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  1. Happy B-day Gwyrox732! Have a good one!
  2. I think it was called CNET Catchup or something like that. I used it a lot too, a couple years back. I don't know of another program exactly like it, but I've been going to this site every day for the past 5-6 months or so. Calendar Of Updates Forums Calendar
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    Happy B-day

    Happy B-day arachnid40!
  4. I ran across this at WinXPcentral - Anti-Spyware 20 Tested "Wow... interesting who came out on top and who faired rather poorly." http://spywarewarrior.com/asw-test-guide.htm
  5. Or right click on any program(in all programs) > Sort by Name
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    I missed this thread somehow Thanks handplane! Every thing is ok here, 5-6" of rain and 50 mph winds. I think Jeffrota is from the Pensacola area, not positive though. I haven't seen him or CurlingSteve post in a while. Hope they are ok! Edit] Thanks to handplane for correcting me. JeffroTa is from Louisiana. Sorry. Thanks too Marty.. Take care also..
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    Happy B-day Snax
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    Off Topic

    I live in the far south east corner of Alabama and Ivan got a little rough here. 5" of rain and 50 mph winds. Now Jeanne is pounding the east coast of Florida National Hurricane Center
  9. This has been around Dolphin Stress Test Can you pass the Third Grade? From Jokers, the old Techtv board The Original Laughing Cat INDUSTORIOUS CLOCK MONOCRAFTS
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    Hey Chappy!

    Welcome Dave, glad you are a mod here! You've been missed lol
  11. Same here. Also FirefoxView is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows you to open Firefox with the current page or a selected link displayed in Internet Explorer.
  12. Wilders Security Forums - Spybot Update 8/30/04 False Positive?
  13. I ran across this site about a week ago(forgot where). Would you like to know how long it takes to load a webpage? Stopwatch Edit] I was going to edit the Topic Title, but ya can't.
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    Hi B

    Welcome aboard Tyme! Good to see you posting.
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    New Memeber

    sultan_emerr Venido dentro del amo agradable de la conexión. Es un sitio limpio y usted puede encontrar a gente fácilmente aquí. I bet you didn't know I knew spanish. J/K I don't. AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation
  16. Thanks handplane! 1.04 is working fine now. Hey B, that was a fast fix.. See you all on the boards.
  17. Don't use one, but scroll down to Encryption and data security: Neowin.net -> Freeware alternative list
  18. Same problem. "make sure any running program in the background is turned off, such as anti virus when you download/install this or any program. do a disk clean, do a system restore clean, do a defrag, then download/install the program again." Did all that last week too, only have 5 restore points. Even installed in safe mode and tried to scan in safe mode with same results. Went ahead and reinstalled 1.03 untill I try again later or tomorrow. Oh yea, I downloaded 1.04 from majorgeeks. Will get it from somewhere else next time.
  19. Oh yea! In case anyone wants to bookmark these. 283084 - How to Clear Past Items from the Notification Area Notification Area - Remove Past Icons from List
  20. Thanks All! It has been a good one.