spotifyMusic is inherently social, and it’s because of this that Spotify has become as popular as it has. Spotify is a music streaming service that runs on the freemium model — it offers free streaming with per-song caps, as well as banner advertisements and commercials. If you don’t like ads, or if you want the ability to take Spotify with you on your mobile device, you can always step up to a paid plan.

The big draw to Spotify, aside from its free and low-cost streaming music subscriptions, is its social features. Inside the app, you can see what your friends are currently listening to. You can also create and share playlists by publishing them publicly or sending them to specific friends. They’re the modern-day mixtapes, and a big reason why users find Spotify to be highly-addicting.

For $4.99 a month, Spotify offers unlimited music streaming from its desktop app without any ads or commercials. If you want the ability to stream music from Spotify on your mobile device and also banish those advertisements, you can pay $9.99 a month.

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