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Soluto Quick Question, Makes Tech Support Super Simple

Are you the go-to tech guy/girl in the family or amongst your friends?  Is this conversation one you’re all too familiar with: “HELP! I have a computer question. How do I…”

Well, If you have been dubbed the go-to person for tech support and if that conversation is one you dread having, this new app will make your life so much easier.

Soluto has introduced a brilliant new tech support tool for Windows called Quick Question that is as simple as asking a question. To begin, users can simply hit F8, enter their question and click send. You, the designated tech-savvy individual, will receive an email along with a screenshot of the problem, a list of currently running processes, and the resources they consume.  That’s great! No more having to ask them to do anything like hold down Ctrl + Alt + Del, or ask what’s running on their computer, it’s all provided to you in a nice email.  That in itself could save you a migraine or two.

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Zappos Launches PinPointing In An Attempt to Monetize Pinterest

Zappos has launched a new feature called “PinPointing” that scans a user’s Pinterest pins and then offers relevant recommendations based on recently pinned items. The service, still in its early stages, aims to provide users with a unique way to shop personal recommendations, by digging through social data and displaying suggestions for several items of interest in various categories such as shoes, tops, dresses, jeans, cosmetics, and even specific brands. For example, if you recently created a board entitled “Wedding,” PinPointing will return several results such as white dresses or silk ties and fancy shoes, with the hope that you might find something appealing to you that you would not have otherwise found.

While it could still use some tweaking to improve its suggestions, PinPointing is a clever way for Zappos to increase sales; According to Will Young, director of Zappos Labs, “Consumers share more often on Pinterest than on the other two social networks.” Statistics show that Pinterest visitors spend an average of 89 minutes on the site; this level of high user engagement means that it is an excellent platform for social shopping.

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For Samsung, It’s Not The Money, It’s The Opportunity Cost

I just read this article by Kevin Fitchard Samsung’s exposure: It can survive the Apple hit, where he states, “Samsung can easily absorb the $1 billion judgement if Friday’s jury award holds. With a $4.5 billion profit in the second quarter alone, Samsung has the cash to keep fighting.”

While it’s certainly true that Samsung can afford it, financially speaking, $1 billion is still a lot of money. Especially when you are competing in such a dynamic and fast paced industry. Not to mention, competing against Apple and their tremendous war chest of cash.

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