There’s a reason many students choose to live on campus while attending college — the truth is, enrollment in higher education can take up as much time and energy as a full-time job. Classes take up several hours per day, and that’s not including the amount of work you’ll need to do on your own time. That’s why it’s important to take every step you can to operate as efficiently as possible.

We’ve put together some college tech hacks that you should definitely consider using to save yourself some time. Make use of a few of these — or all of them — and you’re certain to have more time on your hands for the fun stuff.

Google Drive

Stop assembling your projects in Microsoft Word. Cease creating your slideshows in PowerPoint. And for heaven’s sake, stop storing your important files on a thumb drive! Google Drive can do all of these things, and offers worry-free backup so if you happen to make a change to a paper that you want to undo, you can simply go back through an endless amount of revisions and revert your document back to its previous form. And Google’s collaboration features make it easy to work on a project with several people at once in real time.

The New iPad

A few weeks ago, this recommendation would have been a model of the iPad Pro. Now? There’s really no need for one of the pricer iPad options. The new iPad starts at $329 and recently added support for the Apple Pencil, which is great for jotting notes and signing important education-related forms. And the form factor makes it great for use as an eBook reader, so that thirty-pound backpack can become a whole lot lighter if you manage to get your textbooks in digital form.

Travel Router

A lot of colleges have fortunately gotten with the times and installed cross-campus WiFi, but is that really the best option if you’re in a dorm and need broadband for your smartphone or laptop? Instead, consider a travel router — a device that can turn the ethernet port in your room into your own personal wireless network, giving you faster speeds and more stable connections.

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Essay Writing Service

You probably shouldn’t hire an essay writer or college homework writer every single time you get an assignment, but when you’re in a time crunch and feel comfortable outsourcing some of the work, or you’d rather spend some time hanging out with friends, an essay writing service can offer a shortcut toward getting the work done. It’ll cost you some money, sure, but if you value your time a whole lot more, and factor in some of that time to review the work you receive in return, an essay writing service can be a helpful tool.

Any other college hacks you’d recommend to your fellow students? Drop them in the comments below!

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