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DSStyles iPhone Case Reviews

First, I’d like to thank to Jay over at DSStyles for sending me a few cases to review and share with everyone.  DSStyles has a large selection of iPhone cases for the original, 3G, and 3GS.  Their selection is pretty good.  It focuses mostly on more sleek and shiny cases, however, does a few leather ones as well.

The ones I were sent were the D.S. (Darius) and the Metallico Series both of which are very nice and come with a velvety cloth holding case so you can throw your iPhone in your backpack or handbag and not have to worry about it getting scratched up.  Overall, both cases are more for the people who are interested in keeping their iPhone stylish.  If you’re looking for a more protective case I recommend you read my previous blog post where I discuss more protective cases.

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Apple Time Capsule Review (2TB)

In my previous post about the new 2TB Apple Time Capsule where I unboxed it, I briefly explained what the Time Capsule actually is and promised a more in depth review as soon as I got a chance to actually use it.  So as promised here is a more in depth review of Apple’s new Time Capsule.

The Time Capsule is a wireless router (802.11n) which contains a hard drive for easy backup in conjunction with the OS X application Time Machine.  The new Time Capsule’s come in a 1TB model for $299 and a 2TB model for $499.  It comes with 1 Gbit WAN port and 3 Gbit LAN ports (I wish it had 4) directly on the device itself as well as a single USB port for a network printer and/or an external hard drive which would essentially turn into a NAS.  The design of the Time Capsule is very sleek.  I like the fact it has no external antenna’s.

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Twitter DDoS Song

Twitter-based songs are nothing new, but, that didn’t stop me from creating my own based on the recent DDoS attacks against Twitter and other social services such as Facebook.  Twitter seemed to have suffered the worse with regards to being able to mitigate the attack.  Their servers were completely inaccessible for quite some time on and off spanning over a two day period.

Downtime on Twitter is nothing new as many tweeters are familiar with.  If you are relatively new to Twitter then you’ll understand what I’m talking about sooner or later, unless, of course, Twitter figures out a way to manage their servers.

The song is based on “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem.  I liked it so I recorded it.  I know I can’t sing so save those comments! Anyway, watch the video and if you like it feel free to share it around the web. I have included the lyrics below.

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Microsoft Outlook Coming To Mac

Today, Microsoft announced that their next version of Mac Office (2010) will include a new application.  That new application being Outlook for Mac.  It will be replacing Entourage which is the current alternative to Outlook in the Mac Office Suite.  I’m sure that will make a number of people cheer.

The Mac Office team has built this Mac version of Outlook from the ground up to ensure compatibility and solid performance.

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Brain Toniq Taste Test

I would like to thank TrueToniqs for sending me a couple of cans of their Brain Toniq energy drink.  Brain Toniq’s slogan is “The intelligent think drink” – it is supposed to make you think clearer by clearing out what they call “head fog”.  It is a low(er) calorie (it has 80 to be exact) than many of the other energy drinks on the market and also does not have any sugar or caffeine in the drink itself.

To me, the drink tastes like those Caprisun fruit drinks (it has citrus extract in there drink – no actual fruit) with a hint of carbonation.  In regards to the way the drink looks, it’s not the most appealing looking drink.  It looks like Apple Cider but even darker, I suppose that’s why the can is white and not transparent.

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Pingdom Review: Monitor Your Websites Uptime

Pingdom is a freemium web service that allows you to monitor and track your websites uptime.  As all website owners and server administrators know – uptime is extremely important.  The more your site/server is down the more money you are losing.  Not only does it effect possible advertising or sales revenue, it can also harm your search engine rankings.  If your site is unavailable when search engine spiders go to crawl it, it hurts your rank.

The service provides both a free and paid version for their users.  The free version allows you to monitor and check one website, provides 20 SMS messages, and unlimited email alerts.  There are two tiers of paid versions, a Basic version which is $9.95/month and a Business version which is $39.95/month.  The Basic version includes up to five website checks, 20 SMS alerts, unlimited email alerts, and unlimited contacts (people who receive the alerts).  The Business version includes up to 30 website checks, 200 SMS alerts, unlimited email alerts, and unlimited contacts.  On both paid plans you can purchase additional SMS alerts for a cost (Business version has discounted SMS).

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TechCrunch’s Super Secret Spy Subdomain

Earlier today, TechCrunch Co-editor, Erick Schonfeld made a blog post about his issues with Firefox 3.5.  However, in that blog post, he posted a screenshot (see below) which included a tab labeled “TechCrunch Spy”.  Purposely or not, it stirred some discussion in the comments.  Thinking it would be too obvious (I tried it anyway), and I typed into my address bar, and sure enough, a password protected web page appeared.  So what is this TechCrunch Spy?

I have a couple of guesses (both speculative – right after the jump)

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