Facebook Unveils a Payments Feature in Messenger: Look Out, Square

I've been a huge Square Cash fan since its launch, and I'm responsible for signing up several friends, plus my landlord. It's a great product -- there isn't a lot of friction in the sign-up process, and it's super easy to use. Unfortunately, Square Cash isn't advertised well. The new payments feature … [Read more...]

Facebook is Developing VR Apps

During yesterday’s installment of the ongoing Code/Media Re/code conference in California, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox announced that the social media network was developing virtual reality apps, no doubt for use with the Oculus Rift VR headset when that eventually makes its debut. According … [Read more...]

Slingshot Has New Features. Wait, Remember Slingshot?

This past summer, Facebook put out a competitor for Snapchat, the photo and video-sharing app that zaps your content into limbo once it’s been consumed, and is a hit with all the youngsters. We wrote about Slingshot when it debuted in June – and then promptly forgot it even existed. Surprise! It exists – and … [Read more...]

Facebook to Jump into Healthcare Market

A report out of Reuters today says that Facebook is in the process of getting into the healthcare market in the near future. The information comes from “three people familiar with the matter,” who say that the initiative will introduce “support communities” to help bring people with similar health issues … [Read more...]

Facebook Cracks Down On Click-Bait

According to an update from Facebook, users are going to see less click-bait on their newsfeed in the future. If you’re unsure of what click-bait is––though I’d bet you’ve seen it––it’s when a publisher posts a link with a headline that reveals next to nothing about the content, but is worded in such a way … [Read more...]

A Temporary Way Around The Facebook Messenger Install

If you’re like me, then being told what to do isn’t high on your list of things you love. That’s why when Facebook made me install Messenger, my nostrils flared and lasers shot out of my eyes. Luckily, the fire of my rage has been quenched––there’s a temporary way to work around it. For now, at least, it’s … [Read more...]

Facebook Refers 1/4 of All Shareaholic Traffic, But What About Pinterest?

Facebook has been declared “the social network to end all social networks” by Shareaholic, a social media analytics and publishing firm. This past June Facebook reached an all time high with a 23.39% share of all visits to the 300,000 websites that Shareaholic networks. This means that roughly a quarter of … [Read more...]

Facebook Introduces Save Feature

Facebook is in the process of rolling out “Save,” a new feature that allows users to bookmark interesting content such as links, places, TV shows, or music from their Newsfeed so they can access it at a later time. The new feature can be found within the dropdown menu in the top right of any post. Saved … [Read more...]

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