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I Want A Retina Display Monitor

After approximately a week with my iPhone 4 I have truly come to love the Retina Display.  It is such a fantastic display.  As I pointed out in my iPhone 4 review, everything is much crisper, sharper, and just flat out better looking then any previous iPhone or phone I have ever used.  Now, I currently use an Apple 30″ Cinema Display with my Mac Pro and I love it.  However, since getting the iPhone 4, I can’t help but notice the difference when going between the Cinema display and the Retina display.

The smaller Retina display looks so much better then the Cinema display, especially when it comes to text and graphics.  The iPhone 4 displays 326 pixels per inch on a 3.5 inch display at a 960 x 640 screen resolution.  Imagine the possibilities.  Screen resolutions on a 20, 24, 30 inch monitor.  It would be insane (and would look great).  Even being able to build the technology into smaller displays such as 13″ – 17″ on the Macbook Pro line would be awesome.

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Uniblue RegistryBooster

I’ve started a new video series called “Don’t Buy This!” where I will feature different technology related products I think you shouldn’t buy or use.  This is the first video in the series.  In today’s show, we  examined Uniblue’s RegistryBooster 2010.

What is RegistryBooster?  RegistryBooster is what is known as a registry cleaner.  Registry cleaners supposedly will look for orphaned, missing, or otherwise potentially problematic entries within the Windows registry.  The software companies often claim that removing these entries will speed up startup and/or shutdown times, among other things.  Sounds good on paper, right?  Right.  However, as we all know, what’s on paper isn’t always the way it works out in reality.

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Privacy Wars: Google Me vs Facebook

Apparently, Google is working on their own social network modeled off of Facebook.  The name?  Google Me.  Is it real?  According to a tweet (since removed) by Kevin Rose (CEO of Digg) it seems likely.  Additional insight has come from Adam D’Angelo, former Facebook CTO, in his post on Quora (his latest venture), where he claims that Google Me is in fact very real and that Google is scared of Facebook.

Whether that’s the case or not, it has been known for a while Google is not ignoring the social web.  Here is Adam D’Angelo’s post from Quora below.

Here is what I’ve pieced together from some reliable sources:

  • This is not a rumor. This is a real project. There are a large number of people working on it. I am completely confident about this.
  • They realized that Buzz wasn’t enough and that they need to build out a full, first-class social network. They are modeling it off of Facebook.
  • Unlike previous attempts (before Buzz at least), this is a high-priority project within Google.
  • They had assumed that Facebook’s growth would slow as it grew, and that Facebook wouldn’t be able to have too much leverage over them, but then it just didn’t stop, and now they are really scared.
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iPhone 4 Reception Issue: Case Makers Rejoice

The Internet has been flooded by stories of the iPhone 4 having a reception problem when one holds the phone with their hand covering the antennas in the lower quadrant. There are hundreds of videos and articles showing people gripping the phone, which covers the antennas, and the AT&T bars slowly go down and calls being dropped. The way the grip the iPhone is a normal grip, although you have to squeeze a bit to see the problem. People are obviously upset at this issue and Apple has acknowledged it, by saying putting a case on the phone will solve the immediate problem. That is just what case companies wanted to hear.

The iPhone case market has been a jackpot ever since the first iPhone came out in 2007. With people spending $500-600 on their new investment, they obviously wanted to protect their phones. In came the market of cases. Companies had been making cases before the iPhone for other phones, laptops, and mp3 players/ iPods. These cases did exactly what they were meant to do, which is protect your device and not much else. These cases slowly evolved, and the market boom became what it is today. There are hundreds of case manufacturers, most specialize in Apple products, and the cases today bring nifty features and amazing designs that will let your phone stand out in the crowd as well as add some extra features.

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iPhone 4 Review

This past Thursday, Apple released their latest iteration of the iPhone deemed iPhone 4.  In spectacular launch fashion people all over the United States as well as a couple of other countries lined the parking lots, sidewalks, malls, and streets of Apple stores across the world.  Does the iPhone 4 fulfill the hype?  I’ll be breaking down the features, functionality, and more in this iPhone 4 review.  I will have the full video review up soon. Stay tuned for that too!


Retina Display: The Retina Display is one of my favorite new features of the iPhone 4.  It’s a beautiful display.  You cannot tell the difference without seeing it first hand in person.  The difference is there.  The most noticeable differences in the display occur when viewing text and comparing optimized app icons to non-optimized ones.  However, that being said, the Retina Display’s ability to produce high density pixel output will make everything look better.  The fact that the glass is bonded to the LCD panel also helps as compared to older generation iPhone’s where the glass was not bonded to the LCD panel which led to blurriness.

FaceTime: The iPhone 4 introduced a front facing camera primarily geared towards to the new FaceTime feature which allows you to video conference with other iPhone 4 users.  The only catch is that as of right now both users need to be connected to WiFi to initiate FaceTime.  I will admit that FaceTime seemed like a rather pointless feature (to me), however, after using it with several of my friends I’ve since changed my tune.  FaceTime is perhaps one of the coolest things to come to the iPhone to date.  Granted the idea and concept is not new, I think the execution by Apple is excellent.  It’s seamless to setup (press of a button) and easy to use.  I expect to see other applications like Skype take advantage of the front facing camera and would love to see the ability to video conference with people who are using Skype on desktops or laptops.

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AT&T: The Scapegoat for the iPhone’s Problems?

On Monday, Apple is expected to release the 4.01 version of its iOS mobile operating system, previously known as the iPhone OS. The purpose of this update is to fix an issue that caused iPhone (both the recently released iPhone 4 and the now “legacy” iPhone 3G and 3GS) to decrease signal performance when the device was held snugly or tightly. This is a concept that Jeff pointed out in a YouTube video on the first day that iPhone 4’s had begun to be delivered to those who opted for home-delivery.

Personally, I am glad to see that Apple was able to evaluate and fix the issue in such a minimal amount of time, and am impressed with their dedication to making the iPhone a stable and usable device. However, had Apple not fixed this issue, many people, myself included, would have simply attributed the performance issues to have been an issue with the carrier of the iPhone; AT&T. This raises the question, is AT&T the scapegoat for all of the problems with the iPhone?

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iPad App Review:

Are a music lover who owns an iPad? If so, you must download the iPad app, a free app, brought to you by CBS Interactive Music Group. is a website that takes real radio stations from around the nation and compiles them into one sleek interface, on their website and in their iPhone and iPad apps. is one of the best iPad apps in the app store in my opinion because it takes a different approach to streaming music on the iPad. When most people think of streaming music, they instantly think of Pandora. While Pandora is also a great app, I prefer much more. allows you to pick a real radio station from their selection of large cities. Their cities of choice include Los Angeles, Seattle, Hartford, Chicago, Washington DC, and many more. My favorite feature in the iPad app is the map, which allows you to select on of their marked cities and lists all the radio stations they carry from that city.

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Apple’s Latest App Store Rejection Technique: “Limited Audience”

I recently submitted the BestTechie for iPad app to the App Store along with an update for the already existing BestTechie for iPhone app.  There was nothing wrong with either application, both worked as advertised and did not crash.  I figured it would be a no-brainer submission.  After all, what could go wrong?  Apple approves 95% of all submitted applications and we weren’t breaking any policies or rules.  Well, yesterday, I received an email which stated that the BestTechie for iPhone app update had been approved and would appear in the App Store shortly.  Great.  I then received an email which stated that the iPad app was now under review. Great I thought, it should be approved today as well.

Well, it wasn’t.  Why wasn’t the BestTechie for iPad app approved?  The short answer (according to Apple or at least the person who reviewed it): “limited audience”.  I’ll paste a transcript of the email below.

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How To: Keep Windows Running Smooth

As any Windows user knows, regular computer maintenance is essential to a speedy and reliable Windows installation.  While most people know how to perform basic maintenance such as disk cleanups, file compressions, disk de-fragmentation, etc, the fact of the matter is that the hustle and bustle of daily life often leads us to forget about such tasks.  Because of this, people often end up going for months without maintaining their computers, and ultimately end up with a bogged down machine.  While there are some strategies to make a re-install go easier, the fact still remains that one is much better off preventing any issues before they occur.

There are three components of automated maintenance that this tutorial will cover.  The first component, being disk cleanup, requires you to firstly set a setting within Windows that tells it what exactly you want it to do during the automated process.  To do this, you will want to go to either the Run or Command Prompt window and type “cleanmgr /sageset: 1”.

The next screen that pops up will look very similar to the standard Disk Cleanup utility, however it will simply be a settings window that will let you choose what options you want the program to perform when it is launced through the script we will create later in this article.  What you choose here is really up to you.  For my automated configuration, I choose to do everything except empty my recycle bin.

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iPhone 4: A Huge Success

Well, the title says it all.  According to a couple of blogs AT&T has completely sold out all of their iPhone 4’s.  Anyone who ordered an iPhone 4 from AT&T after 1:30PM EST can expect their iPhone to be received anytime from June 25th to July 5th. Ouch.  Today has been crazy, its been the equivalent to an online mob scene or mosh pit.  People fighting for the right to get their iPhone 4 on time and before anyone else.  If this is any indication of what it will be like at the Apple store I’m going to, I need to hire a body guard.

I’ve included a video above detailing my iPhone 4 pre-order story.  It’s a tale of epic failure, disappointment, excitement, and hopefully a happy ending (that will happen when I have the iPhone 4 in my hot little hands).

Update: Apple has now sold out of the iPhone 4 as well. Their website now states it will ship by July 2nd.

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