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  3. Thanks, friend for sharing the freelance site for a graphic designer its really useful thread for me. I'm also searching the site for freelancing.
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  5. Steven Brown

    iTunes DRM Music Converter

    I'm also using same Drmare software its really good to work.
  6. flashh4


    Hey Pete, good to see you are still out there ! Yep social media and life in general happens !! Chuck
  7. Pete_C


    Just stopping by to see who is still around. Social media really killed the forums.
  8. Steven Brown

    Best spy gadgets around us

    Thanks for guide buddy, I will check the spy gadgets hope it helps
  9. samzike

    Review: CyberGhost VPN

    Guys you have shared such helpful information I have personally use Cyberghost for 1 year and no doubt it is one of the best VPN I had ever used, But flaw of Cybergvhost is that Not all servers are torrent friendly. But still, I want to thanks this detailed review: https://www.reviewsdir.com/cyberghost-review/ for helping me in choosing CyberGhpost.
  10. Can removing DRM from iTunes get your Apple ID account suspended somehow btw?
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  12. Finlay Dean

    Manly Sport

    Of course, football is a courageous sport it cannot be otherwise. I play it too. To date, I can not stand so many loads on my legs, so I have to wear compression socks for edema . They help my legs not to be so tired. For me, it has become a real boon. I advise you to try if you have a heavy load on your legs.
  13. FrankBorg

    Custom Logo Designs.

    We are delighted to offer you complete satisfaction for your needs and requirements that you seek to fulfill with our custom website design for your business. The web development services offered by our up-to-date and armed to the teeth professionals offer you the latest software to surmount competition within your industry. However, it is our professional logo design service and custom logo design that lay the foundations for a unique proposition for your brands. Our logo design services and professional logo design embarks you on a journey of successful recognition for your brands and businesses across multiple platforms. We offer extraordinary logo services to deliver an everlasting impact and influence on your ventures that emphasizes attention to detail and intricacies of your performing industry.
  14. Besttechie


    Same to you, Chuck!
  15. flashh4


    Merry Christmas to all who visit BT and a Happiest of New Years ! Chuck
  16. flashh4

    Windows 10

    Good job Chief !! Chuck
  17. cherokeechief

    Windows 10

    well i got it updated on my and on my Mac Pro, and my Macbook Pro and on a friends laptop, and another friends new laptop. it went real quick for the newest laptop with the I7 and SSD, the other laptop i had to try at least 3 times, since it is an older laptop. my Mac Pro went quick on the download and install. my Macbook Pro went daily good too, but did take a while to download. yeah i am still playing with multi booting on the big MP which i now have 2 quad core Xeons in it. i think i will have to download the update and burn it to a DVD for my mom since she is only on a 1.5 mbps dsl. and AT&T is really crappy in the quad cities.
  18. flashh4

    Windows 10

    It is a whole new Windows10 system ! This link is pretty good about the updates !! If you are asking about the size it's about 15.8 GB which is the same as the old W10 !! https://pureinfotech.com/windows-10-1903-19h1-april-2019-update-features/ Good to know you are out there & still kicking like me chief !! Chuck
  19. cherokeechief

    Windows 10

    so flashh4, how big is that update that took 3 hours to download?
  20. Getting started as a new graphic artist can be tough. Where do you get started, how can you learn more, and where can you get paid are questions that you'll often ask yourself. Following are 5 great online resources to help the new graphic artist get started and on their way in their online graphic arts business . Online Resource #1: Freelance Switch In my opinion Freelanceswitch is the first online resource any new graphic artist should check out. Freelance Switch is a great resource for new graphic artists to quickly gain years of experience by leveraging the wisdom of seasoned graphic artists. Freelance Switch provides online tutorials, legal advice, tools, written homework and a great forum to use as a resource to learn new things by networking with other graphic artists. Oops, I almost forgot to mention that Freelance Switch is also a great online resource for finding freelance design clients. What more can you ask for in one online resource? Online Resource #2: DeviantArt After graduating from college, I soon learned that the portfolio weighed more than my college degree in the graphic design industry. After learning this new and troubling fact of the graphic design industry, I was then faced with a new challenge; how can I display my portfolio online? DeviantArt is the perfect online resource for displaying all of your new and old freelance graphic artwork. Deviant Art provides a great resource for new freelance graphic artists to establish a professional online portfolio, network with other graphic artists, and find artistic inspiration. Online Resource #3: ColourLovers With billions of color possibilities, it's a troubling task for new freelance graphic artists to decide on the right color combination for their graphic assignments. A freelance graphic artist can waste valuable time just sitting around thinking and tweaking different colors around to find the right pick - if only there were an online resource that could help these new artists with this task. ColourLovers is great resource for freelance graphic artists that are new to the industry. Colour Lovers provides professional color palettes, colors, patterns, trends, and examples that were made by fellow freelance graphic artists. Colour Lovers also provides a forum and blog as an added resource for new freelance artists to learn new color tips and trends online. Online Resource #4 and 5: ODesk and Craigslist OK, so far we've covered online resources that teach new freelance artists the basics (and not so basic) of the graphic design industry, how and where to post your online portfolio, and where to find inspiration, but there's one thing that's missing... where the heck can a new freelance graphic artist get paid online? ODesk and Craigslist are two great online resources for new freelance artists (with little experience) to find paying graphic design clients. ODesk is an online directory where prospective clients post needed graphic (and other) assignments and ODesk charges a small fee for brokering the deal. Craigslist lists jobs for free (in the creative gigs section), but you'll have to watch out for scammers because there isn't much moderation for that kind of thing.
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  22. flashh4

    Windows 10

    A new Windows10 OS was released last week ! It took almost 3 hrs to download/install !! Do not interrupt once it has started !! Chuck
  23. space88

    How augmented reality is going to transform ecommerce

    With the help of AR, retailers will be able to increase sales in stores, as well as increase their online sales. But before AR app development , read useful guide for hiring augmented reality developers - https://bit.ly/2Oruey1
  24. CharlesTurner


    Your service looks nice! I am a beginner web developer. I studying web design and php. Logos are really important for every business, and I make little researchers in this area. I found the logo on https://best-vegas.com/best-shows/ done quite well. It corresponds to modern minimalist concepts.
  25. kimmysawi

    How to move staff to iPhone 8P?

    You can redirect that previous one automated simple
  26. flashh4

    So many new visitors

    Hey Falcon, good to see ya ! Not many of the old gang comes around any more or they just drop in to say Hi ...... glad to know you are doing good. Hope your new adventure is a great one ! Hope to see ya around more ! Chuck
  27. Falcon1986

    So many new visitors

    Hi, flash and the rest of the BT community! Just passing by and thought I'd say hello. Moving to another country and residency work has had me quite busy for a while. Will try to be around more often as work permits. Have a few questions of my own that I hope others can assist with. Cheers!
  28. Alexandra Cora

    How to share iTunes purchases to others

    I'm not sure whether you want to share iTune M4P audio files with your others? If yes, you need to download iTunes purchase audios to your computer and convert iTunes music to MP3 with Apple Music Converter for Mac. Then you can share these files with your friends for offline playback on any device.
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