Denmark is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. While this facilitates a lot of economic and business processes in the country, it also means that Denmark is very dependent on technological infrastructure. Danish population uses digital solutions for many services, including communicating with the businesses or interacting with each other. It is only natural that the demand for cybersecurity would arise in this environment. While cyber security is important for every country in the world, Denmark’s dependency on digital solutions for economic growth makes it one of the top priorities for the country.

Danish government announced its plan to invest heavily in information security. The plan is to spend over $230 million on cybersecurity during the next few years. Existing 2018-2023 Defense Agreement already touched upon the digital threats, allocating equivalent of $80 million to strengthening information security. According to the agreement sensor networks will also be developed and a cyber situation center will be established. The new strategy is aiming to continue and tie together these efforts in bringing a more comprehensive solution to the cybersecurity problems.

As a part of the new plan, the government will launch 25 new initiatives and six targeted strategies with various goals. The new plan aims to fortify the existing digital infrastructure, which is the most basic step to start protecting information technology. With hackers and criminals becoming more and more advanced with their ways, it is important for countries to keep up with the advancements technologically. No awareness can eliminate the cyber risk if the technology is not advanced enough. In addition, some of the initiatives will target public awareness and skills on the subjects. Sometimes it is the human mistakes that allow unauthorized parties to gain access to digital information. Raising awareness on these issues and training people on how to avoid similar scenarios is also of a high priority (this link will provide more information on the issue – NB! Article is in Norwegian language).

Commonly measured metrics in network monitoring

While the plan is comprehensive and a lot of resources are being put into strengthening the information security, the government acknowledges that no strategy can eliminate the cyber risk completely. Still, retaining the confidence of the population is also extremely important as the fear of using digital solutions and services will hinder the development of the economy in many ways. This is especially true considering the pace at which other countries around the world are advancing in terms of the new technology.

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