checkImagine an app that can information for all of your bills into once place, giving you the names of the billing companies, due dates and amounts due. That app exists for iOS, and it’s called Check.

Check, which used to be called PageOnce, can retrieve information from almost any biller. Utility companies, Internet providers, credit card companies, wireless carriers, student loan servicers — you name it, Check can probably keep tabs on it for you. Not only that, but Check can also keep track of your bank balances and let you know how much cash you have in your account — this way, you know if you have enough money in the bank to cover those bills.

Depending on Check’s level of integration with the biller, you can also see some other neat information. For instance, Check is able to show me advanced information for Sprint, such as how many minutes I’ve used and how much data I’ve consumed. I can use the app to get a quick glance at my usage instead of having to log into Sprint’s site. It’s not something you’d expect from an app like Check, but it’s cool nonetheless.

You can get the Check download from the iOS App Store. The app is designed to work both with iPhones and iPads.

Download Check