3 helpful apps for essay and report writing

Higher education is notoriously full of essays, reports, research papers, and other grueling writing assignments. But if you’re being assigned these kinds of projects in the present, you’re extremely lucky. You can type! Older generations had to scribble out their multi-page reports by hand.

You’re also lucky because you have super helpful apps. To your parents, apps were something they got at a restaurant. Think about it.

Speaking of writing apps, we want to share a few with you that we’ve grown to love over the years. These apps can help keep your writing sharp, and help make sure you’re not accidentally copying something to the point where it gets you expelled. Because that would be extremely unfortunate.

Let’s get to it.

The Hemingway Editor

This editor is all about helping you create clear, concise prose. It tells you when your sentences are too long, or when you can replace a longer word with something shorter. It also tells you when you’re using passive voice in your writing. And finally, it lets you know the grade level your writing currently sits at, allowing you to make edits to make things more simple if necessary. Give this one a try.


Some writing apps can be way too complicated. Those who grew up on Microsoft Word can tell you the toolbars are entirely too full of junk that you probably won’t need to use. Google Docs is a bit more clean, but it still takes up a good chunk of the screen showing you formatting tools.

Ulysses aims to provide a streamlined, no-nonsense portal for getting words down on the page. It hides all the tools and advanced functions, helping you focus on what you’re writing. If “less complicated” sounds like your cup of tea, give Ulysses a shot.


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Bear wants to be your home for all things notes and writing. Whether you’re using it to jot down a grocery list, take notes for a class, or write out the rough draft of your latest book chapter, Bear is designed to accept your text and help you organize it through hashtags.

Want to move your Bear creations to other types of software? The app supports the ability to export files to either PDF or Microsoft Word DOCX format.

Using these tools can help ensure you’re putting out the best work possible, and keeping your notes and drafts organized. Even if you opt to use an assignment writing service and stick someone else with all your writing work, it’s still a good idea to run the end product through tools like Hemingway Editor to make sure it all reads as it should.

Good luck, and happy writing!

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