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    • hpg3: That's no problem at all - a lot of the time, they try to throw stuff in a download that you do not need.  Google Chrome is notorious for doing this, and another program that do this include Mcaffee AV, and other adware and Junkware.  Chuck is very good at what he does and he keeps up with this pretty well.   I do understand that some of this stuff can be challenging for older folks - I have had to assist my Dad and Stepmom a few times because they run into trouble sometimes.  My Dad is 71, so I try to answer his questions as straight as I can - My stepmom can get really edgy about technology, so I try to set her mind at ease by telling her not to worry - Last Time out, it was a printer problem, and the USB cable was loose in the back, and once I pushed it in, it was OK Take Care, Brian
    • Hello Everyone: Because there have been people that have to be able to download files from Internet Sources, I figured that I would provide a Tutorial Here for this purpose.  In past setups, before defender, you could simply turn off your Antivirus, and download the file. then add the exception.  Chuck has provided instructions for disabling Windows Defender for Windows 7. so I will provide information on how to do this when you have a machine with Fall Creator's Update installed. You Will Need: ·  A windows 10 machine that has been upgraded with the Fall Creator's Update [Either Home, Professional or Enterprise Editions] · A copy of the following Reg files:  disableSmartScreen.Reg and UndoDisableSmartScreen.reg (Attached)   Why is it Different:  Previously, all you had to do was to disable your Antivirus or Antimalware program to allow for you to download the files you need.  Now, with the advent of the Fall Creator's Update, it takes a few extra steps to download the file(s) you need.  What would happen is that Windows will NOT allow you to run the file, because it detects that it is not advisable to run it - Instead of letting the user decide, it just locks the ability to run it:  So, we have to remove these barriers before proceeding to the next step. Step 1:  Disable SmartScreen Filters:  In order for the files to be able to be downloaded without being blocked, SmartScreen has to be disabled, or the files you download will not run.  this is because not only will Defender warn you, but it will not allow you to run the file.  Disabling Smartscreen takes care of this:  a:)   Download the 2 reg files that are attached to this post to your desktop - Once you do that, find the file  " disableSmartScreen.reg " and double click on it.  When you do this, it will ask to open Windows Registry Editor - Click "OK" and it will launch the reg file. b:) You will get a popup box that will ask you if you are sure you want to add the registry entry to the registry.  Click "Yes" and the next box should say that it was successfully added.  This now means that SmartScreen Filters are DISABLED:  We will reenable them when we are finished downloading the files you need and they have been run. Step 2:  Windows Defender:  You have to also disable the Windows Defender so that you can download the files you need and run them as necessary: a:)  Click on the white shield on the taskbar to open Windows Defender b:)  Click "Virus and Threat Protection" c:) Click "Virus and Threat Protection Settings" d:) Turn OFF: Real Time Protection e:) Turn OFF Cloud Delivered Protection f:)  If needed. scroll down to the bottom, click on "exclusions" and add them - (File, Folder, Filetype or Process) This is so that if you need to run a  particular file, Defender won't disable and or delete the files folders, filetypes or processes you exclude when you reenable Defender.  This should allow the file to run unimpeded. Step 3:  When done running whatever it is you need,  simply go back to Step 2, and repeat steps 2a 2b 2c 2d and 2e, BUT You want to Turn ON Real Time Protection and Cloud Delivered Protection. Step 4: Close Windows Defender after reenabling the Real Time and Cloud Delivered Protection Step 5:  Go back to Step 1 and run UndoDisableSmartScreen.reg  - Click on this, and open the reg file - It will tell you that the file has been successfully added to the registry. That's it!  This way, you will be able to disable the SmartScreen Filter and Windows Defender on a Windows 10 machine running the Fall Creators Update ~ Brian     DisableSmartScreen.reg UndoDisableSmartScreen.reg
    • The advancement of phone technology has made it extremely easy to constantly connect to the world around us. We can talk, text, and reach our friends with the blink of a wifi password. Unfortunately the one thing that hasn’t changed is how we make phone calls. Going abroad and having to do something as simple as make a dinner reservation, becomes difficult and costly. International calling rates are still high, and although we can now make in-app phone calls between users (like on WhatsApp), there is still the friction that exists when needing to call landlines from abroad. Until now. Viber, has done a good job in understanding the need between in-app calling and out-app calling, which is why it has introduced Viber Out to over 900 million users worldwide. Users are able to call any number, whether it’s a landline or cellphone, all around the world, at a lower cost rate than your average phone service provider, which solves issues with roaming fees or having to transfer to a local SIM while traveling. Viber Out users no longer have to be in fear of massive international calling rates, and are able to reach anyone, at anytime, from anywhere. With the positive user feedback surrounding out of app calling, many competitors in the app-messaging space will probably be soon to follow. The service first emerged in the Philippines, following Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. In an effort to assist in the crisis, Viber offered Viber Out to local residents so that they could quickly get in touch with family, friends, and needed emergency services. Now, it’s offered world-wide as an affordable calling alternative to cell-phone carriers. While Viber is not the only player in the crowded messaging app space, WhatsApp, has yet to offer out of app calling, and Skype (its closest competitor) offers a similar service, where their out of app calls are priced based on location. Viber Out has appealed to the market by understanding demand and offering an affordable cost compared to its competitors. While it is very affordable, pricing for Viber Out pricing does change based on the location you want to call. As shown above, calling the UK from the US can be as little as $1.99/month (which equates to 100 minutes of talk time). You can also purchase minutes with a pay as you go plan starting at $4.99 which is equivalent to approximately 260 minutes of talk time. That being said, you wanted to call India from the US, the price points are slightly different. You can still use the $4.99 pay as you go plan if you want but it will only equate to about 215 minutes in talk time or pay $7.99/month for 1,000 minutes of talk time. You can even call Russia, so if you’re Donald Trump or some other Trump family member, Viber Out works for you too. Subscription pricing to call Russia from the US runs for $13.99/month for 300 minutes–though I’m not sure if that’s enough time for The Donald and Putin they may need a bigger plan. Anyway, it’s exciting to see where the world of mobile technology is headed, especially when it comes to communication. Who would have thought 35 years ago, with the invention of the first cell phone, that we would have the power to hold a small device and communicate so instantaneously with anyone around the world. If hardware technology is increasingly progressing, our system applications should as well. It’s important to welcome the continuous advancements in technologies, and keep on-trend and up to date with what’s to come. Viber Out is definitely something I’ll be using the next time I take a trip abroad as I’ve been burned in the past by high-priced international plans from my carrier.  The post How to bypass international carrier rates by making voice calls with Viber appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
    • Content marketing is a critical requirement if you want to grow your business online. It allows you to improve the visibility of your business and position it as a thought-leader. Also, great content ranks well on search engines for the right keywords and helps drive highly-qualified visitors to your website, who might eventually become paying customers. In fact, did you know that business are spending up to 28% of their marketing budget on content creation and production? However, today’s readers are looking for in-depth, informative and visually appealing content that delivers immense value. Generic articles don’t cut it anymore. Here are 6 content creation tools that you can use to produce high-quality content that engages your readers.   Title Generator by TweakYourBiz Title is the most important part of any content. In fact, 80% of people don’t go past the headline. So you need to make it interesting, unique and click-worthy. This tool makes it easy to generate tons of titles that compel people to click and read more. All you have to do is enter the topic you want to write about and it will give you a list of headline suggestions that you can use in your blog posts, landing pages, or even as email subject lines to drive more clicks. Hemingway App Named after the great American novelist, this tool allows you to write great articles by parsing them and  providing style suggestions that you can use to improve your content. For example, if a sentence is highlighted in yellow it means that your statement is complex & lengthy, and that you might want to shorten or split. If it’s highlighted in red, it means that your sentence is so dense that the reader is sure to lose track of the logic. It even provides suggestions to replace long words with shorter, simpler ones, and points out common errors such as mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar. In fact, it even provides a readability score for your content, indicating how easy or difficult it is for readers to understand your content. You can download Hemingway Editor to your laptop, or use it online anywhere, anytime. Ginger Software Ginger Software is a handy tool that allows you to quickly create better content using your mobile, tablet or laptop. In addition to a grammar checker, it also provides automated sentence rephraser and translation. It even offers a personal trainer who can assist you to craft awesome content for your audience. Ginger can be installed on PC, tablets & mobiles allowing you to access it wherever you are. It can seamlessly integrate with most popular word processors such as MS Word, Google Sheets and Open Office, and even your web browser so you can work faster and be efficient. Canva Today, it’s not enough to create text-only content, it’s important to make it visually appealing too. Canva is a great tool that allows you to easily create stunning visual content that you can use to enrich your content and engage your readers. It provides an intuitive drag & drop interface, tons of pre-designed layouts and professionally designed templates to choose from. You can quickly create images using hundreds of free templates, or pick from millions of vectors, illustrations and stock photos. It even provides Instagram-like filters to refine your images. You can also use visual elements like icons, shapes, fonts in your images, for free. Creately Many times, we need to explain complex ideas such as architecture and processes in our content. Providing a visual breakdown of our ideas makes it easy for readers to understand what we’re saying. Creately enables you to simplify complex ideas using visuals. For example, you can use it to help your readers better understand workflows, showcase your products & services. With Creately, you can collaborate in real-time and create more than 50 types of visuals to communicate your ideas. ThingLink ThingLink is a really cool tool that allows you to annotate your images and videos, and make them interactive. It’s very useful for businesses and educational institutions who need to create interactive training material for their teams. Companies can also use it to provide an immersive user experience for their potential customers. Here’s an example You can also use it to tag the important visual elements on your website/blog with rich links, to drive engagement. For example, you can use it to provide a better shopping experience and capture audience attention. It’s like having the Pinterest shopping button (buyable pins) right on your own, native content. Wrapping Up Use these tools to create stunning content that’s well-written, visually compelling and stands apart. This will not only attract more readers but also entice them to share your content, and spread the word. When readers see the value in your content, your blog/website will become their go-to source of information. The post 6 content creation tools to produce awesome content appeared first on BestTechie. View the full article
    • Brian, thank you again for the help.  if I do use Google, I just run a scan when I'm finished.  Thanks for the tip on custom installations.  I'm 75 and most of this is a challenge.