Night Mode

night-modeFor the most part, a smartphone’s brightness and clarity is one of the biggest selling points. But an ultra-bright screen during the daytime hours can be far less enjoyable once the sun goes down. That’s why Night Mode is such a great app: it lets you enjoy your smartphone without hurting your eyes at night.

The app offers up a slider that users can move until they get their preferred dimness level. When reading webpages or ebooks with the lights off, Night Mode will let you enjoy whatever you’re looking at without making you squint. Staring at bright screens at night can lead to loss of sleep, so Night Mode comes in handy in terms of helping you get a good night’s rest. And the dim light of the display won’t bother sleeping spouses, either. It’s not a bad idea to put Night Mode on if you’re at the movies too—nothing’s worse than inciting the wrath of a theater full of people who don’t want to be distracted if you decide to check your email.

Another bonus is the way that Night Mode can help users who own devices with AMOLED displays save on battery life. And coming out of Night mode is as simple as hitting the big STOP button in the app. Best of all, Night Mode is available for the low-low price of ‘free.’

Key Features

  • Simple slide-dimmer gives users the ultimate control over their devices’ brightness levels.
  • Saves battery for devices with AMOLED displays.
  • Perfect for Android tablets used as nighttime e-readers.

Download Night Mode