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  2. flashh4

    What do you think about Chris Daughtry?

    Howdy Jove welcome to the forum ! Daughtry has been busy touring a lot lately, love his music ever since i watched him on American Idol ! Check out his web site !!https://www.daughtryofficial.com/ Have a great one ! Chuck
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  5. irynadreamer

    So many new visitors

    ГодаI am also new here and I really enjoy this website. When I need to get new information I usually use free essay papers, but I can see that here is a lot of interesting material as well.
  6. I've actually heard Daughtry songs not so long ago and his songs seem to be so touching and deep. I like especially Over you, It's not over and Waiting for a superman, they play often as I paint or create sites. Does anyone know what happened to him? I haven't read about his new albums.
  7. Sorry Percolate but Chrome is the easiest of all browsers to hack, proven fact ! The E that is on W10 is not Internet Explorer it is Edge ! MS has stepped up their game to make it a very reliable browser ! But i still prefer FF new browser "Quantum" !! Performance and Speed. Mozilla claims that Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as its predecessors and loads web pages faster and uses 30% less memory than Chrome. ... Quantum is definitely faster than previous versions of Firefox, but even in Mozilla's tests, it only beats Chrome by fractions about half the time. When any amount of time counts !! Chuck
  8. That's why I use Mac OS and Google Chrome. Exactly like what Techgara said on their post, IE is a retard browser.
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  10. flashh4

    How to contact trend micro support phone number,

    Howdy jsaharawat & Welcome to the forum ! Trend Micro is like most other Antivirus protectors, they all claim the same "the greatest protection" but IMO after cleaning computers for 20 yrs plus i find that Microsoft Defender is as good as any and it's free !! Chuck
  11. Today in dynamical threats of Laptop viruses. It becomes the need for your laptop to remain connected with the sturdy antivirus package. Trend micro support is such a strong and high-security antivirus program providing the big selection of laptop protections from the threats as well as the foremost risky Trojan horses and crafty malicious applied scientist that invades your laptop and steal your valuable data. For more information please contact trend micro support.
  12. vijaydeveloper

    How long does it take to learn C?

    Hi Adi, I totally agree with the @Flashh, It totally depends on the person to person, How much he/she need to learn or get the complete information of C Language. I have one friend who understands all the basic concepts within 2 weeks of time or many of them are not able to understand under 4 weeks period of time. Here you can learn with best C Tutorials and start learning C, You can also join some coursed through you can become a successful C Developer.
  13. flashh4

    How long does it take to learn C?

    Welcome to Besttechie Adisharma, It depends from person to person, Few can learn this in less time like in 2 months and few takes 6 months, it completely depends on your grasping power. It will take 7 Days to get 70% of knowledge in C thoroughly. Chuck
  14. adisharma

    How long does it take to learn C?

    Hello Everyone, I just want to know Is there an online course that can help me to get basic skills and start my career in it and how long does it take to learn it.
  15. CameronMiah

    The Secret to Writing Anything Quickly

    Hello to all. Good news! My name is Lara. I combine my studies and raising a small daughter - she is only two years old. Recently, she fell ill, and I did not have time at all. I even managed to sleep only a few hours. How glad I was when I found the Ninja essay service. This is amazing! When I received the finished version of the essay in such a short time, I kissed my daughter for joy. I recommend this site to all mothers on maternity leave and employment students.
  16. oliviawilde

    How do you get insperation for writing?

    If you’ve been writing for a while, you must have gotten a tribute or two about your work. Keep a file with positive remark you’ve received about your writing. perceive the universe doesn’t care about you. Oftentimes, we absence inspiration because of fear. We’re fearful because we feel like the world is waiting for us to fail, like there’s a spotlight shining on our deficiency. We live on a planet that’s one of billions of planets in one of billions of galaxies, each of which contains billions of stars. In the majestic scheme of things.My firm do my essay uk help students to motivate for writing.
  17. Ondesoft? I don't know this, but I have been using Requiem, it works very well. I also saw an iTunes movie DRM removal tool called Handbrake, which is free.
  18. ameliehaine

    Trending Technologies

    Nowadays the worth of new technologies is really high if someone has knowledge about new technologies like designing, development and also animation so there's a high chance that you build your career easily, well I also start my career in video animation and through this, I can easily grow our career and indulge with vidnado company who provide great business video animation that is usually running in the market and also it fulfills the client's demand that they want. This company produces quality animated videos and also these videos provide some good knowledge.
  19. judithlopez


    Nice logos man! Good job!
  20. judithlopez

    Wallpapers Only

    nice wallpapers!
  21. judithlopez

    best image format

    yeah nice idead
  22. judithlopez

    making a header

    If you need cheapest resume writing services, you can contact this service. They can help you quickly and cheaply write a resume. Much depends on a good resume. To make a good impression on the future employer. Therefore, do not be afraid to use these services as this will only increase your chances of a good job.
  23. It’s awesome! I am also using DRmare. It does a good job of removing DRM protection for various media files. highly recommended!
  24. Lindaad

    Reviews : 2017 Top 3 DRM Removal Programs

    the best? This is not something that can be said casually. After all, the world is changing every day. As far as I know, TuneFab is indeed one of the popular iTunes drm removal tools, but it is not the best one. I think the best is DRmare.
  25. During these days, learning new technology is very important for college students because nowadays the worth of new technologies is rapidly increasing and by the help of these you can easily build their career in a smooth way and also these technologies are easy to learn, I can also start my career with new technology which is that logo designing and I am also indulged with logonado company who produce custom logo design at a very cheap rate and also fulfill the client's requirements that they want.
  26. Randy_Abigail

    Is iRadio more like Pandora or Spotify?

    iHeart radio and Pandora are basically radio services. Spotify is different. It is the most popular streaming streaming service with the best recommendation feature. If you'd like to learn more about spotify vs pandora, you can take a look at the comparison page. If you'd like to download Spotify songs to local devices for listening, you can also use the spotify audio converter for mac. It is one of the fastest converter in the world. Hope these detailed tips can be of help to you.
  27. FranciscoMiller

    email start up

    I think this idea will be highly implemented for https://www.araxwindows.com/services/skylight-sunny-room-repair/ skylight sunny room repair service. We help people and repair their windows. I think with the help of this email startup, we'll be able to communicate better with our customers. So thank you for the positive contribution.
  28. FranciscoMiller

    Tweak Your Glass Window Borders

    I definitely have to share it with the informative website of Glass Structures Limited company with the content related to glass staircases and other interesting services. Maybe it can be interesting for some people here.
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