Looking for ways to earn passive income? In this article, I am going to share with you the ten best passive income apps for making money fast. Making passive income using your cell phone apps is one of the awesome ways to grow your side income.

Adults are spending about 5 hours per day on the phone, a study has shown. And 90% of that time is spent using cell phone apps. But some of these apps aren’t paying you.

Why not spend this time on apps that can make you money instead? These days, there are plenty of apps you can use to generate passive income. I looked at various money-making apps and pulled out the best you can use to earn passive income.

The best part? They are easy to use. They do not need too much of setting up. You just need to install them on your smartphone and that’s it.

They are also 100% free.

So without wasting your time, let me show you those passive income apps.


Swagbucks is the first best passive income app you can make money fast by shopping online, watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, referring friends, and using coupons.

From their website, Swagbucks have paid users of the app more than $150,000,000 since the app was introduced. When you use this app to purchase items at participating stores, you earn SB points.

You can then redeem those SB points with gift cards, for PayPal, or as you want. When you use this link to sign up, you get a $10 signup bonus.

The minimum they pay out is $5. That means you do not wait for too long to redeem your SB points.

Just to let you know that you can’t get right with Swagbucks but it can help you to make passive income to increase your side income.


Another incredible passive income app for making money fast is Drop Rewards. It is also a free app that is easy to start earning money. With this app, you will be required to link your credit and debit cards. When you purchase items with those cards at participating stores, you are awarded points.

You can then redeem those points with gift cards.  You can accumulate your points as much as you want because they don’t expire. In every 1,000 Drop points rewarded to you, you get $1.

Just to let you know that you cannot withdraw cash when using this app, you will only be required to redeem your points with gift cards.


Once you sign up with MobileXpression, you get a $5 Amazon gift card.

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Unfortunately, you can expect to earn only $20 a year using this app. But you can win up to $1,000,000 in the MobileXpression sweepstakes. The app works by keeping track of your mobile data usage. It’s in fact, developed to track and uncover internet usage.

The best part?

The app is easy to install and use. It does not affect the performance of your devices.

There is no limited number of users in this app. You can sign up on iOS and Android.


Just running this app on your device and you earn $36 every year. And the best part about the ShopTracker app is that you earn $3 bonus once you sign up. They pay you for tracking your Amazon transactions, unlike other apps that pay you for using your phone.

It was developed by one of the best survey sites called Harris Poll Online Company.

You will just need to link your Amazon account with ShopTracker and leave it to do the tracking for you. it’s 100% free to sign up and you can use the app on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.


SavvyConnect is a passive income app developed by one of the most popular survey sites known as SurveySavvy.

You earn $180 every year by running this app on your cell phone. The app works by gathering information like what you purchase on the internet and the apps you use. You are then rewarded for the data the app has collected from your activities on the internet.

Whenever you add a device every month, you earn $5. You can use the app on your tablet, mobile, and desktop and start making up to $180 passive income every year.

Cross Media Panel

Earn passive income up to $144 each year running Cross Media Panel on your devices. Once you install the app, they pay you for gathering your browsing data.

The app collects data of the sites you browse and how frequently you visit those sites. You are paid $2 bonus once you register as a first time user.

After there, you start to earn $1 every week on each device and you can install it on 3 devices. That means using this app on all your three devices can help you make $12 a month and a total of $144 a year passively.

The minimum amount you can cash out is $5, but they pay in gift card not cash. If you want to use this app on your PC, you will be required to use Google Chrome as your default browser.

Smart Panel

Smart Panel helps you make $110 a year with a registration bonus of $5.

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Just imagine; by only signing up on the app, you earn a bonus of $5.

Sounds crazy, right?

Yes, and you can use this app on your iOS, Windows devices, and Android and get paid. The app works by gathering data about how long you use your phone and the apps you use on your phone. Remember, studies show that the average person spends at least 4 hours a day on their phone. You can use this app and make money instead of using other apps that don’t pay off.

To become a member of the Smart Panel, you will be required to take a survey. And the longer you continue running the app on your device the higher the bonuses awarded to you. For instance, running the app for one year earns you $110 passively. And every one year from them earns you a bonus of $10 on top of the yearly passive income.

Data Wallet

You have an active social media account, right. Data Wallet wants to help you make money by allowing the app to gather data about the activities you do on your social media accounts.

It does the gathering of data by itself. You just install it and leave it to do the rest.

Unfortunately, they pay $50 in case they submit your data for purchase. That means, if your data is not purchased, you might not benefit much with this app. But you can expect to make a passive income of around $150 a year running this app on your device.


ScreenLift is perhaps the recently released app but it’s one of the best passive income apps for making money fast.

The app works by placing an app on your phone every time you unlock it. You are then paid for that. You can earn a passive income of around $60 a year whether you engage the ad or not.

Once you register on this app, you get 250 points bonus.

Just imagine how many times you swipe and unlock your phone. And now ScreenLift wants to pay you just for doing that.


My last and best passive income apps that can make you up to $15 per month is SlideJoy.

Once you become a member of the SlideJoy, you earn a $20 bonus. As the name suggests, the app pays you for sliding or swiping their ad on your phone’s screen.

The best part?

You can install the app, never to engage it and still get paid for running it on your phone.

The app works by placing an aesthetically pleasing ad on your lock screen. Well, the add does not monitor anything against you.

You can expect to get paid up to $120 a year via PayPal or gift card.

Wrapping it up

Can these apps make you rich? No, they can’t. But by just letting them run on your devices, you earn passive income. Instead of using your phone for 5 hours a day doing nothing, why not run these apps and get paid for that? The good thing with most of these apps is that, whether you use it or not, you will still earn passive income.

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