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March 21, 2014

Handybook’s Bet on Home Services is A Winning One

When it comes to industries like travel, food, and retail, there are literally hundreds of sites and apps where you can book flights, make restaurant reservations or buy a shirt.  But when it comes to booking services in the home, like housecleaning and plumbing, there is one app that is becoming the destination for home service transactions: Handybook.

When we talked to the home services start-up last May, the company had raised $2 million in financing and was in three cities with about eight employees.  Since then, Handybook [...]

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August 8, 2013

Mobile Job Search App Proven Adds Employer App

Searching for a job can be confusing and difficult.  You have to search for jobs on numerous sites, decide which one is a good match, and apply, sometimes using different resumes, to the best job.  Then you have to wait.   If you think that’s frustrating, just think about the employer.  They have to post job listings on numerous sites, sort through slews of resumes, and interview boatloads of candidates until they get the right match.

Now, employers have an easier way to find the right [...]

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June 27, 2013

Lovely Makes Apartment Hunting A Little More…Lovely

Apartment search app Lovely is gaining quite a following in an already crowded market.  With over 125,000 downloads since the launch of its iOS app in November, Lovely is differentiating itself with a sole focus on rentals, up-to-the second listings, and an interface that is quite frankly, lovely.

Lovely, available on iOS or on the Web, processes over 1.5 million listings a month from over 50 sources, including Craigslist.  But while a number of other apps, including Zillow and Trulia, are offering similar data, Lovely makes the [...]

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April 23, 2013

Proven App Gives Users A Leg Up on Job Search

Most job-hunting apps are a dime a dozen.  They utilize the same or similar search engines to aggregate job listings.  But there is one app that is taking job hunting to the next level.  Proven is proving to be (sorry for the pun) quite different from the rest.

Proven was started by Pablo Fuentes, who is a first generation immigrant from Chile.  He started working in finance before realizing he wanted to build something and also help people get jobs.  With more than 50 percent of Americans using a smartphone, it only makes sense [...]

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July 6, 2009

Google Base To Compete With Craigslist

Google recently announced their latest service – Google Base.  What is Google Base?  According to Google it is a place where anyone can post something they want to sell such as event tickets, cars, products, jobs, and even houses.  The service directly integrates with Google search results which is definitely an appealing feature.

In addition to integration within search results you can just search Google Base and Google Products.  For example, events and other assorted tickets can be found here, while cars and other [...]

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