App Backup & Restore

app-backup-and-restoreIf the saga of Flappy Bird has taught us anything, it’s that apps won’t be available to download forever. If a developer decides to pull an application, or if Google or Apple need to kick it off their respective stores, most smartphone owners won’t be able to get those apps down the line. Fortunately for Android users, the operating system doesn’t restrict efforts to backup app installation files, meaning that bird will flap on for as long as fans make copies of the APK file it was installed from. One of the easiest to use tools for doing that is App Backup & Restore from InfoLife.

The app does exactly what it says it will: pick the app you want to back up, and you’ll get a fresh copy of the APK file sitting in a folder on your smartphone’s internal storage, or on an SD card if your phone supports it. The app also allows you to easily move the file wherever you need to—another folder, Dropbox, or email.

Moreover, having a backup of your app’s installation file can be useful in the case of apps purchased and installed from third party sources outside of the Google Play store. If you can’t find your license code, or if the developer is out of business or no longer supports your app, you’ll be really happy you have a backup of the install file for when you upgrade to a new phone.

One slight drawback: App Backup & Restore does not back up the data of the app, meaning that if you were hoping to pick up where you left off in Angry Birds Star Wars, well, you’re out of luck.

Otherwise this app is free to download right from the Google Play Store. If you’re on Android, do yourself a favor and grab this before any other Flappy Birds fly the coop.

Key Features

  • Easy to use: just check off the apps you want to back up and you’re good to go.
  • Simple sharing options means you can move the install file from folders on your phone to your email in a cinch.
  • Great tool for keeping track of apps installed form third party sources.

Download App Backup & Restore