Technology changed the gambling industry in five ways. More specifically, it revolutionized how gambling firms operate, it improved their marketing strategies, and it helped players perfect their strategies. Moreover, technology enhanced the level of security that gamblers and gambling firms enjoy. Finally, technology changed this industry by facilitating recurrent development. Appreciating these changes is only possible if we understand the history of gambling.

Gambling is an age-old industry that started as far back as the Paleolithic period. People had not invented writing at this time, but archaeological evidence suggests that some gambling activities took place among them. Mesopotamians invented the six-sided dice in 3000 BC. The Chinese started betting on animal fighting in the 1000 BC era. Then dominoes and lotto games appeared in China in the 10th century. Poker started with the Persians in the 17th century.

Italy built the first known casino in 1638 known as Ridotto. Today, the advancements in casino gambling alone are unfathomable compared to what they were in Italy in the mid-1600s. Here are 5 ways in which technology has changed the gambling industry.

Revolution in the Way Gambling Firms Operate

People had to be physically present when gambling. Some of them could send representatives as well. For example, rolling the dice yourself was necessary if you were playing a dice game. Holding, shuffling, and playing your cards was inevitable if you were a poker player. Technology changed everything. The introduction of machines meant that the touch of a button could help you do all of these things. However, machines also meant that your physical presence was necessary as well. The development and spread of the internet revolutionized this industry because gambling firms could operate online. That means your physical presence was unnecessary. Moreover, access to gambling activities and convenience while gambling improved significantly.

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The Way Gambling Firms Market Themselves

Marketing is an inevitable function in any business because it sustains a company in addition to helping it expand. Therefore, gambling firms would crumble if they did not market themselves. Trying to expand would be difficult as well without marketing. Unfortunately, the way gambling firms marketed themselves was inadequate even when it comes to recent times. For example, ads in newspapers, TVs, and radios elicited mixed reactions from the public. Bans on these ads were common as well. Technology changed that. Now gambling firms can market themselves online with little or no restrictions. Additionally, expanding to any nation in the world is possible as long as the internet remains unrestricted in that nation.

Helping Players Change & Advance Gaming Strategies

Imagine communicating with someone who plays poker in Brazil without the internet. How would you reach him? How easy would it be for you to talk to him? Would communicating with him regularly be an expensive endeavor for you? Now imagine trying to exchange ideas with thousands of gambling enthusiasts from other regions including Europe, North America, and Asia. Will you learn new strategies on Blackjack/21, Gin Rummy, or Craps if you do not consult with other people from different areas? Technology now makes it possible for you to read gambling tips so that you can become a pro at it.

Enhanced Safety & Security in the Gambling Industry

Did you know that the global gambling industry is worth $525 billion? In Canada, this industry is worth $13.5 billion as reported by These figures show that gambling is a highly lucrative business and therefore, it attracts new investors and players all the time. Unfortunately, it attracts unscrupulous people as well. Traditionally, it was easy for these people to target players and investors. For example, they could wait for you outside the casino and then rob you of your winnings. However, technology changed everything. Today, you can gamble from the safety of your home. No one will know how much you won or when you received those winnings. Gambling firms can also use CCTV cameras and computer algorithms to locate cheats in the industry.

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Facilitating Continuous Development

It is worth noting that technology never stops. Instead, there is something new every day to improve the level of comfort that you feel while gambling. For example, the ease of depositing cash into a gambling system or retrieving your winnings improves constantly. Moreover, the graphics that you see on gambling sites and the ease of using the interface on such sites improves as well. Remember, the user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal of gambling websites today differ remarkably from those used in previous decades. These developments are possible because of technology. This technology improves regularly facilitating continuous development in the gambling industry.

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