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  2. Honestly I don't see VR gaming becoming better and more popular than PC gaming.
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  5. Honestly, this is the first time I've heard of using VR technology in casinos. It's hard to imagine focusing on virtual reality while playing casino glasses online. Yes, I often play at online casinos. I often use the site before playing where I find information about bitcoin online casino (ビットコイン オンラインカジノ). I would like to try to play with VR points at online casinos. Yes, perhaps due to lack of habit at first time I will often lose. But I think it's worth the new sensation.
  6. VR technologies now occupy top positions not only in science, but also in games. The quality of VR glasses or other gadgets allows you to immerse yourself in the plot of the game or just enjoy the scenery during a movie. I have VR glasses on Sony Playstatio, which allows me to feel the script more clearly.
  7. Issues of cybersecurity and the stealing of personal data are a big problematic thing for me. I always try to use expert writing service and the best security system in order to keep my computer safe from intruders and hackers.
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  9. Your question is quite relevant for all users, thank you for considering this topic in the discussion forum. I also take an active part in such discussions, but now I am working on an us history regents essay topics and devoting all my time to this process.
  10. last option: repeat the path of the Jokerd player. That is, just take the mage and endlessly kill large packs of monsters. Terribly the same type of process, but, as you see, effective. I in turn used It came out quickly and efficiently.
  11. Welcome MaxRjM to the forums & we hope you enjoy your stay here ! Most problems can be fixed by visiting their site & downloading the newest drivers or just do a Google search for them ! Chuck
  12. I'm trainer at DevOps Certification institute and was trying to install docker-compose on my system and I am getting the following error. Please help me in solving this issue. $ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose $sudo docker-compose --version /usr/local/bin/docker-compose: 8: /usr/local/bin/docker-compose: Syntax error: newline unexpected
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    I am not the most experienced user, so I would like to know your opinion. And if I write in the wrong topic, I also apologize. Does a JavaScript developer need to learn TypeScript? And why do you use TypeScript? I tried to use it a little, and here are the advantages I highlighted for myself: - Because it looks cleaner than jsdoc type annotations. - Because it can give better autocomplete in your editor of choice than javascript. - Because I've found bugs caused by typos in npm packages that could easily have been avoided if they used TS. - Because the "private" keyword looks better than js' new "#" private variable-name prepend. I heard a lot of positive reviews about TypeScript and at the same time negative reviews, so I would like to discuss this topic.
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    Howdy & welcome Myral, we hope you enjoy your stay with us & contribute to our boards ! Just try & post your threads into the appropriate headings ! Chuck
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    Hello! I am new too!
  16. on Windows 10 there is no single problem put it all installed several times and everything works perfectly! Think for yourself
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  18. Google's troubles are growing. First the million-dollar fine imposed by the European Union which leads the giant to have to impose a fee on manufacturers for the use of its services and now we must add to it losing a battle against Aptoide at the legal level.Apparently Aptoide's battle is coming. It was 2014 when Aptoide filed a complaint about how Google interacted. Now, a local court would have ruled against Google, ordering the tech giant to stop removing the Aptoide app from its users' phone without their consent.Aptoide workers see in this victory a sign for startups around the world, who should not be intimidated against Google.Is Aptoide the Google Play competition?As far as Aptoide is concerned, they themselves see the direct competition of Google Play, being precisely before the competition bodies where they filed the complaint in 2014, however, at the user level the truth is that Aptoide's fame is not exactly lawful, being the best known store for allowing them to download paid apps without paying.If we want to look for similarities on other sites, it is as if the already closed web denounce Netflix by competition when what it does is offer this same content from other servers unethically.As far as Google is concerned, they have always relied on the security of users to fight Aptoide among other applications. We can't overlook that it's precisely in these types of applications, that they offer paid content without having to spend a single euro, where the greatest number of security threats, from viruses to malware, are targeted. Not that we say it, it is part of the notice that the Aptoide website itself launches when we are going to download an application.
  19. Mobdro is the DIFFERENT app for watching movies, series, documentaries or any streaming content. When I label this app as "different" it's because unlike other apps like Masdede, Appflix or Splive tv, it's this app you won't choose the series or movie you want to watch. Mobdro has a list of channels sorted by categories in which the content is broadcast one after the other, as if it were a television program. In most applications of this time we can choose which movie or chapter to watch and at the time we want. With the Mobdro app we can't do that. On the contrary, in the application you will find a section of categories (movies, series, documentaries, sports, etc.) where there is a huge list of channels, in which the content is broadcast if you stop. Mobdro not only contains film and series, it has a category of traditional streaming TV channels, as well as sporting events. And for the more curious, there are live broadcasts of security cameras with animals, cities, monuments or amazing gamers. This app is the best way to enjoy streaming content from your Android. Its difference to the rest of the apps makes it unique and outstanding, leaving the intrigue and surprise until the last moment to enjoy an afternoon of cinema. The best zapping on your Android! Wide range of exclusive content in different languages. The content is organized by categories and available in different languages. No registration or subscription required. To use the application you do not need to be registered or subscribed to a monthly plan. The content is completely free. Changes the resolution during video playback. You can change the screen resolution while the content is playing. High transmission speed, lightweight and stable app and low bandwidth. Thanks to its careful design, it allows high-speed transmissions with a low bandwidth in a low-weight application. Download content. You have the option to download the content to view it at any time without the need for Internet access.
  20. How to quickly pump a hero in wow-classic?
  21. Krankins welcome to the forums, we hope you enjoy your stay here & contribute to the forums ! I'm not really sure to which post you are referring to ? Besides the way you described it, it wouldn't make any difference ! Chuck
  22. Zoom Virtual Backgrounds for the video conferencing enables us to keep our space private and more comfortable on the video calls. These Zoom Virtual Backgrounds makes our Video calls much more creative and engaging.
  23. Did you try booting to safe mode, shutting down and then booting to normal and seeing if the problem resolved?
  24. Commons occupy is a website which you can get donations and their side RSS. It has a blog on occupy Business. Here you can get casino games from to enjoy in your free time. It includes of about “Common Sense” Today Like Thomas Paine Gave The People in 1776. He motivates on the actions of anger. Join them for learning.
  25. Howdy Dinuka & welcome to the forum ! Sorry about your loss to the hackers but in most cases they will just take your money & run ! In my opinion i would just chalk it up as a loss & move on ! I have tried and been successful at retrieving a few people's data back ! But most are encrypted where it's not possible ! Usually i can retrieve them in the first 2-3 hrs. I would forget your friends advise to make fake bit coins ! I have never ever heard of this and i have been removing Malware & such for 20+ yrs. Chuck
  26. Hello guys, So this might be a question that sounds a little strange but here I go. Recently I got attacked by this .nlah ransomware. I am aware that I cannot get my data back unless I pay them and I am not going to describe the value of the lost information here. My question is (I am not very tech savvy), a friend told me that he is able to create a fake BitCoin transaction to show these guys as payment that expires in 48 hours. I am wondering if I can give them a taste of their own medicine. I do not mind if they figure out if I am playing them and delete my decryption key permanently as I have already moved on but it does not hurt to try all the options I have. Is there any way for these guys to figure out if the transaction is fake? PS - I know a lot of these guys do not send me the decryption etc, or maybe they do but everyone tells me not to pay them and technically I am not paying the so I figured what the hell. Let me know what you guys think. Thank you so much.
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  28. I was about to go on business in London, but there was no Tv in my place to watch the live broadcast. I am using iphone 11 smart device. So I need a reliable and reliable application to watch TV on mobile devices. Mobdro is the most popular free online TV viewing application in the world. Download now mobdro 2.1.86 for ios right now:
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