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February 3, 2015

Google Denies Impending Uber Competition

Yesterday’s news that Google had plans to take it to Uber in the form of a fleet of autonomous taxi-bots seems to have ruffled some feathers at the search giant – so much so that company insiders are starting to offer anonymous comments denying the rumors’ veracity.

A new report out of the Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog cites an insider who claims that Google’s app – which yesterday was said to be a prototype for haling self-driving cabs – has been “blown out of proportion.”

“The person said a Google engineer has been [...]

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February 2, 2015

Battle Bots: Google Tackling Uber with Self-Driving Taxis

Google’s plan for its in-development self-driving car has suddenly become a lot clearer. Today, Bloomberg reports that Google intends to roll out its fleet of autonomous vehicles in the not-too-distant future in conjunction with a ride-hailing app that will allow users to order a robo-car to wherever they are and take an AI-led ride to their destination.

According to the report, Google may have been planning on making this move ever since Google Ventures injected $258 million in investment capital into Uber back in 2013, while [...]

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January 31, 2015

Ride-Sharing Service Uber Enters Pennsylvania with Two-Year Experimental License

In the past, living in Pennsylvania meant the closest you got to Uber was being jealous of your friends in New York City and San Francisco.

No more.

Uber, a ride share service popular with those in larger cities, officially launched in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as of yesterday afternoon at 5 p.m., thanks to a two-year experimental license granted to the company by Pennsylvania’s Public Utility Commission. At launch time, Harrisburg’s mayor took the state’s first Uber ride around a block with PUC [...]

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July 2, 2014

Real Food Works Is the ‘Uber For Food’

When serial tech entrepreneur Lucina Duncalfe was eating lunch in a deserted restaurant on a Tuesday afternoon in Philadelphia, a lightbulb went off in her head.  Why couldn’t the restaurant make food during their slow period that could be delivered to customers?  A few months later, Real Food Works was born.

Real Food Works is similar to NutriSystem but with fresh, never frozen, 100% whole food ingredients made with nothing artificial and low added fat, sugar, and salt prepared by select restaurants.  Customers sign up for [...]

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May 7, 2014

Google Maps Update Adds Uber & Guidance for Lanes and Last Call

Yesterday, Google rolled out a new update for its Maps app—you know, the one you rely on to get anywhere when you’re not a hundred percent familiar with the route. The newest features added to Maps make the app’s navigation and informational services even better: now you’ll know the best lane to drive in at any given moment, and you’ll know how much time you have before the bars close. And that’s not all: the new Maps features also adds syncing with the Uber app if you feel like letting someone else do the driving.

A post on [...]

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March 21, 2014

Handybook’s Bet on Home Services is A Winning One

When it comes to industries like travel, food, and retail, there are literally hundreds of sites and apps where you can book flights, make restaurant reservations or buy a shirt.  But when it comes to booking services in the home, like housecleaning and plumbing, there is one app that is becoming the destination for home service transactions: Handybook.

When we talked to the home services start-up last May, the company had raised $2 million in financing and was in three cities with about eight employees.  Since then, Handybook [...]

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December 4, 2013

Uber Offering Christmas Tree Delivery Tomorrow and Tomorrow Only

Uber, the startup transportation company that’s normally known for connecting taxi-needing citizens with for-hire citizen drivers, is getting deeper into the home delivery business. After the success of its ice cream on-demand service this summer, the company is preparing to launch its latest seasonal endeavor : Christmas tree delivery.

That’s right – starting tomorrow, you can use your Uber app to order a Home Depot Christmas tree on-demand and have it delivered right to your very doorstep. You don’t even have to change out of [...]

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October 3, 2013

Forget Waiting on the Street, Use Gett to Book Your Ride In Advance

Gett, formerly known as GetTaxi, today is announcing that it is introducing a brand new feature into its app: the ability to book future rides.  We first covered Gett’s launch back in early August when its “G-Cars” rolled into New York City.  Other companies in this space such as Uber are more limited when it comes to the ability to book a ride, allowing customers to only request a pickup at that current point in time and charging more for certain types of vehicles.

Instead of building its own fleet, Gett [...]

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August 8, 2013

GetTaxi Makes Its Big Apple Debut As Its G-Cars Roll Into NYC

The taxi industry has seen a lot of disruption recently from the entrance of companies like Uber and the recent victory for e-hailing apps, the entire industry is in this flux of sorts.  As technology has advanced, it has left several car service companies high and dry — not able to take advantage of the tech or compete with the Uber’s of the world.  But today, that is about to change.  A company called GetTaxi is launching in New York City today and it’s hoping its army of “G-Cars” will be able to solve [...]

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July 15, 2013

Uber launches new fare splitting feature on mobile clients

Uber, the popular and growing on-demand transportation service, has just launched an incredibly handy new feature on their mobile client meant to make splitting a fare with a friend just that much easier. Appropriately dubbed “fare splitting,” Uber now allows users to invite other Uber users on their contact list to share the fare with them. The new client also allows you to manually input a phone number, which then sends an SMS message to that number inviting them to install the Uber mobile client to help pay for the [...]

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