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  1. Windows Media Player like I always have. I've never had any problem like this before until I switched to XP x64
  2. Have you tried using a CD/DVD lens cleaner on your CD drive 1st?. It may not be working because the lens might be full of dirt. You can get lens cleaners for cheap at any local electronics store. Just pop one of those in and 99% of the time the cd/dvd drive usually starts working again
  3. Did you get a Software cd when you 1st got Comcast? Usually you get a software cd that sets up the connection and everything for you from your ISP. If not, just connect the cable up to the PC i t is usually in and network the laptop and the other pc, and just share the internet connection (Conect to - right click your connection - properties - Networking (or advanced) - tick the box next to Share Connection over network (or something along those lines)
  4. The only problem with doing that is you need to download all the seperate drivers for everything as Dell automatically install them with Windows when they make the computer. Check in My Computer. Is there 2 Hard Drives being show in there?
  5. I've know about this for a while. There is also a temp folder in C:\Windows(\Temp) that you can delete the contents of. Do not delete the folder though Most cleaning programs, like System Mechanic automatically clean all these kinds of folders. Also, if you manually try to delete them but get the 'file in use' error, try deleting them in Safe mode, always works
  6. Ok, I just got my new PC running and got Windows XP Pro x64 installed. I started ripping my music to the HDD and I noticed this And also, the properties menu is being weird aswell, I get this It's weird because all the IDv3 tags are in, they are just not showing in Windows. Does anyone know how to get the tags showing (the artist and the album name) like it usually does?