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NYC Looking To Build An Underground Park

Where do you build new green space in a crowded city like New York? One architecture firm in the city’s lower east side says “Why not underground?” In a project called Lowline, the firm is aiming at building a new community park beneath the streets of New York. According to the project’s Kickstarter page, the idea is to leverage space from an abandoned trolley terminal. Unlike other underground public areas around the world, like shopping centers or commuter tunnels, Lowline wants to build an ecosystem that feels like an actual outdoor park.

The targeted space is about 60,000 square feet (1.5 acres) and beneath vaulted, twenty-foot ceilings right under Delancey Street (in a historic trolley terminal). But what’s more exciting about the space is Lowline’s plan to fill it with sunlight. The organization has developed a cutting-edge method to distribute sunlight.  They describe it as “a system of optics to gather sunlight, concentrate it, and reflect it below ground, where it is dispersed by a solar distributor dish embedded in the ceiling” and by their claims, the light will be sufficient to facilitate photosynthesis. This means that trees, grass, flowers, and other plants will all be possible underground.

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ManageFlitter Redesigns, We Review

We recently got the opportunity to check out the newly redesigned ManageFlitter–a Twitter management tool designed to help users efficiently communicated with followers and control account interactions. The service, which is based out of Australia, offers some interesting features that distinguish it from other Twitter clients.

From its unique PowerPost tool to topic analytics and and follower stats, ManageFlitter brings a lot to the table. But how handy is it? We took a look at each piece to determine just how useful it is from the perspective of both a casual user and someone looking to strengthen a business brand.

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Tim Cook Apologizes for Apple Maps

This morning Apple issued an official statement on the iOS 6 Maps fiasco as Tim Cook penned a letter to Apple customers. The letter highlights the fact that the company knows their customers expect world-class products when they buy an Apple product, and that they are working very hard to make Maps live up to that incredibly high standard.

Tim Cook’s letter also points out that in order to provide better Maps features such as turn-by-by directions, voice integration, and flyover/vector-based maps the company had to build their own maps solution from the ground up. This statement seems to reinforce the discovery that Google wouldn’t allow Apple to integrate turn-by-turn directions into the iOS with Google Maps.

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BeatHound Recommends Music Based On Your iTunes Library

Well, this is a neat little service — BeatHound is a new service that allows you to upload your iTunes Library XML to their servers where it will be analyzed in order to provide you with awesome music recommendations. Once your library is analyzed, recommendations are sent to you via email. Right now, it takes a few hours before you receive an email with your recommendations, of course, mileage may vary depending upon the current queue of music libraries as well as the actual size of your music library.

One thing I like about Beathound is their privacy policy is very clear. It’s understandable that since you need to provide your iTunes Library file and email address that you may have some concerns about what exactly the service does with the data. Well, the good news is that they don’t sell it to third parties and they also won’t use it to spam you.

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iOS 6 Introduces New Advertising Identifier to Limit Ad Targeting

A lot of news has come out of the recent release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Most of the coverage has revolved around a seemingly manifested feud between Apple and Google–via changes such as the transition away from Google Maps and the loss of a built-in YouTube app (though a new and improved version can be downloaded from the App Store). Something that seems to have slipped through the cracks is Apple’s introduction of the new Advertising Identifier.

In previous versions of iOS, ads were able to target individual users based on the device’s UDID, a device-specific unique identifier. As of iOS 6, advertisers will have to start using the new Advertising Identifier for targeted ads. Apple explains:

“iOS 6 introduces the Advertising Identifier, a non-permanent, non-personal, device identifier, that apps will use to give you more control over advertisers’ ability to use tracking methods. If you choose to limit ad tracking, apps are not permitted to use the Advertising Identifier to serve you targeted ads. In the future all apps will be required to use the Advertising Identifier. However, until then you may still receive targeted ads.”

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Quirky Facebook Page Hacked? Nope, Trolled by Founder.

Quirky, a site known for developing user generated inventions, appears to have had their Facebook Page hacked this afternoon. The Quirky Facebook Page started to post some quirky (excuse the bad pun) messages around 3PM EST, starting with a simple “HELLO?” as the hacker most likely was testing to see if they had access to the page.

From there, messages ranged from AOL puns, “You have male” to pictures of cats and comments from the page attacking users who commented on the postings. We’ve reached out to Quirky to let them know it appears their Facebook Page has been hacked and will update the post as we know more.

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iPhone 5 Super Glued to the Ground. Hilarity Ensues.

A couple of guys over in Amsterdam thought it would be funny to super glue an iPhone 5 to the ground and record the reactions of people walking by, and it’s pretty funny. What makes this perhaps even more funny is the iPhone 5 isn’t officially released in Amsterdam yet and it appears the that iPhone in the video is in fact not an iPhone 5.

A quick look at the iPhone displayed in the beginning of the video, looks like it has a shiny silver Apple logo on the back (see below), when the black iPhone 5 has a black Apple on the back panel. Regardless of whether or not it’s a real iPhone 5, the video is a solid 2 minutes and 30 seconds of entertainment.

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Known Issue: FeedBurner Reporting Zero Subscribers to Users

In what appears to be a widespread problem, FeedBurner is reporting to users that their RSS feeds have zero subscribers when in fact they may have hundreds, thousands, or more. The issue seemed to popup on September 19 and was posted about on the FeedBurner Status blog on the 21st, indicating that they were aware of the issue and were working on it.

Flash forward to today, the issue still seems to be ongoing and is also currently affecting BestTechie. So if you’re experiencing problems with FeedBurner saying that you have zero RSS subscribers, don’t panic, you didn’t lose your audience overnight — it should be fixed soon. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and update the post as we know more and once its fixed.

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These Are Amazing iPhone 6 Design Concepts

The iPhone 5 isn’t even out yet in the United States, but that hasn’t stopped someone from coming up with some pretty sleek iPhone 6 design concepts. The iPhone 6 is probably two years off based on Apple’s release schedule, the next iPhone will most likely be the iPhone 5S with the iPhone 6 coming out the year after that. A lot could change in that time period, but I thought these concepts were too cool not to share.

The iPhone 6 design concept features a huge 4.9″ screen with the home button moved over to the side where the volume buttons are located. This is a pretty significant change from what iPhone users are accustomed to and would mean users have to hit the home button with their thumb, similarly to how you adjust the volume. The design measures in at 125mm-by-63 mm, which is only slightly taller and a little bit wider than the iPhone 5 (123.8mm-by-58.6mm).

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We’re Hiring: Come Work for BestTechie!

Does technology excite you?

Does the thought of building something from nothing make you feel alive?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, you may be just the right person.

We are looking for a talented technology blogger. And by talented we mean someone who can juggle and write a blog post at the same time. Not really, but if you can, you have to let us record you doing it, so we can post it on the site as it’s bound to go viral.

We are a small team with a great platform. Every day will present new challenges and opportunities and it will definitely be exciting.

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