Smartphone manufacturers are upping their game when it comes to the technology found inside their products. More powerful CPUs alongside increased amounts of RAM are making their ways into mobile devices. These advancements in mobile devices is welcomed, especially as more people are relying solely on smartphones and tablets for work and fun. It has also allowed several industries to create better and more powerful apps, including in the gaming industry for RPGs and FPS games as you would expect, but it’s also benefited the online casino industry which has been focused heavily on creating more optimized games for people who like to go play slots.

Of course, power alone isn’t what people care about in the mobile devices, there are other factors at play including:

  • Long lasting battery
  • Great camera performance
  • Software and hardware choice

Nonetheless, regardless of the smartphone brand, many people choose to get a phone that will run smoothly and allow them to do work, take photos, as well as relax and play mobile games. Mobile gaming is a great way for people to relax after work, or to brighten up their faces if they’ve had a tough day, but with so many game choices out there, which are the best and most entertaining? 

We have compiled a list of five super fun games you need to try if you haven’t already.

Fun games you need to try

  1. Candy Crush: This is a very popular choice among people and it’s just right that we’ve placed it on top of the list. Over 500M people have chosen this game to keep themselves entertained and it’s easy to understand why; this sweet puzzle game features catchy sound effects and vivid colors to amuse their players.
  1. Temple Run 2: Be aware! Run as fast as you can to escape the monster and find incredible treasures! Another interesting game chosen by millions, this adventure game can keep you entertain until you run out of battery life. It’s a bit tricky to play, since you will run faster and faster with each meter, so be careful not to fall!
  1. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery: Have you ever wished to be part of Harry Potter’s world? To attend Hogwarts and learn magic? Now you can do that! This cute RPG game will show you that being a Hogwarts student isn’t such an easy task. This relatively new game was already chosen by over 10M people all around the world, however, you must know that this game is not finished yet, you can’t reach your 6th Year at Hogwarts since the chapters haven’t been released yet. But we believe this game is fun and it makes you want to come back for more
  1. Online Slots: These little games have always been and will always be a very popular choice. Different online casino platforms offer Apps, but some of them are mobile friendly and you can directly play from their website. Casino games have developed so much that more and more online platforms have appeared. There are some online casino platforms that are as popular as Steam. Coming back to popular online slots, you can find Book of Ra Online, which is a very beloved slot game by millions of people. This game will take you back in time, when ancient pharaohs ruled Egypt. You will turn into an explorer who wishes to explore the past and unveil secrets.
  1. CSR Racing: Always wanted to drive a cool car at incredible speeds? You can do that now with CSR Racing! An interesting racing game which will pump adrenaline in your veins and you will totally love it! This is the perfect game to play while traveling by bus or train, because time will pass so fast, you won’t even notice!
Looking for fun and safe games for your kids? Check out these three

Who doesn’t love games?

Games are something everyone should play now and then. Not only do they entertain and relax people, they also improve various brain functions which you would normally use while working. You just have to find the game which suits you perfectly.

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