pocket-ios-icon.jpegThe Web is chock full of entertaining and informative articles, useful resources and the occasional humorous cat video. Most use their browser bookmarks feature to save links to these resources, but bookmarks folders don’t provide the best user experience. More importantly, saving a bookmark means you still need Internet access to pull up a page when you need it.

Pocket solves that problem in the most gorgeous way possible. Think of Pocket like a scrapbook for the Web, except you don’t need any scissors or glue. Web pages you save are automatically displayed in a magazine-like format and can be downloaded for offline viewing. Even better, you can apply tags to your saved pages and better organize them so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. There are Pocket clients available for the Web and Mac as well as mobile platforms like iOS and Android, so you’re always within arms reach of the resources you’ve saved.

Isn’t it time you started saving and viewing the Web on your terms? Download Pocket today.

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