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When it comes to developing applications for mobile devices every pixel counts. For the past several weeks BestTechie has been working on two applications. One for the iPhone and the other for the iPad. Both share similar functionality, but the iPad version definitely has one distinct advantage. That advantage is its significantly larger screen resolution providing an even greater area to work with than the standard iPhone. The iPhone and iPod Touch share a screen resolution of 480×320 compared to the iPad with a resolution of 1024×768.

With the screen size of many old desktop and laptop monitors the iPad can provide a great interactive experience with applications that have much more functionality than their siblings. For this reason I am calling upon all iPhone OS developers and many Mac OS X developers to port your applications to the iPad. Not only will you find an increasingly growing market, but you will also have the opportunity to create powerful applications while not being forced to develop for a screen half the size of the iPad.

As the developer of the BestTechie iPhone and iPad applications I have experienced the process of moving back and forth from each platform. In fact, the difference between the iPad OS and the iPhone OS are so small that nearly 90% of the iPhone version code was used by the iPad application. It is not difficult to convert over so it would be silly not to take hold of this opportunity. If you already hold an iPhone developer license, then you can download the iPad SDK from the Apple Developer Center. For those looking to begin developing applications for the iPad but are not a licensed developer, then registration will cost $99 USD through Apple.

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