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Giveaway: $2,000 Worth of Software!

I have a great holiday giveaway to share with everyone! BestTechie has teamed up with discount software website to giveaway $2,000 worth of professional graphics software from SmithMicro, the makers of software titles such as Poser, Manga Studio, and Anime Studio. It’s super easy to enter and if you enter during the special BestTechie Exclusive pre-release announcement (from today until Monday) your chances of winning are doubled! How awesome is that? Enter now!

To make matters even better if you share the giveaway with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or via email and they win, you win too! Here is a list of the applications (all are Mac and PC compatible) that you can win:

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Twitter Exodus Proves Jack Dorsey Is Taking Control

Twitter is currently experiencing some employee shakeup, since late July Twitter has either been clearing house or losing talent such as Loren Brichter (developer of Tweetie, acquired by Twitter), Mike Abbott (VP of Engineering), Sean Garrett (Head of Communications), and most recently Pam Kramer (VP of Consumer Marketing).  Even some investors are heading for the door, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures left his seat on the board back in September.  Now, I should also note it is bringing in new talent, too, but it is pretty clear that the outflow of employees is currently greater than the inflow.

So what is going on at Twitter?  Jack Dorsey.

Clearly, Jack is the only common denominator here, since his return, there have been several employees leaving.  However, let me be clear — this is not necessarily a bad thing.  People who joined Twitter before Jack came back did so because of the management team at the time and the direction they were looking to go.  Which means that Jack’s vision for Twitter is obviously different from previous managements, hence the exodus.

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How Safe Is Starting A Business?

Found this infographic interesting and thought it was worth sharing.  Is starting a business safer than a job?  Definitely a worthwhile topic to examine with unemployment still above 9% and still a somewhat bleak immediate future.  Obviously, starting a business may be difficult for someone with not much experience, but I still think it’s doable.

I started BestTechie when I was 13, granted I didn’t incorporate and really sit down and make a business plan until later on, but it goes to show you that it can be done and learning as you go isn’t something that should be frowned upon.  In fact, that’s the best way to learn I think.

Nonetheless, let me know what you think in the comments!

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5 Consequences of an Information Security Breach

For a business, providing the most fool-proof security system available to your network isn’t always feasible. Information security systems are often incredibly expensive, and difficult to set up and maintain. However, not spending the extra time and money to have the security that you need is a huge risk.

Having your information hacked into can literally put you out of business. Some of the biggest and most detrimental consequences to having your business’ information hacked include:

Ruined Reputation

Once you put something on the web, you can bet that it will forever live on – no matter how hard you try to erase it. If you send something through email that you would rather not have the public know, it could easily be made public if your account is hacked. If you keep private documents online, they could easily be made public if your computer is hacked.

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