trillianTrillian, from Cerulean Studios, is a full-featured instant messaging client that gives users the option to link up multiple messaging accounts into one place. The application offers Facebook, Gchat, AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Skype, just to name a few. Trillian works well because of its simple interface—it’s never hard to find who you’re looking for and start chatting.

Trillian also provides your chat history so you can easily reference past conversations, searching either by date or simply entering terms. And even if you’re holding down multiple conversations at one time, your chat window is tabbed, keeping the desktop neat and uncluttered—definitely a bonus if you’re working on a smaller-screened tablet.

Key Features:

  • Tabbed chats keep your conversations organized and your desktop clean.
  • Multiple accounts integrated into one client lets you talk with all of your contacts in one place.
  • Searchable history makes it easier to find ideas or conversations you hadn’t thought to write down—great for project collaboration chats.

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