We live in a world where people are constantly glued to their smartphones and tablets and if they aren’t playing games they’re streaming videos or using one of the many available social apps. In terms of gaming, people spend more time playing on their smart devices than they do on consoles or PC; so it’s no wonder that developers are pumping so much time and money into the hordes of different games available to choose from in the Apple and Google stores. While there are some games you have to pay an initial fee for, the majority of them are free to download and we’ve seen plenty take the world by storm in the past, including Pokemon Go to Candy Crush. But which free games should you be downloading today?

Data Wing

Data Wing is one of those mobile games that is simple in its format, but it immediately has the player hooked. This is a racing game with a neon look to it, but also story driven too. There is an arcade feel to it, but there is a lengthy story mode to the game with over 40 levels to work through. The 2D racer also has that competitive edge thanks to leaderboards so that people can try and out do their friends.

Super Cat Bros

Super Cat Bros is a great platformer that is very Super Mario-esque in how it looks, plays and feels. It’s a simple arcade game that has a great control system and requires players to use only their thumbs to manipulate their character. There are six cats to choose from in this fun feline adventure and they all have different abilities, so it’s important the player chooses the right cat for the job. Featuring in excess of fifty levels packed with plenty of secrets and leaderboards, gamers will have their hands full for hours.

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mFortune is one the biggest mobile casino operators around right now and they have a great new app out for both iOS and Android which includes exciting, exclusive games like Reel Fruity Slots and Robinson Riches. It’s ideal for those people who like to spend a bit of time playing classic fruit machines in an attempt to win big. There’s a great look and feel to the app and it’s already received plenty of 5 star reviews from users. mFortune are well-renowned for their devotion to mobile players, and have won several prestigious awards like Best Mobile Operator at the Mobile Gaming Awards. With plenty of slots to choose from, mobile casino aficionado’s will do well to check them out.

Stranger Things: The Game

There have been plenty of mobile games produced on the back of films and tv shows in the past which haven’t lived up to expectations, but Stranger Things certainly isn’t one of them. The Netflix TV show allows people to enjoy an action-packed adventure with Hopper and the kids. It involves exploring Hawkins, solving puzzles, putting the characters’ special abilities to work and collecting Eggos and Gnomes. The game isn’t only great for fans of the show but it’s superb in its own right too. Download it for iOS and Android.

Evil Factory

Evil Factory is a retro arcade style shooter game that oozes class. You’re out to take on the evil Kraken Group as Leo, a pixelated character. Players must find a way past the Kraken bosses, while upgrading their character with new weapons and equipment as the 8-bit action goes on. There’s also a chance to win big in the arcade room too as you attempt to save the world. While this may not be everyone’s favorite style of game, retro fans will quickly fall in love with it. Download for Android.

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While the infamous Gardenscapes and Pokemon Go didn’t quite make the cut, we do want to recognize Asphalt 8 which was our main runner up and another fantastic mobile game that is worth checking out. So whether you have jumped on the Apple bandwagon or are staying with your latest Samsung or Google Pixel, be sure to download the aforementioned games and let us know what you think.

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