A casino in North America was recently hacked by a hacker or a group of hackers who used the casinos fish tank as their access point. According to Darktrace CEO, Nicole Eagan, the attackers used the aquarium in the lobby which was connected to a computer with access to the internet. The computer was being used to regulate the temperature and also check the cleanliness of the water in the aquarium.

According to Netti-casino.biz, the attackers used the aquarium as the base from where they accessed the casino’s network. The hackers then found the high-roller database of the casino and pulled that back across the network through the thermostat and up to the cloud, he added.

The casino’s name and the type of data stolen were not disclosed for security reasons, Darktrace said. In the report, it is indicated that 10GB of data got sent to a device in Finland.  This is one of the most interesting and ingenious ways that hackers are using nowadays, noted Hemu Nigam, a former federal prosecutor for computer crimes.

The vulnerability of the Internet of Things

Hackers now seem to be more interested in targeting ‘internet of things’ (IoT) devices in order to access corporate systems. This means that everything connected to the internet is at risk of getting hacked and then being used as a gateway to access critical information. As noted by the FBI, hackers are targeting CCTV cameras, air-conditioning units, refrigeration systems, thermostats and everything that can help them gain access to the internet. According to Eagan, there is a lot of IoT devices and this expands the attack surface and most of these devices are not protected by the traditional defenses.

How brute force password attacks work

Eagan who was speaking at a WSJ CEO Council conference in London in April appeared alongside Robert Hannigan who ran GCHQ from 2014 to 2017. GCHQ is the British government’s digital spying agency. Hannigan agreed that hackers targeting internet of things devices are becoming a growing problem for businesses.

The IoT is set to produce thousands of new devices which will be thrust onto the internet over the coming years. This is going to be a big problem according to Hannigan. He added that he saw a bank get hacked through its CCTV cameras and this happened mainly because these IoT devices are bought purely based on cost.

Both Hannigan and Eagan were in agreement that regulation to improve the safety standards would most likely be needed. It’s probably one area where there will be regulation for minimum security standards because the market is going to correct itself, Hannigan observed. The problem is that these devices still work, he added.

How to protect yourself

The only way to protect yourself against such attacks is by educating yourself about IoT products and taking advantage of any security protection such product offers. According to Hemu Nigam, you should use the latest operating systems and software and keep on updating them constantly.

According to the Darktrace annual report, the aquarium incident was one of nine unique threats of innovative hacks. The other threats mentioned included former employees using their old login credentials to steal data and hackers using company servers to acquire Bitcoin.

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