modernmixAt the time of this writing, Microsoft’s Windows 8 is still hopelessly divided between Desktop Mode and Metro Mode. Both user interfaces have their strengths and uses, but when stuck together in Windows 8, they’re both basically a hot mess. That’s why ModernMix from Stardock Software (the makers of the wonderful Windows 8 tweak, Start8) is such a great addition to your Windows 8 computer: this inexpensive download allows you to run Metro apps in Desktop Mode, finally giving users the flexibility they’ve been craving since Microsoft’s newest OS debuted.

ModernMix is easy to use, too. It places a small control button in the top right corner of Metro App screens (just under the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons) that give you the option of staying in full-screen Metro mode, or to scale the program down to a normal window that you can run in Desktop mode. You can also link the switch-control to a hotkey of y our choice, and you can even select the mode in which you’d like Metro apps to launch initially.

The app also gives users a whole set of options in terms of how they’d like to interact with Metro apps in Desktop mode. You can limit the size of windows and even choose preferences for how you’d like each app to open—especially useful if an app doesn’t necessarily play nice with ModernMix.

The app is free to try for 30 days, and after that, it only costs $4.99. It’s a great deal considering how seamlessly it fixes most of what users have complained about regarding Windows 8. At that price, you can’t afford not to buy it.

Key Features

  • ModernMix gives Windows 8 users what they’ve been clamoring for: the ability to open Metro apps in Desktop Mode windows.
  • Huge customization options offer lots of choices for how Metro apps work in the Desktop environment, especially useful for problematic apps.
  • Its low cost and ease-of-use make it a must-buy for Windows 8 users yearning for, well, windows.

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