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  1. I think you'll find that 24 minutes of .avi(raw uncompressed) video is closer to 1.75gigabytes. Encode all 4 episodes to MPEG2 DVD and they should fit
  2. For simple audio importing to the pc, i just use the free version of MusicMatch Jukebox which lets you choose .wav,wma,mp3 or customs bitrates.
  3. release the HS/Fan spring lever and twist the HS/Fan to break the thermal pad/grease bond and remove em while the CPU is still in the lock position. when you reseat the CPU use 2 fingers and put some slight downward pressure on the CPU then lock the lever.
  4. your not by chance running an IBM machine with auto-updates on are ya? Probably mail spammer
  5. Boot to BIOS and make sure Floppy A is set to YES/ENABLED and not NONE
  6. Most all DVD players will support VCD if encoded properly in mpeg1 format. You can also play a VCD in any cd-rom drive by opening the mpegAV folder and double clicking the .dat file. windows media player will play it.
  7. I see you provide a link to newegg. That's were I got this drive. When I went to the site to get a RMA I was told I couldn't get an on line RMA for this product. I don't understand that. I can't call them until Monday. Have you done business with them before? Are they going to give me a hard time about a refund? Can anyone tell me their experience with newegg? First i'd disconnect the power cable and IDE cable from your old drive and set the new drive as master,boot to bios and make sure it shows correctly then run the tests to determine if the drive is defective. If it turns out to test ok then you know it's your jumper and cable configuration you need to correct. If a return is needed then just call customer support at newegg, they'll set ya up with the RMA.