When we talk about the online gambling industry we are talking about a multi-billion-dollar business which has many other spin-off businesses that fuel and satisfy our innate need to have a bet or wager, and as technology advances so our experiences become more entertaining and immersive. If you haven’t already checked out online slots for yourself then there’s no better time to do it than today, so click here right now.

The gambling industry has always embraced new ideas and innovative ideas and as cryptocurrency fever has made its way around the globe, online casinos have embraced the market. There has been no other sector that has greeted Bitcoin and other alt-coins with such a warm welcome than the casino industry, and for good reason too.

Most gamblers have a favorite casino where they go to enjoy some ‘down’ time. There is always that chance of hitting a winning streak which adds to the excitement of the games. In the UK, games like live roulette and Blackjack are very popular with the general public. It is very easy to play live roulette on mobile devices. Over the years the industry has had to adhere to strict rules and regulations, and now we can play online with far more confidence than a few years ago.

One of the main complaints by players was the time it took for payments to be processed, thankfully the introduction of cryptocurrency has all but banished those problems, with a high percentage of Bitcoin withdrawals being confirmed within minutes.

This is a massive difference compared to other payment methods like Visa or Mastercard that require up to five days to clear, and a bank transfer can take up to seven working days to clear.

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Privacy is not something that any of us should forget about, especially online, but once you are confident that you are as safe as possible it becomes far more enjoyable to spend some free time there and build up your bankroll out of the public eye.

One of the most appealing aspects of playing at an online casino and using Bitcoin as a preferred payment option is that it carries with it a certain amount of anonymity which in effect means that you can play on the games you love without anyone looking over your shoulder.

Security is another major factor that we put great store on and rightly so, as none of us wants to fall foul to the hackers who would steal our identities for their own gain. Bitcoin is arguably the most secure currency in the world, which makes it ideal for online casino play.

The level of player protection to expect from those casinos that accept cryptocurrency is staggering with ID verification, RNG testing, SSL encryption and third-party auditing as standard.

Bitcoin is as secure a payment method as you are going to find online, it was, after all, created just to be that–a digital currency which makes Bitcoin a near perfect solution for any other online gambling platforms out there today.

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