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  2. Howdy shokoman, i have had a few of these that would seem like they locked up but when the use would just let it run it eventually would update, some would take a few hours ! In my opinion they are behind on updates which some are a complete system so it takes longer to run ! My advice would be to turn off your Virus protection & run the update !! Hope that helps, if not give me a knock & we will see what else we can do ! Thanks Chuck
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  4. I want a dog, but I have a small flat, so... I need to wait and make money for something bigger
  5. Guys, need your advice! Have a problem with Windows updates on my laptop. All the time, updates stop at 40% and I cant do anything, just hard reboot.
  6. I think it very useful, when I was a student I used it many times.
  7. flashh4

    back pain

    Howdy Gerome47 and welcome to BestTechie, we hope your stay is enjoyable & that you can contribute to our Forums ! Now with that said i have had a pinched nerve which bothers me from time to time, it has gotten better seems like with time ! One thing i have found is stretching the upper half of my body has helped me. Even when i go to bed i lay on my tummy and put my feet over the edge and pull the bottom half downwards ! I have to always sleep in the fetal position & when sitting to always have one leg higher than my waist by crossing one or the other ! Well good luck with managing your pain. Every doctor i have talked with (many) says if you can stand the pain it is better than surgery which most times will not help ! Good Luck Chuck
  8. Gerome47

    back pain

    Hey, guys. Have you ever faced a problem of awful back pain? I have no idea how to make it better. I've tried pills, visited doctors, but nothing. Maybe, someone has any advice?
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  13. Howdy miamart, welcome to the forums & hope you enjoy your stay here and contribute to our forum ! Your article is very well made ! Chuck
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  16. I do not understand computer technology, but I want to integrate automated systems into our educational process. You can advise me good specialists.
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