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April 17, 2014

Reports Say Yahoo & Microsoft Both Gunning for Google’s Search Spot on iOS

There’s an interesting relationship between Apple and Google. The two companies need each other; Apple needs to provide its users with access to Google’s great, in-demand services, and Google needs those users on its services since it clearly can’t get them hooked in with Android. But it’s probably not a very happy marriage considering the competition between Android and iOS, so it’s not entirely surprising to hear that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is making progress in wooing Apple execs to make Yahoo iOS’s default search engine.

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January 7, 2014

On Yahoo Tech: David Pogue Thinks He Gets It, But He Doesn’t

David Pogue trashed essentially all tech journalists and every tech site on the Internet just a few hours ago on stage at CES during the Yahoo keynote.  Normally this kind of publicity stunt doesn’t bother me but this time it did–and not for the reason you may think.  It bothered me for a couple of reasons, the first is because he thinks he’s the only one interested in serving the “normal people” and he would be wrong. The second reason it bothered me (which is actually a good thing for BestTechie) is [...]

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December 12, 2013

Look: Just Ditch Your Yahoo Mail Account Already

Back in October, our own Jeff Weisbein asked a question about whether or not Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer might be slipping in her attention to detail—specifically because of the big, big problems regarding the revamped Yahoo Mail service. While I think Mayer’s moves as CEO have been pretty revolutionary for the company on the whole, the Yahoo Mail debacle is a gnarly blemish that is straight-up impossible to ignore.

Now, an update on Yahoo’s help blog indicates that the most recent outage of the service is coming to an end, and [...]

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December 9, 2013

Picture This: Yahoo May be Trying to Buy Imgur

Earlier this year, Yahoo and its (then) new CEO Marissa Mayer made headlines when the company bought the hugely popular microblogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Since then, Yahoo has been brute-forcing its way back into relevance by gobbling up lots of other companies over the past few months, like PlayerScale, Rockmelt, Admovate, and more. But a post on Business Insider today reports that Yahoo may be considering another high-profile acquisition, this time for Imgur, the preferred image-hosting site for users of [...]

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October 14, 2013

Is Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Slipping When It Comes to Attention to Detail?

Marissa Mayer, now CEO of Yahoo [former Google exec], has developed a reputation over the years of her career as someone who pays extremely close attention to detail and data.  Just how extreme is extreme?  During her time at Google, Mayer once had her team test 41 different shades of blue to determine which generated the optimal number of clicks.  But with some recent changes at Yahoo, I’m starting to wonder where all that attention to detail and data went?

Yes, Yahoo has improved a number of its apps, some of which people [...]

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September 5, 2013

Yahoo!’s Logo Gets A Facelift After 18 Years

Yahoo!’s 18-year old brand is not just being reenergized by a a fresh face at the helm, but also by a new logo that’s more modern and sleek, moving away from it’s cowboy tooting, giant purple bubble look (yes, that’s my own analysis).

The new logo retains much of the old logo’s look, it’s still purple, still has an exclamation point at the end, but it’s lost weight; it’s slimmer and more refined.   It looks like it just came back after a detox diet at a spa somewhere out [...]

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August 26, 2013

Yahoo’s $1.99 WatchList Is Brilliant, It’s About Building A Loyal User Base

This morning Yahoo released those inactive usernames to people who were the first to put them on their WishList.   In addition to the release of the inactive usernames, the company announced that users who did not receive an email with the option to activate a username on their WishList now have the choice to stalk them (up to five) for $1.99.  For those of you who are trashing the idea of Yahoo charging $1.99 for the ability to track up to five usernames for three years, let me be the first to say, you are completely missing the point [...]

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August 22, 2013

Yahoo Bests Google for Site Visits in July

Since Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo’s CEO last year, she’s made a number of high-profile moves and acquisitions that have put the company in headlines. And unlike so many news stories surrounding big name corporations these days, the majority of the headlines she’s garnered have been positive. And it seems as though her moves are actually paying off: market research firm comScore reported yesterday that Yahoo actually edged out her former corporate home of Google in traffic for the month of July. Apparently, this marks the first time [...]

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August 2, 2013

Yahoo Acquires Rockmelt Social Browser

It’s a day of the week that ends in ‘Y,’ so that means Yahoo has purchased yet another tech startup. Today its Rockmelt, a “social browser” that had attempted to enter the desktop web browser market a few years ago with social network integration, but failed to make a dent in the stranglehold of more mainstream browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, to name a few. Apparently the start-up has focused more on mobile in recent years, and that focus seems to be why Yahoo has taken an interest in the start-up.

A post on [...]

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July 17, 2013

Yahoo Acquires Mobile Advert Company Admovate

You know those times when you’ve got some cash in your pocket, and you know that you ought to stick it in your bank account (or under your mattress), but you just can’t help going from store to store to spend it until there’s nothing left? That seems to be what Yahoo’s been doing under the leadership of CEO Marissa Mayer, as the company announced the acquisition of mobile advertising company Admovate today.

While Admovate doesn’t have nearly the same kind of name-brand recognition as Flickr and Tumblr—two of Yahoo’s high profile [...]

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