kindleThere are no shortage of reading apps out there. But if you’re serious about reading books, it’s hard to beat the reading app that puts all the others to shame: Amazon’s Kindle app.

There are a few reasons that make Kindle the one reading app you need for your smartphone and tablet. For starters, it’s tied to Amazon’s ridiculously extensive library of digital books, giving you nearly unlimited options in terms of selection. If there isn’t a book available to purchase and read here, chances are good that it’s not anywhere.

The app also syncs your reading progress across all devices, so if you finish a section on your tablet and have to run to the doctor’s office, you can pick up where you left off on your smartphone with no trouble.

It’s also got a built-in dictionary function (after a brief download), so if you hit a word that seems unfamiliar, all you need to do is highlight it and you’ll get a quick definition. The app also offers robust viewing options, letting you change the font size, the spacing, the margins, and the background color to give you as many choices about your reading experience as you want.

The Kindle app is free to download and use, though most of the books cost money to buy. That said, there are more than a few free book options for you that include classics like War and Peace and Sherlock Holmes. If nothing else, the Kindle app is a great excuse to catch up on some old classics.

You probably already have the Kindle App—but just in case you don’t, make sure you get it right now.

Key Features

  • There’s a Kindle App for basically every platform, and they sync across all of your devices. You’ll never lose your place.
  • Tied to Amazon’s ridiculously extensive library of digital books, with plenty of free options if you feel like diving into one of the classics.
  • Great customization options to give you the best reading experience for any given moment.

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