steamDo you have a PC with decent specifications? Do you have any interest in video games whatsoever? Then you need to install Steam.

Steam is the go-to place for video games that aren’t on consoles. The platform made by Valve offers up tons of functionality in one program: it’s a digital store, library manager, game launcher, and community forum forum all in one. If you were ever interested in playing video games on your computer, you’ve got to start with Steam—which is free, by the way.

While Steam is free, the games aren’t. But that’s the other secret to Steam’s magic: several times every year, Valve holds major Steam Sales, where tons of games’ prices are slashed to insanely low levels. Today’s $60 blockbuster might end up being $15 or less by the summer. And those Steam Sales often let you buy loads of budget indie games that you might not have heard of before.

Valve is also working to make sure it can compete head-to-head with consoles: that’s why it’s created Steam Big Picture Mode. If you’ve got an HDMI output on your computer, just plug a cable into your TV. The user-interface is optimized for controllers and televisions, so using Big Picture Mode will make you forget you’re not playing on a console.

While Steam itself works for Mac and Linux, the majority of its game catalogue is for the PC. But either way, be sure to check out Steam’s huge store of games on the web if you want to browse around before you download the client. You’ll be sure to find something awesome.

What are you waiting for? Download Steam already.

Key Features

  • Steam is everything you need to get gaming on your computer: store, library manager, game launcher, and community forum.
  • Big Picture Mode lets you browse Steam with a controller on your TV with an optimized UI, giving you the best that consoles have to offer, with none of the limits.
  • Steam Sales keep you rolling in games on the reg. You’ll have such a backlog, you’ll actually feel guilty for not playing games more often.

Download Steam