Review: G-Technology 500GB G-DRIVE slim SSD USB-C Portable Drive

Recently, I purchased a 15-inch Late 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, but I was faced with a conundrum -- what external drive should I use for my backups? I own a WD Passport Ultra, which has faithfully served me in the past for backups, but it isn't a native USB-C drive. I mean, sure I could use my USB to … [Read more...]

Can the new MacBook Pro battery life issues be solved with a macOS update?

So I'm joining the club of people who are experiencing battery issues with their new MacBook Pro's with Touch Bar. Yesterday, I eek'd out about 3.5-4 hours of battery life on my brand new MacBook Pro. The problem, is that, Apple claims battery life with regular usage should be around 10-hours. I wasn't … [Read more...]

Before you freak out over the Touch Bar… Read this

There has been some misinformation going around about the new Touch Bar functionality on the latest MacBook Pro's and I wanted to set the record straight. After the announcement last week, the idea that notifications and error messages would be making their way to the Touch Bar has been floating around the … [Read more...]

This hidden iOS 10 feature will make you jump for joy

We all get tons of notifications on our iPhones--it's just inevitable as you install more apps and/or if you are just super popular. And most of the time you glance at the notification and then it just sits in notification purgatory along with perhaps days and days of other old notifications. It used to be … [Read more...]

The iPhone 7 Plus camera is truly amazing. Check out these photos.

This past weekend I went up to the roof of my apartment building (I live in Brooklyn) to take the new iPhone 7 Plus camera (especially the telephoto lens) for a spin. I'm just going to let the results speak for themselves. See the photos below and check the captions to see which lens / zoom is being … [Read more...]

5 gifs that sum up how I feel waiting for my iPhone 7 Plus

It was still dark outside, I hadn't gotten my full night's sleep but I was as awake as someone could be after jumping out of bed at 2:45AM ET. I sat down at my computer, tapped on my Magic Trackpad and just like me, my 34-inch LG display woke up, nearly blinding me with its brightness. 3:01AM ET was … [Read more...]

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Finally Here

Earlier this week Apple announced the long awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and a set of wireless AirPod headphones. As rumored, the company has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of earbuds that use the phone’s lightning charging port. The AirPods are not cheap and can be bought separately for a … [Read more...]

Which iPhone 7 should you get: Jet Black or Black?

Don't be a pussy. Get Jet Black. … [Read more...]

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