
  2. if you call MS techsupport at $200 a call they will tell you to buy a new license and reinstall with that number. so save yoru self $200 and reinstall with a good number. and don't steal any more software.
  3. their are two ways of looking at it. why would a distrabution like Red Hat use it? why would you use it. the initrd.ing is stored at the same place your kernel is. it comtains al your modules.. and normaly you make everything a moduel if you use it. the advantage is you know where it is. you can load teh modules with out knowing where root is. great for live cd or install cd, or a PXE boot for thin clients. so Red Hat and gang (including me on my distro) use it because its a known location so the system can boot. the last thing that happens in a boot is the unmounting of initrd.ing and change rooting to your drive. if they did not use it root would have to be hda1 or soemthing on all computers. also its makes upgrade simple.. compile a kernel create a initrd.ing file and ditribute both together. if they did not they would have to write all the new modules for every kernel upgrade to the root partation. this leaves room for error and is slower. now you.. their is no advantage for you to use it. you know where root is and can write that to your grub.conf or lilo.conf file.. you put root in your fstab and your root is not changing because that install is not going from computer to computer. did I explain it well?
  4. depends on your computer Bios.. will it boot from usb device or firewire device?? if so than yes
  5. "is this the same version I tried? Did you fully remove the harddrive installer, or just not reccomend people use it?" its almost the same .. no crossover office or MS office like the Proof of consecpt.. added some software. I hope I fixed some memory issues. The harddrive script is their and has been improved but I still don't like it.. I would sugesst people not install it on a system with windows or anything else for that matter. I don't trust my skills yet to say I know its will not mess up anything.. so why is it still their.. Well say you have vmware or a free system.. you would like to build your own cd with your software.. remove some ..add some.. install the cd.. download my scripts (the original slax scripts will not work with my cd) copy the scripts to /tmp type tar -zxvf iccaros-live-linux-scripts.tar.gz cd to teh new folder type ./runme.sh this will create a licecd.iso in your /tmp folder.. now your on yoru way to create any linux cd you would like I will have a full write up inhte next few weeks.. I have finals at school and I still work so I will do my best to meet that tiem frame.
  6. try a program called prozilla.. http://prozilla.genesys.ro/ if you are using linux.. sorry I don't know any for windows.. as I don't use except for autocad and Visio
  7. right now its like Knoppix.. I am still working on the site. so if you have problems let me know. if you see typing errors also let me know.. Thanks for trying it out..
  8. "iccaros is right:-) The best way to make a computer run trouble free is to remove windows from it" I said that to a couple at compusa and the store clerk got really mad.. I told them they did not need Norton AV just put Linux on the box ..
  9. ?? their is only one .. one .iso and the other is the md5 hash so you can check to see if you have a good download.
  10. for now.. It has a (bad) hard drive installer. The goal is this a distrobution that can be a live cd.. can be installed as any other disto.. and then your can make your distro a live cd to take with you.. Knoppix you can install but it hard to make what you install in to a cd again.. also because its based on the slax scripts you can make plug in cds.. you what dvdrip or you want a diffrent software or more software.. its easy to add (as soon as I write up how that is) I have two more versions almost ready.. (next few weeks..)
  11. Let me know.. This cd is based on scripts that turn a linux install into a live cd.. They were on the slax site, but www.slax.org has been down since the 21st. I have the scripts on my site and my changed scripts.. the origianl scripts had problems if you made an install larger than 186 megs.. Its a OVLFS problem.. OVLFS is no longer in development so I made some workarounds.
  12. This is to announce my linux distrobution.. Iccaros-linux you can find my newsite at www.iccaros-linux.org The site is not finished and needs lots of work.. but I do have the download section mostly done.. you can download the first release.. what is in it.. kde 3.3 k3b cd/dvd burning fluxbox realplayer 10 java koffice openoffice dia nvu kasablanca (gui ftp client) firefox kcontact kdevelop nmap xmame the GIMP windows terminal server client (my script) skype voip software gaim vnc software KPPP for modem users wireless tools ndiswraper Mplayer xmms slapt-gui package manager ethereal mounting scripts for your removable drives.. (no commandline needed) netIQ endpoint software this is release one.. its based on slackware 10.0 first question people will have when booting.. not gui at boot.. yes this is a a good thing.. I have a good amount of techs who want a fast boot and are going to use it to ssh or ftp or telnet into a unix/linux box.. but to get a gui is easy... a screen will come up at the login prompt (like slax) that gives you the root passwd and username password. login as iccaros password for iccaros is soracci to use kde type gui to use fluxbox type guifast to get advanced gui fetures log in as root (such as user shutdown and reboot) and type kdm login.. please let me know if their are any problems.
  13. iccaros

    No Sound

    sorry.. I should remember for knoppix.. open a terminal.. there are several ways.. type sudo su (this makes you super user... or what we call root.. the su means switch user) then type cat /proc/pci post the output. the cat command is like echo in dos or the type command (more like type) in UNIX (this same thing works for Mac osX) the /proc folder is where it stores everything it finds hardware wise.. so we say cat /proc/pci because your soudn card is on the pci bus. this way we can see if A It saw the sound card.. and be what it thinks your soudn card is.. this will help us figure out what driver you need. Unlike windows where you say I have a sound blaster .. what ever.. the maker really made more than one type of chip for a model. Since most manufacutres refuse to maek drivers for linux.. we have to get the chip makers drivers.. almost all chip makers put out linux driver (most only to the chip buyers, I just learnd this, and they make windows drivers.. so why not release linux drivers to everyone..???). you can also do this sudo su alsamixer and see if your sound card is muted..
  14. learn bash scripting. remember only users in the wheel group can become root. if you are spending 5 days on a server ... you need to start over..
  15. have ghad no problems with any HP printers using the hpoj drivers.. my only problems are ignoring etc-update in gentoo and hitting -3 to let it update.. that will kill an OS fast..
  16. the ones you listed are all good enough.. ADIOS is based on Red Hat.. I have never seen the others.. But any Cd will teach you something
  17. since I don't use Konqueror often , Im assuming you know were its plugin folder is. but incase not.. try this.. under your home folder you have a .netscape/plugins. find the flash plugin and link it.. example would be. ln -s /flashpluginfolder/flashplugin.so /home/username/.netscape/plugins/ then have Konqueror find netscape plugins as I am sure its looking in the .netscape folder..
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    No Sound

    did you cat /proc/pci and post it??
  19. search for computers looks at the master browser and asks if they know the machines on the network. With that in mind ethereal is need if you do not see them (or tcpdump) to see the packets and responces the masterbrowser are getting.
  20. here is the apache guide to tell you how.. http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/mod/mod_proxy.html
  21. have you used any tools.. like ethereal or even ping the box.. first we need ot know if its making contact at all. I knwo I have my wirless hub connect to a switch. But the time to live for wireless is to short to route through the switch.. I wach on ethereal and tcpdump all the packets but they are rejected by tcp/ip stack as dead. if you need some tools. Knoppix.org.. or search ethereal as they have a windows version.. its free and the only way you cna trouble shoot these problems.
  22. try doteasy.. $9.99 a month for 40 gig storage and unlimited downloads... (non windows server)
  23. not includig Apache.org??? what are you running it on.. Winders or Unix/Linux/Mac????
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    No Sound

    what is the computer.. need more information.. most laptop share sound card with modem.. works great with winders as the driver was written to.. in linux where hte laptop makers have made no effort for linux.. you need to shut off the modem in the bios and sound should work.. if not do this and post if cat /proc/pci