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  1. So you want to start a business and need help figuring out how to get that startup cash? Here are seven funding sources to raise capital to start your own business. Savings This is the simplest source of funding for entrepreneurs kickstarting a business. This way is safe and effective as it won’t leave you in debt if your business fails. The drawback here is the time it takes to save up the funds needed. Certain businesses may need thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding. This can take decades of saving for some people to come up with. So, many instead choose the speedier options below. Venture capital or stock option funding Venture capital or investment have become one of the biggest sources of funding for business startups nowadays. Here, you pitch your idea for a business to individuals who have enough money to finance it. Then, you offer those may be interested a share of the profits and a say in how the company is run. The perk of this approach is the quick way in which you can get the money needed to set up your business. This method is particularly useful for those in industries with a high startup costs, like in green energy and medical industries. It’s also good for certain other industries like tech, which these days have relatively low startup costs but potentially very high returns. Of course the money you raise isn’t free, there are drawbacks as well, that come in the from losing both complete control and the money you can make, from your company once it’s up and running. So, like all other options on this list, you should compare the perks and drawbacks to see if this source of funding is right for you. Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people. Often times crowdfunding is associated with sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo that let you pitch your idea for a product/service and receive pledges from people and in return the funders receive rewards/perks. The rewards/perks can come in the form of early access to the product or special promotional materials. There are also sites such as SeedInvest that allow people to invest in your company for shares of equity/ownership. Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) The latest trend in fundraising is to offer what is known as an initial coin offering otherwise referred to as an ICO. An ICO allows startups to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks. In an ICO campaign, a percentage of the cryptocurrency is sold to early backers of the project in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies (usually Bitcoin or Ethereum). ICOs are not currently regulated, however, the SEC has began to take a serious interest in them due to some ICOs resulting in fraud. We’ve talked in the past about the future of ICOs and whether or not they should be regulated. Loans Loans are a great middle ground for those looking to finance a business. They offer a quick and easy way for you to get the needed funds for your company. But, they don’t require a share of your company or a share of the creative control. So, once you’ve paid off your loan, you’re free to enjoy all the profits from your business. They’re also an increasingly diverse option. You can refinance your house, apply for a personal loan, or even check out title loans. You can do this all online too from sites like TFCTitleloans.com. The only drawback here is the cost of the interest rates on the loans. So, make sure you do your homework to get yourself a good deal if you’re choosing this option. Part-time jobs or side hustles This is a popular source of funding for younger entrepreneurs. Getting a second, part-time job can help you accumulate enough money to put into a new business. This can help you bring in more money quickly, without needing a loan or investor. But, it will require more work and can be time-consuming. This makes it a better fit for younger entrepreneurs who may struggle to get approved for a loan. Grants or bursaries Part of the rise in the popularity of entrepreneurship has come from government support. Small and medium businesses can help boost a country’s economy. Because of this, the government is often happy to support the creation of new businesses. So, there are usually plenty of grants, bursaries or government-sponsored loans with low interest offered to entrepreneurs. These have next to no drawback, other than a potentially unsuccessful application. They can also make a great addition to another option on this list for added funding for your new business. The post 7 funding sources to raise capital for a business appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  2. Buying anything technologically complex can be a difficult and time-consuming experience. Whether purchasing for yourself or for others, the constantly evolving marketplace in terms of both hardware and software can leave many of us a little behind when it comes to our understanding of what is on offer. In this article, we’ll help go over the key components you need to know when choosing a device which fits your needs, and which will help you get the most out of your money. Know What You Need This is going to be a lot easier when buying for yourself and can be a little tricky when buying a device as a surprise gift for another. What you need to understand is what the different models can do, and what your choice will actually be used for. There is not much point in buying an expensive device which can do a great many things you’ll never require, so making an informed decision is both necessary and cost-effective. The key questions you should be asking here are: What is the primary use of this device? If it’s a cell phone first and foremost, you need to make sure that all the relevant components are included, and that the size itself is well suited for you and your hands. This can be especially important when purchasing both smartphones and tablets for users with impaired vision. What else might it be used for? If you are likely to use the device for more technical applications, then you need to be sure the device itself has the processing power to meet these tasks. A partially useful device is a colossal pain, so this is something we wish to avoid. Be sure to look into benchmarks and other types of performance reports for each smartphone you’re considering to get an idea of just how fast they really are. What level of technical understanding do you have? Not all operating systems and devices are created equal. If the user is new to the digital world then simplicity could be a huge concern. No point in buying something complicated that you can’t figure out. Right now there are two main mobile operating systems out there for smartphones: iOS and Android. If you want an Apple product, you will get iOS which is viewed by many as very intuitive and easy-to-use for customers. That being said, there are versions of Android (sometimes referred to as stock Android) that don’t come with the unnecessary bells and whistles [sometimes] included by manufacturers, however, often times stock Android phones are a little more expensive. All in all, it’s something to keep in mind. Do we have any special concerns which need to be taken into consideration? Is the device likely to get wet? How about dropped? Does it need satellite capabilities? The wrong choice here can render a device broken or unusable within a very short time frame, so it is best to first take into account any of the possible concerns you may have (Ask yourself: am I a klutz? Only you can answer that honestly). In addition to this question, another good question to ask is what accessories (if any) exist to help me minimize my chances of breaking my brand new smartphone? One company that has designed super protective cases for those of us who are clumsy is Otterbox. Once you have a bit of an idea here, the only thing left is narrowing down the models which meet your criteria. Fortunately, there are many websites like Best Online Reviews and even our very own (BestTechie) which have reviews written by professionals who take into account things which we can often miss. Following your choice, you need to find a dealer from who you can make your purchase. Just as reviews, there are many aggregator websites out there like PriceGrabber which can help point out which stores or online marketplaces have the best deals. Getting Ready For Next Time While the devices made today are quite powerful and long lasting, they are not designed to be used forever (this is large part due to lithium ion batteries and their limitations among other reasons). While you are using your device, keep in mind what you like and what you don’t, what you want that your device can’t do, and what your device can do that you never need. This can help inform your next purchase, saving you again when it comes to lower cost and reduced overhead. The post Basic tips to select the right smartphone for you appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  3. I’ve written about Wix in the past, most recently reviewing the company’s latest feature called Wix Code which provides more advanced web design tools and functionality to their customers. Today, I’m reviewing another new feature from Wix, the Wix Logo Maker. The idea behind the Wix Logo Maker is simple, the company wants to offer people who may not otherwise have any design skills themselves or the ability to go out and hire a designer, a way to design a professional looking logo for a reasonable price. How does Wix Logo Maker work? With the Wix Logo Maker, the company has built an easy-to-use online logo maker that doesn’t even require the customer have any design background or capabilities. Once you get started with the logo maker, it will run you through four setup questions: What is the brand/company name (as well as a tagline if you have one/want it to appear in the logo)? What the logo is for (e.g. a tech blog, biotech startup, military school, etc)? What words best describe your brand (e.g. Modern, Fun, Playful, etc)? And finally, do you like any of these designs? Where it will show you a few different designs to try and learn what you like so it can recommend logos that you’ll hopefully think are good. Question 4: which designs do you like?Using Wix Logo Maker Now that you have gone through the setup questions, Wix will take the information you provided and create a bunch of logo designs it thinks you may like (again, based on your input from before). In my case, I put in my brand/company as BestTechie, indicated my logo was for a tech blog, and told Wix that my brand should be described as Modern, Creative, and Fresh. I was then presented with a number of logo designs, a sample of which can be seen below. A sampling of the logo designs for BestTechie created by Wix.As I scrolled through the numerous options, I came to one that piqued my interest so I clicked on it. At that point, I was able to open up one of the pre-designed logos into the Wix Logo Maker editor where I could tweak the logo I selected in various ways. The editor is split into a few sections: Name, Tagline, Icon, Frame, and Palettes. The Name section easily allowed me to change the font, text size, color, opacity, letter spacing, and alignment. The Tagline section is essentially the same as the Name section but for the tagline text (if you chose to include some). The Icon section is pretty nifty, Wix has a ton of vector-based graphics that can be used in your logo (as a side note, I searched all different kinds of terms and Wix had some kind of relevant graphic for pretty much every search I did), from the Icon section you can easily replace the existing icon that Wix may have included with another. The Frame section lets you choose whether you want your logo to be in a square or circular frame. And finally, the Palettes section offers a number of complimentary color options that work well together for you to select from. Wix Logo Maker editor feature.You can also use the right and left arrows at the top of the editor to see how your logo could look on a website or on merchandise/swag, which is a nice touch. After spending time playing with the editor, I ran into one key issue, or at least, I feel it’s an issue. Once you select one of the pre-designed logos by Wix and open it in the editor, you can’t move any of the elements around. For example, in the screenshot above, I couldn’t move the icon above the text “BestTechie” to the left-hand side of it. In order to get the icon on the left-hand side, I needed to go back to the page with all the designs, select a logo with the icon on the left-hand side and then change the font of the text and change the icon to the one I wanted. It would be nice if you could easily re-arrange the text and icon as you see fit within the logo editor. Additionally, it would be nice if you could use multiple colors for the text (e.g. Best one color and Techie another). Ultimately I ended up with the following logo: Logo for BestTechie designed with Wix Logo Maker.I think that’s pretty cool looking, especially for minimal work on my part. After you are happy with your masterpiece, click the download button in the top right of the page and you’ll have a few options: You can download a low resolution free sample to use (which I don’t recommend as it won’t scale well on advertisements, sites, business cards, etc). You can download what Wix calls a “Basic Logo” for $12.99 which includes high resolution image files (PNG files–5000 x 5000, black, white, and transparent backgrounds) and full commercial usage rights. You can download what Wix calls a “Professional Logo” for $49.99 which includes everything in the Basic Logo package plus Vector image (SVG) files (which are infinitely scalable), social media kit (40+ images designed specifically for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more), brand guide (includes your brand font and hex color code), and print ready logo files. Personally, I’d recommend going with the Professional Logo package for $50 as it offers the most value and really everything you’ll need to successfully market your brand/company. If you do use Wix Logo Maker, the $50 investment will be well worth it (as compared to the other options). Verdict Look, Wix Logo Maker won’t replace a real designer (at least, probably not anytime soon), but it is a solid solution for people who don’t know how to design themselves and/or cannot afford to hire a professional designer. Will you end up with a somewhat cliche logo design? You may, but in an effort to help avoid that, Wix offers the ability to modify and edit the logo, allowing you to add a little flare here and there. The post Review: Wix Logo Maker – design a logo without a designer appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  4. It appears that even the education industry is pivoting to video. From traditional lectures to interactive online classrooms, today’s education relies more and more on video technology to create effective learning spaces on the web. Think about having the capabilities to teach and learn remotely, without leaving your house, while still being able to absorb new information, and easily collaborate with professors and peers, as you would in real life. Video technology enables students and educators to engage and communicate in live classes, lectures, presentations, chat rooms and forums to create distance learning environments and enhance on campus teaching. Videos bring educational online communities together and help overcome any physical restrictions, allowing students to have access to greater resources and for lecturers to teach and pass along their knowledge to students around the world. Kaltura, a leading provider in video technology, has tapped into the education industry by providing institutions with the tools to create thriving online educational communities for remote teaching and learning. The company just released the results of its fourth annual international study on the evolving use of video in education, which includes unique data on how students and institutions today utilize videos in education. The survey of 1,000 participants, including educators, designers, IT professionals, digital media professionals, administrators and students, reveals a significant increase in video use in distant learning. Kaltura illustrates this shift from traditional classrooms to online educational spaces as its survey results show a 135% increase in distant learning. Additionally, Kaltura emphasizes the growth in lecture capture with more institutions adopting lecture capture tools. Kaltura’s Co-Founder, President & General Manager of Enterprise & Learning, Dr. Michal Tsur thinks that this increase could be due to affordability and availability. “Lecture capture is another strong growth area, fueled by the availability of inexpensive, ‘one-click’ lecture capture software running on Windows PCs. While in the past only lectures in large lectures halls were captured, today it is possible to capture far more classes for students to re-engage with, which aids understanding and retention.” With more institutions and students wanting to implement videos in remote online education, one question that comes to mind is how does this demand change the infrastructure of educational systems? Will there be an increase in remote education in general, and is this method preferred over traditional classrooms? If we look at today’s generation, it seems that individuals prefer to learn from their devices, which can pose limitations for those times when you truly need hands on learning to get a well rounded educational experience. Only time will tell if companies such as Kaltura, will become a true competitor to the traditional chalk and blackboard classroom setting. The post Even the education industry is pivoting to video according to a new study appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  5. Since it was released in 2009, Bitcoin has had a dedicated following of people who believe in the cryptocurrency. However, last year (2017), was the year when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (such as Ethereum and Ripple) really went mainstream. The price of a single Bitcoin went from around $1,000 to almost $20,000, making some skeptics rethink their stance on cryptocurrencies. Since then, the price of Bitcoin has cooled off a bit, but is still hovering around the $8,000-range for one Bitcoin which is crazy to think when originally you could buy a single Bitcoin for a few cents (that’s quite the return on investment). Nonetheless, the explosion of popularity for Bitcoin has resulted in more and more places starting to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. What that means is now you can pay for your coffee or new computer using Bitcoin instead of USD. The fine folks over at 16Best have compiled a helpful chart identifying the growing list of places that accept Bitcoin payments, including Nike, Dell, Amazon, Starbucks, Newegg, and many more. It’s already quite an impressive list, but expect it to continue to grow as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become even more mainstream. Click to enlarge.The post The growing list of places that accept Bitcoin payments appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  6. We live in an age where it’s possible for just about anyone with enough skills and ambition to become a successful entrepreneur and start their own company. This goes double if you are running an online business. The technology is cheaper and more accessible than ever, and there are plenty of tools available that can help you with every aspect of the job. Also, the internet has enabled experts to market their products and services regardless of the location, as well as given birth to new professions, such as blogging, vlogging, content marketing, and plenty of others. Yet, despite all this convenience, running an online business Is still incredibly time-consuming. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way, provided that you are using the right set of tools. We have put together a list of eight essential time-saving tools every online entrepreneur should be familiar with. Keep on reading for more details. Upwork One of the most obvious ways to save time would be to hire someone to help you out on your projects, and places like Upwork are perfect for it. Upwork gathers millions of freelancers from all over the globe, which means you have a massive talent pool to choose from. Whether you are in need of an expert to help you out with content writing, design, coding, marketing, translation, or if you simply want to hire a virtual assistant to handle all those pesky tasks which need to be done regardless of how much you hate them, Upwork is the place where you can find them at an affordable price. CareersBooster.com Sometimes, especially if you are just starting out, you will need to have a regular job in order to support yourself until your online business becomes profitable enough and turns into a full-time kind of thing. However, looking for a job involves sending out dozens or more resumes. This is where CareersBooster comes in. It is one of the best resume writing services you will find online, featuring professional writers, live customer support, and affordable rates. Because every company is different, they will create a custom CV for each and every one of them. Doing this yourself would eat up a significant chunk of your time you could have spent working on your business. Dropbox Keeping your data safely stored away on a server, or even owning one costs money, which means you probably won’t be able to afford it right away. So what do you do? The answer lies within cloud storage. We recommend using Dropbox. Not only will your most important data be backed up and accessible for any platform and device, but you will also get 2 GB of storage for free. You can also take advantage of their premium plans, with the most expensive one offering as much as 1TB of storage. HootSuite If you are a content marketer, you know how much time it takes to manage all the different aspects of the job. Coming up with brilliant content, week after week, improving your product or service, and on top of everything, maintaining an active and effective social media presence. With HootSuite, you will be able to automate your social media activity to an extent. This powerful app allows you to schedule updates and posts for all of your social media accounts, keep track of how your content is performing, and receive information and updates on keywords which interest you the most. Skype Establishing clear and easily accessible channels of communication is important in any line of work, but when it comes to online entrepreneurship, it’s crucial. Collaborating with your partners, following up with your clients, or keeping track of your freelancers is a breeze with Skype, which doesn’t need any special introduction. With it, you can exchange messages, send end receive files, make free audio calls, and hold video conferences with your collaborators. Best of all, Skype is available across all platforms and devices, which means you can get in touch with anyone at any time. LibreOffice There is no denying the fact that Microsoft Office is a fantastic suite of tool necessary for any business. But, it’s price tag is pretty steep, and you are better off spending your money elsewhere, because there are some great alternatives out there. The best one among them is LibreOffice, which has branched out from OpenOffice, and in many aspects, it has surpassed it. And yes, you will be able to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, diagrams, charts, formulae, and databases, among other things, just like you would using the pricey Microsoft Office suite. And if you are really short on time, you can use it for free in the cloud via rollApp. Todoist Making the most of your time when you have very little of it is often hard to do. All the more reason for you to rely on a brilliant app such as Todoist. Todoist is not only designed to help you manage your business projects by boosting your productivity, but to organize your personal life, as well. Create and manage tasks from your laptop, smartphone, and tablet with equal efficiency, and collaborate with your partners and clients. Todoist also enables you to categorize the tasks by date, importance, or their label. Tomato-Timer Being more productive doesn’t necessarily mean longer working hours, because your focus will diminish over time. In order to make yourself more efficient and to stay sharp, check out Tomato-Time. This app makes use of the well-known Pomodoro productivity approach, which involves working intensely for 25 minutes at a time, resting for 5 minutes, and then repeating the same process all over again, as opposed to working all day without taking a break. Conclusion Being a successful online entrepreneur, while hard, can be incredibly rewarding, especially if when you know which tools and apps to use and how to make the most of them. The ones we have chosen will save you a ton of time, which you can invest into developing your business, or spending precious moments with your loved ones. Good luck! The post 8 essential time-saving tools to help entrepreneurs save time appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
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    Well, the forum upgrade is complete! We're now on IPB 3. And the special surprise if you couldn't tell already is this brand new skin that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the site! I've had this in the works for a while so I really hope you all like it. If you do not like that sidebar you can easily hide (I don't know of any way to do it by default) it by clicking the two arrows at the top right of the forums and it will make the forums wider. Please leave your feedback in this thread! B
  8. Most people will now be finding themselves getting back into that daily grind now that the festive holidays are over. It can be a pretty depressing time so it’s likely that many will be on the lookout for ways to help them recover from the end of year holidays. With smartphones playing a huge role in everyday life nowadays apps could be the answer. So which apps should people be downloading right now to beat off the post-holiday blues? Spotify First things first, music can solve anything and when it comes to music you literally should look no further than Spotify. It’s an app that is available for both Android and iOS users that instantly connects people to one of the largest music libraries in the world. It has every genre covered so there’s always something for everyone when it comes to taste and there’s also the opportunity for people to discover something completely different or to have a listen to a few classics. It’s a must have app to help everyone over the excesses of the holidays. Instagram Social media is a huge part of peoples’ everyday lives, with many using numerous platforms on a daily basis. As time has gone on, the way people communicate has started to change. Nowadays people spend more time communicating through the use of pictures, video and live streaming, rather than posting status updates and tweets. Instagram is sure to be the social media app of choice in 2018 and it’s always being improved too. It’s one that everyone should use to reminisce all the fun times under the Christmas tree and New Years party, as well as catching up on what friends and family got up to during the festive season. Words With Friends 2 A great way to relax after the hectic holidays is to get stuck into an engrossing mobile game and you won’t go wrong by downloading Words With Friends 2. It’s the world’s most popular mobile world game, and it was a huge success first time around; but now it’s back and better than ever. It’s been intelligently redesigned to make it much more engaging and there are new game modes as well as over 50,000 new words. It’s another addictive mobile game from market leaders Zynga. Unibet Casino For some people, playing a game just for fun isn’t quite enough and they need a bit more of a thrill. Step forward the Unibet Casino app. People can delve straight in and play to win big money in a variety of different ways. There are over 250 slot games which include some of the most popular titles such as Gonzo’s Quest, as well as ones with progressive jackpots too. There’s also the traditional online casino table games as well as Live Casino action too. If anyone is looking for an exciting app where they can win real money, they should download Unibet Casino. This could be the perfect app to recoup some cash spent on presents and heavy partying. Amazon Kindle Some people will just want to spend some ‘alone time’ and what better way than to chill out by getting stuck in a book or two, or even have one read to you? The popularity of books has been on the decline for a while in their traditional form, with many opting to read on their smartphones and tablets. Amazon Kindle is simple the best eBook reader and users also get access to a huge library too. If reading isn’t your thing, a lot of the titles come with Audible narration too. The post The best apps to recover from the holidays appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  9. Millions of people show up at work each day because they have to, not because they want to. But what if you could turn your favorite hobby into a career that would put food on your table, keep clothes on your back, and maintain the roof over your head? If you’ve given that any thought, you’re not alone. Most people would make a career change if they could hammer out the financial details. Maybe – just maybe – with the right persistence, a commitment to staying flexible and a few realistic expectations, you can leave the ranks of the 88 percent of Americans who have no passion for their work. For some people, that means selling goods on Etsy, becoming an individual business owner or offering a local service. Should You Follow Your Passion? There’s a lot to be said for following your passion, especially when you can earn money for doing it. People who love their work live longer, experience lower stress levels and are mentally healthier than those who feel like they’re trapped in a job they don’t enjoy. It’s Enjoyable, But Is It Employable? Before you hand in your resignation letter, make a plan for how to turn your hobby or passion into a paying career. Check out these creative solutions to common hobbies and passions: If you’re into creating art, you might be able to find a way to sell paintings, sculptures and other works on Etsy or your own website. While you could work in a bake shop, there’s likely more money to be made baking custom goods (and while you’re at it, create how-to videos and share recipes on monetized blogs to make even more money). If you’re good at tracking down long-lost ancestors and you don’t mind digging for information, you may be able to become a professional genealogist. If you’ve got a knack for sales but don’t want to warehouse your own goods, being an Amway independent business owner is the perfect choice for you. Skilled with a needle and thread? You could make your living selling your creations online or by repairing and tailoring other people’s clothing. Writing. If you’re naturally talented and brimming with ideas, you could make a living selling your writing services to others. Plenty of companies need experts to convey important information and attract new business. These are only a few ideas – with some creative thinking, there’s a good chance that you can come up with a brilliant business concept. Talk to Someone Who’s Rocking It in Your Dream Career Once you have a plan, find someone who’s succeeding in your dream career and set up a time to take him or her out for coffee or lunch. You can use that time to ask questions like: What drove you to start a career in this field? What’s the best part of your career? What were some of the obstacles you had to overcome to get where you are today? How much work did you have to put in to build the foundation of your business? What sacrifices did you have to make along the way? You should also ask about the level of effort required from you, as well as what types of sacrifices you’ll need to make. The answers you get will help you figure out whether or not pursuing that type of career is a good choice for you. Flexibility and Persistence It’s crucial that you remain flexible and persistent when you’re turning a hobby or passion into a full-time career. Flexibility is about more than just working a few extra hours; it’s about being able to roll with the punches and getting back up when you get knocked down, which goes hand-in-hand with persistence. You have to be committed to reaching your goal because that’s exactly what it is: your goal. If you give up when you hit a speed bump, you’ll never know what you could have become. Could You Turn Your Hobby into Your Career? Business ownership comes naturally to some people, but even if you’re not a “natural,” you can make it work. The key? Don’t let little obstacles overwhelm you, and keep moving forward – even when things get tough – whether you’re an individual business owner, a freelance writer or an independent musician. It’s not always easy, but turning your hobby or passion into a career can be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done. The post How to turn your passions and hobbies into a career appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
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  11. Let’s have a quick introduction to the term VPN. It is basically a virtual private network which enables a number of computers (a group of people) or discrete networks to get connected over a public network which is called “THE INTERNET.” A virtual private network (VPN) is used by huge business enterprises when they want to connect with the remote data centers. Not only the businesses but any individual person who wishes to access any network resource while not being on the same Local area network (LAN) can use the VPNs. The VPNs are an efficient method of encrypting the conversations, data sharing, and communications if the network resources are being accessed by some unsecured public network. VPNs are most trusted when it comes to securing the computer’s internet connection. It makes sure that the entire data either being sent or received is encoded and safe from the inquisitive eyes and poky noses. Things to look for in a VPN Doesn’t matter which of the VPNs you are acquainted with, either the VPNs provided by your institute, business or workplace in order to let you work in remote locations while being on a different network or the ones you pay in order to surf videos of your favorite music, shows or movies that are restricted in your country for some reasons, All of the VPNS are doing the same job i.e. securing and encrypting your internet connection. But you must be very clear about some of the points that must be considered while choosing a VPN because people often have misconceptions regarding the selection of the right VPN. That is why we are providing you a clearer picture of what are the certain things that MUST be considered by the users while choosing a VPN in order to work hassle-free under any circumstances. Is the VPN provider trustworthy? This is the main factor you must not ignore while choosing a VPN because there are only some VPN providers who are concerned about the privacy of the users’ data, protection of the users’ data and log and are strict about the violation of the rules and sharing information without the knowledge or consent of the user himself. What are the steps the VPN provider follows to protect my data? Often the VPN providers have some evident and major security risks like not having the up to date tap drivers for Open VPN, some of them are very likely to leak the DNS information, and the worst part is that there are some of the VPN’s that even display the status of “connection successful” although not being connected due to the connection failure. Find the fastest VPN provider Speed is the most important and obvious feature that anyone would want while accessing the VPNs at any cost. Therefore, make sure to pick a fast VPN who is able to provide you the best quality surfing so that you may enjoy the experience. Choose the popular VPN provider When it comes to the trust, quality, and reliability you must not care about the charges. Right? Similarly, you should not risk your data and privacy by handing the situation to any of the unknown or less known VPN providers, so make sure the one you chose is popular enough among the people which would let you have the better experience of using a VPN. Make sure your VPN adviser is capable enough to provide the following: Stable and reliable connections – If your VPN provider provides the reliable connection then obviously you would not be worried about the connectivity to the VPN server and it would simply show the trusted connectivity result. Doesn’t leak the identifying data – There is a major risk of the security in windows because it may be easily misled for revealing and highlighting the IP address of a person a during DNS lookups. So, before choosing a VPN you must ensure that the VPN has its own unidentified DNS server so that your privacy is not compromised at all. Provides the OpenVPN encryption – This is the most basic need for the industry using VPNs that it must be able to provide the OpenVPN encryption minimum 128 bits. Even the Government of United States uses the 128-bit OpenVPN encryption because it is believed to be the indestructible and strong enough to face the attacks. Does not record the websites you visit — There is not at all any reason behind the VPN logging your online activities because of course, you are using the VPN to protect and encrypt the information. No? You must make sure that the VPN you are using is not at all saving your internet surfing activities or unless there are the major chances of you being spied on. Conclusion In the today’s world of technology, the Virtual private networks (VPNs) are used all over the world, from the single individual personal computer to the huge business organizations but people often fail to chose the right VPN because of the lack of knowledge regarding the process. Going for the either free or less known and non-trusted VPNs may be risky at times. That is why one should be aware of the key factors that must be put into the considerations while choosing a VPN. The basic factors that make a VPN reliable are the stable connections, trustworthy providers, faster speed etc. Only a few of the VPN providers do care about providing all the facilities to the users. Hence, in this article, we have explained all the facts that are often been neglected by the VPN users which leads them towards the loss and danger. People must follow the steps explained in order to protect their privacy and secure their online activities as well as access the remote servers while not being on the same Local area network (LAN) peacefully and avoid being spied on by the eagle eyes. The post What to look for when choosing a VPN provider appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  12. There’s a reason many students choose to live on campus while attending college — the truth is, enrollment in higher education can take up as much time and energy as a full-time job. Classes take up several hours per day, and that’s not including the amount of work you’ll need to do on your own time. That’s why it’s important to take every step you can to operate as efficiently as possible. We’ve put together some college tech hacks that you should definitely consider using to save yourself some time. Make use of a few of these — or all of them — and you’re certain to have more time on your hands for the fun stuff. Google Drive Stop assembling your projects in Microsoft Word. Cease creating your slideshows in PowerPoint. And for heaven’s sake, stop storing your important files on a thumb drive! Google Drive can do all of these things, and offers worry-free backup so if you happen to make a change to a paper that you want to undo, you can simply go back through an endless amount of revisions and revert your document back to its previous form. And Google’s collaboration features make it easy to work on a project with several people at once in real time. The New iPad A few weeks ago, this recommendation would have been a model of the iPad Pro. Now? There’s really no need for one of the pricer iPad options. The new iPad starts at $329 and recently added support for the Apple Pencil, which is great for jotting notes and signing important education-related forms. And the form factor makes it great for use as an eBook reader, so that thirty-pound backpack can become a whole lot lighter if you manage to get your textbooks in digital form. Travel Router A lot of colleges have fortunately gotten with the times and installed cross-campus WiFi, but is that really the best option if you’re in a dorm and need broadband for your smartphone or laptop? Instead, consider a travel router — a device that can turn the ethernet port in your room into your own personal wireless network, giving you faster speeds and more stable connections. Essay Writing Service You probably shouldn’t hire an essay writer every single time you get an assignment, but when you’re in a time crunch and feel comfortable outsourcing some of the work, or you’d rather spend some time hanging out with friends, an essay writing service can offer a shortcut toward getting the work done. It’ll cost you some money, sure, but if you value your time a whole lot more, and factor in some of that time to review the work you receive in return, an essay writing service can be a helpful tool. Any other college hacks you’d recommend to your fellow students? Drop them in the comments below! The post 4 college hacks you should absolutely be using appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  13. In my end of the year post titled, “To infinity and beyond! My plans for 2018” I highlighted that I’m currently looking for new job opportunities since I’m no longer pursuing KYA. I’ve been “on the market” since around September / October, meaning I’ve been actively looking and applying for new jobs and to be quite frank, the whole process is pretty sucky. I had some luck early on with a few places I interviewed at, but in the end there was never an offer made. Towards the end of the year the search went pretty cold, though I guess that’s to be expected during the holiday season. Nonetheless, undeterred and excited to make a positive impact somewhere I kept applying to things I thought seemed interesting and cool. In fact, the day after I wrote my post outlining my plans for 2018 I stumbled across what I thought sounded like a very cool position at what could be a really cool company. The job posting for the role had the title, “Business Development Director,” and after reading the job description I applied. A day later I received an email back from the founder of the company–they wanted to speak to me about the position. Great. We scheduled a call for later in the week. And this is where the story begins. I’m going to be providing screenshots from all of our email correspondence over the course of the past two weeks. I’ve redacted things such as the founder’s name, a name of one of the founder’s employees, the company name, their email addresses, and certain other pieces of information, that being said, none of the redactions take away from the story and what happened to me is as clear as day. So as I mentioned, I wrote the initial email to the founder and attached my resume. It’s important to note that in the job description the founder had asked a few specific questions that they wanted the applicant to answer when applying. I did that in my initial email. Here’s the first four emails between us. Click to enlarge.Excellent, right? A quick reply to my application and we had a phone call scheduled the same week. This is going well so far. We had our call, it was a fairly lengthy phone call–probably around an hour or so. Overall I would describe the call as one that went fairly well. The founder had some hesitation about whether I would be really passionate/interested in the industry their company was in as it was a bit different than what I’ve done. But at the end of the call the founder asked me to send them an email pitching why I’m the man for the job. It was clear to me that this email would dictate if they would move forward and continue speaking with me. Here is the next set of emails. Click to enlarge.“Thanks so much for this follow-up email. It’s really outstanding.” Awesome! I mean, you can’t ask for a better reply than that, right? Well, it actually got a bit better. As you can see the founder continued to think about me and my background after our initial call and how my analytical expertise could actually prove useful. This past Monday I went to the company’s office space, I spent two hours at their offices–the majority of the time speaking with the founder. Towards the end of the meeting, the founder made a verbal offer to me. They asked what my salary expectations were, I told them what I was looking for at which point they let me know that my expectations were a bit higher than they were thinking. We continued to discuss salary a bit where the founder assured me they wouldn’t be paying me pennies and that it would be a “livable wage.” In addition to that the founder said they planned to incorporate a commission structure into the salary offer. I mean we even discussed revisiting salary 6 months down the line. Ultimately it seemed settled that the founder would crunch some numbers and see what they could make work and we could continue to negotiate after I received the written offer. The founder then asked me to provide them with three references. I said of course and told them I would email over my references as soon as I got home after I let them know. The last thing the founder mentioned was that they would send over an NDA for me to sign so they could send me their strategy deck to review. Perfect, I thought. After we finished discussing salary, references, and the NDA the founder took me to meet the team and showed me around the office a bit more. I even asked them where I would be sitting, they thought about it and pointed, “probably over there.” We shook hands and they walked me out. Here are the emails following the in person meeting. Click to enlarge.This seems to be going really well. During my in person meeting the founder and I were discussing restaurants nearby where I grew up on Long Island, I couldn’t remember the name of one of them so the following day (Tuesday) I looked it up and sent it over. Click to enlarge.Now fast forward to today, Friday, I still hadn’t received the strategy deck or any update really. I was told I’d have it sometime this week, so I wrote an email this morning to check in and that’s where things fell apart. Badly. As you’ll see the founder’s response to my “check in” email is very strange. It’s all over the place and somehow over the course of three days the role we were discussing in great detail on Monday had “evolved” into a much more junior role and that I should keep in touch and maybe in six months they’ll have something for me. I mean, WTF. Here’s the last set of email correspondences. Click to enlarge.What did they expect me to reply with? “Oh, ok, sure no problem. I’ll just sit around and twiddle my thumbs and hope you have a role for me in six months.” I don’t think so. I’m not going to lie reading that was infuriating and yes I realize I was very direct, blunt even in my reply but I definitely think it was warranted. As I said in my last email I never did this to someone when I was hiring and I certainly never will in the future either. It’s so unprofessional. I thought a lot before writing this post, I thought long and hard because I realized as someone who’s looking for a job right now it could possibly reflect poorly on me. I ultimately decided if this makes me look bad to someone I wouldn’t want to work with that person anyway. What I just experienced is appalling. I know I can’t be the only to have gone through something like this while looking for a job so I felt compelled to share my story so others would know they’re not alone. The last thing I’ll say regarding this series of events is if you do this (or have done this) to someone: screw you. I will not let this experience demotivate me or stop me from advancing my career because as you all know now–I’m not wired like that. Have a job hunting story? Feel free to leave it in the comments. The post The state of hiring and job hunting in 2018 is beyond frustrating appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  14. As someone who is currently looking for new job opportunities I pounced at the chance to learn more about a new startup that’s tackling hiring called Uncommon. The company was founded by Amir Ashkenazi and Teg Grenager, two veteran entrepreneurs with extensive experience building B2B products and who had previously worked together to start the programmatic video advertising startup Adap.tv, which was acquired by AOL for $405 million. Ashkenazi also founded Shopping.com, which was acquired by eBay for $634 million. Having built successful companies in the past the two of them realized how difficult hiring people actually was for many organizations and decided to take on the challenge. “When I was hiring for my previous companies, I was stunned at how finding talent was based on a ‘needle in a haystack’ approach,” said Teg Grenager, CEO of Uncommon. “Now, we’re creating what I wish I had then: a simple and effective way to connect with only qualified applicants who are ready to be interviewed, allowing recruiters to spend less time sourcing and more time hiring great talent.” According to Amir, the job market has not changed much since the classified ads era. He argues that it’s basically a black box for those on both sides of the hiring equation. And you know what–I agree. Having hired people myself and as someone who’s been (and is currently) on the other end of the equation, he’s absolutely right. The overall process hasn’t changed much, for the most part it’s still a very manual and antiquated process of sourcing and screening talent. In addition to that, because its become easier to apply to jobs thanks to the internet, most companies are forced to compromise between interested candidates that aren’t qualified and qualified candidates that aren’t interested — rarely getting both. This is exactly where Uncommon comes into play. Uncommon will ensure that only qualified and interested candidates get in front of employers. How does Uncommon work? Companies that use Uncommon can configure specific parameters and qualifications for their technology to look for in every application. You can fine tune your job posting to include factors like education level, career tenure, industry experience, and any mix of hard and soft skills, then set a budget for finding that ideal candidate More specifically, Uncommon’s AI analyzes each resume to deliver guaranteed qualified applicants in a transparent way. Unlike ‘black box’ AI hiring systems that provide little insight into the decision-making process, Uncommon IQ shows exactly why an applicant is (or is not) qualified for a given position with a side by side comparison of the job requirements and the applicant’s resume. The tech is right 50 percent of the time which actually translate better than just posting a job on a job board and praying you’ll be able to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. The company’s AI technology has already been trained with millions of resumes being passed through it and of course, its accuracy will only improve as more applicants submit job applications. During my call with Amir and Teg I decided to throw them a curveball and requested they run my resume through their AI so I could see firsthand what it thought of me. After all, I am currently in the job market and if Uncommon becomes a widely used product (which seems likely) I’d love to make sure it actually works, right? Fortunately both Amir and Teg thought that was a great idea and we tested Uncommon’s tech with my resume right then and there. The Uncommon parsing technology read my through resume and identified my places of employment and my various skills and areas of expertise. There was one very small issue I noticed, it listed my work experience at BestTechie twice and omitted my work experience at another startup–but that’s really a very small issue as the technology gives you the option to modify the field and correct it on the spot before submitting the actual application. What I was really surprised about was how spot on the Uncommon technology was at spotting and grading my skills–it even included skills that aren’t on my resume but that I do actually have. Benefits for employers Aside from the benefits I outlined above, using Uncommon will help your company partake in bias-resistant recruiting. Recruiters typically spend only six seconds evaluating any given candidate and are prone to favoring particular schools, names, ethnicities, and places of birth over objective qualifications. Uncommon IQ reduces human bias and levels the playing field for anyone with the right skills to get the job by using a neutral mechanism for evaluating talent — aiming to increase diversity in hiring as a result. Uncommon is also trying to price itself aggressively to offer employers the best bang for their buck. The company offers a 14-day no commitment free trial that you can cancel at any time. Pricing is $9.95 per qualified candidate using Uncommon IQ’s first-of-its-kind Cost Per Interested & Qualified (CPIQ) pricing model, customers are only charged when a fully qualified and interested candidate applies for a specified open position, and companies can even challenge irrelevant resumes for an immediate refund. Benefits for job seekers After we submitted my job application for a job at Uncommon, something really interesting happened. On the page acknowledging my application was successfully sent, there were two recommendations to me (the job seeker) for additional places to consider applying where I would be considered a qualified candidate. One was at Twitter for a data/measurement position and one was for another company which I hadn’t heard of but definitely need to look up now. I think this feature of Uncommon is truly valuable for job seekers–gone will be the days of applying blindly to different jobs where you may think you’re qualified but the recruiter/hiring manager is looking for something else and there’s no way for you to know. While the job recommendation feature is currently limited to showing two positions Uncommon has deemed you qualified for after applying to another job listed on the platform, I’m told by Amir and Teg that they have big plans to expand on this functionality and offer job seekers many more tools and features to help improve their job search. No word just yet when to expect these updates to the product but I’ll let you know once I know. In the mean time, I need to go apply for that Twitter job. The post Uncommon magically connects qualified job seekers to employers appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  15. One question I get a lot is how to do you track website visitors in realtime? The answer: Google Analytics. Check out this useful how to guide on using Google Analytics to track website visitors in realtime. If you don't already use Google Analytics, you need to configure an account and set it up on your website. Do you know any other web tools that track website visitors in realtime? B
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    Review: CyberGhost VPN

    CyberGhost is one of the leading VPN services, which gives customers an opportunity to hide their IP-address, protect their personal data and receive an access to the content, which is restricted in some countries. There are a lot of VPN services, some of them are free, others offer paid versions, but none of them offer as many advantages in the free version as CyberGhost does. Features of CyberGhost CyberGhost VPN service has both pros and cons, and we will tell you everything about it in this CyberGhost review. We will concentrate on the free version, but also describe the feature of a substation for you. Benefits: if you use this VPN for your needs, you can be sure that it will not let you down, as its performance is an excellent one, and there are no serious bugs. You can understand how it works at the first sight, as its interface is easy-to-use, and it looks well. The most important feature of VPN services is the level of their security, and it is high enough even in a free version. Yes, CyberGhost offers an opportunity to use their service for free. Although this version is a bit limited, but it has all needed functions for Windows users. This VPN company is focused on the servers in Europe, so you can find quite a long list of servers in this area. Drawbacks: the major flaw of this service is that it is available only for three hours during one session. Those people, who need an access to the content in Asia or Latin America may face the absence of servers in these areas. If you do not use Windows OS, but enjoy Mac or Linux and want to take advantages of VPN service on your mobile, you will have to use paid version. Sometimes, you may face the problem with the help page. Free version also contains some ads, which appear from time to time, and prevent you from the comfortable usage of Internet connection for 10-15 seconds. Paid Version Opportunities: if you want to enjoy the VPN CyberGhost VPN service at the full scale, you can order either Premium or Premium Plus version. You will have to pay about $7 for Premium and $11 for Premium Plus per month. What is the difference between free and paid version you may ask? Paid version gives you higher speed, more servers, support of mobile device and opportunity to choose the protocol. Conclusion CyberGhost VPN service offers a number of benefits to Internet users, which makes it appealing to them. If you are a user of Windows OS and want to use websites with servers in Europe, this VPN service is an excellent choice for you. In case you need to hide your IP and secure your data on more than one device or you feel tired of constant ads, you can consider buying Premium version and take advantage of it. CyberGhost has minor drawbacks, but they do not influence its performance essentially. The post Review: CyberGhost VPN appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  18. We all have those moments where we’re seated at the computer without an activity lined up. Maybe we’ve just finished up some work or just made a purchase at an online store. We stare blankly at the screen and ask ourselves, “What now? Should I go read a book? Should I do some cleaning around the house? Or should I toss myself down into the rabbit hole that is the Internet?” Let’s be honest: most of us choose option three. The Internet provides a nearly endless stream of interesting content and mindless distractions, and if you have time (and aren’t picky about how it’s spent), you too can find an activity to engage in online. We’ve highlighted a few ways you can burn time on the Internet below, but if we miss out on one of your favorites, you’re more than welcome to leave your suggestion as a comment. StumbleUpon Want to be sent to a random website on the Internet that another person has deemed interesting? StumbleUpon is the ticket. You can opt for a site totally out of left field, or be sent to a random place related to subject matter you’re interested in. And thanks to the way StumbleUpon works, the more a site is liked by other users, the more likely you are to be transported to it. So you’re bound to come across something fascinating, and it’ll only take you a few seconds of clicking the “Stumble” button to get there. Wikipedia You may have heard tales of those sucked in by Wikipedia. They go to the collaborative encyclopedia to research a single topic, but soon, they’re pulled into pages on other topics, and further and further down the rabbit hole they go. What started as a visit to the “potato” page becomes, hours later, a read through the biography of McDonald’s founder Ray Croc. Wikipedia’s internal links make it super easy to become distracted while reading another topic, so if you want to get lost on the Web for a few hours, Wikipedia isn’t a bad choice. Gamble Online You could spend time online playing some games, but hey — time is money. Why not play something that has the prospect of making you a bit of dough? While online gambling isn’t exactly legal in the U.S., some provinces in Canada allow gaming through Live Casino Games. Take a stroll through an online casino, play a few hands of baccarat, and who knows — maybe you’ll win a little bit of cash. Or you could lose, and suddenly you’ll have the motivation needed to do something more productive. The post Bored? Here are some ways to burn time online appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
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  20. The future is promising for ecommerce with technology being the main driving force. Retailers and shoppers are gradually adopting augmented reality to enhance their business success. Besides virtual reality, augmented reality is unique on its own. It is dependent on consumer demand, market conditions, and high-quality devices. The 3 Merits AR will change the whole aspect of shopping. Shoppers will fit clothes before purchasing thus minimizing products from returning. Interestingly, they can fit furniture in their houses to ensure they have bought the right color. The following are the other benefits of augmented reality: Establishing an interactive buying experience Retailers prioritize engaging with a buyer throughout his/her purchasing journey. This technology conducts a test of the product’s functionality thus gaining the buyer’s confidence. Online shopping involves imagination without experiencing the product’s use or design. However, augmented reality overcomes this difficulty for the client. The buyer will feel accustomed with the product at the comfort of their home. The act of touching and seeing the applicability of the product will influence the buyer’s decision. Therefore, retailers will fulfill the buyer’s satisfaction without a doubt. If you want an online shopping excursion, a One Plus headset is suited for augmented reality and you can find if for only about 40 bucks on Amazon. Modify Selection Speculation is not an option with augmented reality’s services. Retailers give the shoppers what they want. Before buying a product, a buyer may want to view a product’s color selections or other designs. Online shopping offers limited customization options. However, AR and computer graphics make personalized modifications for the customer. The integration of augmented reality with physical stores has also enhanced sales. Brands are changing their packaging to include AR images. This allows a buyer to scan the image and have an amazing experience about the applicability of the product. Augmented reality has also transformed to become the omnichannel approach within the physical store. Customers make use of the AR stands to scan items and determine their end product, functionality, and a variety of colors. Visualize products Customers’ priority is in the interaction with the product before purchasing. This amazing technology allows shoppers to see the complexity of the product like electronics and appliances through animations. The future AR in the retail stores will consider advanced augmented reality technologies such as Augment’s SDK, which allows retailers to control AR through their brand platforms. Augment’s SDK is specifically designed to integrate into the retailer’s website or app seamlessly. It allows the retailers to leverage product visualization. This is necessary for providing the product’s value to the buyers while boosting conversions simultaneously. Augmented reality is amazing for both retailers and shoppers who want the best parts of a product. This technology is helping to solve problems of trying to figure out the features of a product. Augmented reality is creating the visualization of a product in a new dimension that will increase businesses’ success over time. Guiding Tips for Retailers The booming augmented technology is trending in all sectors. In the retail section, retailers are rushing towards owning an AR app to help them run their online sites. Before purchasing an AR app, retailers should consider the following tips: Provide a useful experience to a customer Before taking the step of investing in AR, you should consider the kind of products you are offering. AR is a perfect platform for delivering incredible value for your products. This technology is meant to offer your customers an amazing experience before purchasing them, for instance, cosmetic products. Allow shoppers to customize A shopper’s preference should be the basis of a retailer. By allowing them to have a personalized shopping experience, you are gaining their loyalty and regularity. You can employ a knowledgeable supervisor who has a wealth of knowledge about a customer’s size, style, and preference. Surprisingly, the AR technology can deliver personalized services to many customers. Shoppers are often longing to try out a new model, a different color, or the latest design. Augmented reality will satisfy their unending demands and make the retailer richer. Add originality to the retail Physical stores and online sites are always competing to be on the top of the business world. An online retailer should be jubilating because they have the right tool for running their business. Incorporating AR will give you a unique yet profiting start. Nowadays, shoppers do an online shopping exploration before ordering the products. Retailers should also be innovative with their products. This is because of the many online retails stores existing that compete for uniqueness. A little touch of novelty with AR is a good way of satisfying your customers while making big profits. In conclusion, the incorporation of augmented reality with ecommerce has a bright future. Shoppers get to interact with the products before purchasing. Retailers are profiting from this technology and are meeting customer needs. The post How augmented reality is going to transform ecommerce appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  21. You’ve got a killer product or service to offer that you know people would just love. But, how do you get what you’ve got into the hands of your customers? Creating a selling landing page is one of the most effective ways to achieve that, and here are some of the 15 best tools to help you put together that successful page. Title generators Blog Topic Generator It’s essential that you are always providing your readers with new and interesting content. But, if your well of ideas has run dry, this tool can help get those ideas flowing again. Just plug in a few nouns related to your topic, and you’ll be instantly provided with a list of topics to use or to draw inspiration from. Title Generator Possibly even more important that your actual content itself, is the headline you’re going to use. That’s because the vast majority of readers won’t actually even make it past the headline. They’ll glean the information the title gives them, and let that inform them. But, when you’ve got a title where they can’t help but want to know more, the chances that they’ll click and keep reading are much higher. This title generator can help you when you’re stuck on putting together an attention grabbing headline. Content writing and editing tools Readability Score You generally want to keep your written content at around a 6th Grade reading level, in order to engage the highest amount of your audience. This readability scoring tool can help evaluate whether you’re too far above or below that level, so you can make adjustments to come in line with your goal. Essayroo So much of your success relies on the content you’re putting out there. It’s got to be fresh, original and updated on a regular basis. Content creation itself can eat up so much of your time if you’re trying to get it all done yourself. This is a great opportunity to outsource work to the professionals, and the team at this website is a good fit for this job. ProWritingAid Don’t skip a beat between your writing and your proofreading with the downloadable ProWritingAid platform. It works directly inside your word processor to correct and make suggestions as you work. This means you can get to the end of your work confident that it’s already been through a thorough round of proofreading. Ginger No matter where you’re working, you can take Ginger software on the go with you. It can be downloaded to any device, so you can have this powerful proofreading tool with you wherever and whenever you’re working. Some customizable features in the software make your writing experience even more enjoyable. Boom Essays Having a real set of eyes go through your work to check for errors is always an ideal option. Computers are apt to miss things that are spelled properly but used out of context. These mistakes can be embarrassing to your business and your credibility. Cut them out completely with a professional proofreader from Boom Essays. Easy Word Count Keep your content to just the right length – too long and you’ll lose your readers, but too short and you won’t get all of your information out there. With the accuracy of this word counter, you can ensure your content is sitting comfortably within the ideal range of 2,000 to 2,500 words. UK Writings Always have new, expertly written content for your readers to enjoy, with the help of the writing team at UK Writings. When you request their writing services, you’ll be matched with a professional writer who knows your subject area very well, so you can ensure your content will be relevant and topical. And, it’s always guaranteed to be completely original. Australian Help One thing you never want to be accused of is committing plagiarism. These accusations can have a devastating effect on a business and can completely ruin your credibility and any trust your reader have in you. Use the plagiarism checkers at Australian Help to confirm that you aren’t unintentionally plagiarizing someone else’s content. Academized Turn your content from good to great with the help of the resources of Academized. Flawless grammar and writing speaks volumes for the reliability and credibility of a business – after all, if you can’t put together a proper sentence, it may be an indication of other inabilities. Visuals and graphics Canva Of course you’ve got to have valuable content for your readers, but if it’s not presented in an appealing and engaging way, you could lose their interest. Canva allows you to easily design beautiful documents, without any design experience. Creately Sometimes it’s just easier to put your words into a picture – they do say a thousand words, after all, don’t they? Ready-made templates from Creately let you put your complex ideas into simple, easy to understand diagrams, making it a more easily absorbed learning experience for your audience – no need to read through pages of text to get the information contained within a single diagram. ThingLink Create images that are incredibly interactive and engaging, with over 70 tags to choose from. Fully customize your images to do whatever you want and need them to do, to make it a much more captivating experience for your readers. Pablo Quickly and easily drag and drop your text onto any available image, or upload your own. No need to hire a designer to put together promotional images, announcements, inspirational quotes or any other image and text combination. The post 15 content creation tools to create an effective landing page appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  22. I’ve written before about what a VPN is and why you should consider buying one, so I’ll save you from that speech again. One of my favorite VPN providers, NordVPN, is offering an extremely good deal on their service this holiday season. The company is offering three years of access to its service for $2.75/month which is a 77% discount, making the three years of service $99 instead of $430. Get NordVPN for $2.75/month! It’s an excellent deal for a great VPN service. If you would like to learn more about NordVPN, check out these other articles I’ve written before making the decision of whether to purchase it or not. By the way the deal is for a limited time, running from December 7, 2017 to January 7, 2018. What’s a VPN and who are the best VPN providers? How to setup NordVPN on your computer within 5 minutes How does a VPN affect your internet speeds? The post Save 77% on NordVPN with this special holiday deal appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  23. From Yahoo to Equifax to Sony and so on, data breaches have become one of the biggest threats of the our time. While big companies are at considerable risk, they are not the only targets for hackers. App developers, who utilize — particularly vulnerable — cloud services, are also in danger of having their sensitive data breached or stolen. Is it possible to keep one’s important data secure in this day and age? For Fluence, the answer is yes. The company aims to eliminate insecurity over data breaches by providing decentralized data storage and management on the blockchain for Web 3.0 applications, guaranteeing users more privacy, control, and security over the decentralized apps they are building. Using advanced network architecture, Fluence utilizes a system of independent nodes that split up sensitive structures of data to store and manage, ensuring that data is both replicated and protected. The nodes “check-in” on one another to make sure each is storing and securing data properly. If one node goes down, the data will not be lost: the network will find new nodes to replicate, secure, and encrypt that data. Fluence users do not require a special license or agreement with any commercial vendor, and all operations on the Fluence network for data storage and management are paid with the native Fluence token (FLU). The Fluence team.Fluence also announced a partnership with FriendUP, a service that enables developers to create their own virtual cloud computer online. Friend offers a complete operating environment that, combined with blockchain technology, provides the infrastructure necessary for the safe and responsible exchange of information. Friend can be accessed and used anywhere through a browser and provides a customizable desktop environment that is shaped by the needs of its users. While the Fluence model of complete decentralization is an exciting prospect, especially in this era of data vulnerability, there is another vulnerability to consider: the state of the crypto market, itself. Daily cryptocurrency fluctuations have experts wondering if and when we will see tokens become a commonly-accepted form of payment. Nonetheless, the prospect of completely decentralized data storage is intriguing. The post Fluence wants to make data hacks a thing of the past using blockchain appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
  24. Higher education is notoriously full of essays, reports, research papers, and other grueling writing assignments. But if you’re being assigned these kinds of projects in the present, you’re extremely lucky. You can type! Older generations had to scribble out their multi-page reports by hand. You’re also lucky because you have super helpful apps. To your parents, apps were something they got at a restaurant. Think about it. Speaking of writing apps, we want to share a few with you that we’ve grown to love over the years. These apps can help keep your writing sharp, and help make sure you’re not accidentally copying something to the point where it gets you expelled. Because that would be extremely unfortunate. Let’s get to it. The Hemingway Editor This editor is all about helping you create clear, concise prose. It tells you when your sentences are too long, or when you can replace a longer word with something shorter. It also tells you when you’re using passive voice in your writing. And finally, it lets you know the grade level your writing currently sits at, allowing you to make edits to make things more simple if necessary. Give this one a try. Ulysses Some writing apps can be way too complicated. Those who grew up on Microsoft Word can tell you the toolbars are entirely too full of junk that you probably won’t need to use. Google Docs is a bit more clean, but it still takes up a good chunk of the screen showing you formatting tools. Ulysses aims to provide a streamlined, no-nonsense portal for getting words down on the page. It hides all the tools and advanced functions, helping you focus on what you’re writing. If “less complicated” sounds like your cup of tea, give Ulysses a shot. Bear Bear wants to be your home for all things notes and writing. Whether you’re using it to jot down a grocery list, take notes for a class, or write out the rough draft of your latest book chapter, Bear is designed to accept your text and help you organize it through hashtags. Want to move your Bear creations to other types of software? The app supports the ability to export files to either PDF or Microsoft Word DOCX format. Using these tools can help ensure you’re putting out the best work possible, and keeping your notes and drafts organized. Even if you opt to use an assignment writing service and stick someone else with all your writing work, it’s still a good idea to run the end product through tools like Hemingway Editor to make sure it all reads as it should. Good luck, and happy writing! The post 3 helpful apps for essay and report writing appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article