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March 31, 2014

BlackBerry Successfully Stops Sales of Typo iPhone Case With Injunction

Nearly four months after filing a lawsuit against Typo, the company funded in part by television personality Ryan Seacrest, for patent infringement, BlackBerry has managed to secure an injunction successfully stopping the sale of Typo’s one and only product currently on the market, the iPhone case of the same name. Typo’s case adds a BlackBerry style plastic keyboard to the bottom of any iPhone, allowing users to type with a physical keyboard rather than having to rely on the more imprecise on-screen keyboard.

Judge [...]

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March 31, 2014

T-Mobile Discontinues Employee Discounts

T-Mobile is dead set on making itself out as a maverick in the stuck in its ways wireless carrier industry, and today the guys in pink (or is it magenta?) have announced on the official T-Mobile company blog anther big change in the way they do business – the discontinuation of the employee discount.

For years now, carriers have offered pretty hefty discounts for employees of certain partner companies as a way to get a whole mass of people to sign with them. It’s worked well enough in the past, as even I used AT&T [...]

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March 31, 2014

Microsoft Appoints Phil Spencer as Head of Xbox

The Microsoft executive shakeup continues today as the company has officially appointed Phil Spencer as the Head of Xbox, picking up where former Xbox Leader Don Mattrick left off. Don Mattrick notably left the position to become CEO of Zynga not too long ago.

Phil Spencer has said the following about his new role at Microsoft, specifically detailing what his new position entails:

I will now be leading the Xbox, Xbox Live, and creative teams including Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Microsoft Studios as we deliver the next [...]

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March 31, 2014

Leaked Apple “Schematics” Point to Super-Thin iPhone 6 Air

There are no shortage of iPhone 6 mock-ups floating around on the Internet. If you want an idea as to what Apple’s next handset will look like, it won’t take you long to see some of the different ideas freelance designers have had. But some newly leaked schematics purported to show the design of the iPhone 6 have come out of Japan—and there’s something about the design that has a ring of truth.

First published a few days ago by Japanese magazine MacFan (via MacRumors), the schematics show two different sizes of iPhone. The front [...]

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March 30, 2014

Batman: Arkham City Headlines Free PlayStation Plus Titles for April

The latest Batman video game series has been held in high regard; especially the titles developed by Rocksteady Studios.  One of those, Batman: Arkham City, will be available as a free PlayStation 3 download for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting in April.

That’s not all. According to Polygon, several more PS3 titles will make their way to PS Plus in April. Stealth, Inc.: A Clone in the Dark and Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse will also be added. These games aren’t quite the blockbusters that the Batman [...]

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March 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Facebook Acquires Oculus; Microsoft Brings Office to iPad

It looks like you’re trying to catch up all the big tech news from the past week. Would you like some assistance today?

Great! There are two ways you can digest the Weekend Wrap-Up; by viewing the video below, or by scrolling down further to read the text edition.


Facebook Acquires VR Company Oculus for $2 Billion

Facebook shocked the world this past week by buying VR company Oculus for $2 billion. Oculus is the company behind the Oculus Rift headset, a Kickstarter project that has also [...]

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March 28, 2014

Google Now Mandating Hardware Manufacturers Put Android Logo on Boot Screens

Google has always held a fairly strict set of restrictions that manufacturers had to follow in order to be allowed to use some of the core features of Android as most people know it, including the Google Play Store, Chrome, Google Maps, and even the new Android Launcher. Now they’ve added one big restriction that could be a sticking point for some manufacturers – Google is now requiring that all manufacturers slap on a nice big “Powered by Android” logo on the boot screen.

The new rules can already be seen [...]

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March 28, 2014

What’s the Word: How Does Office for iPad Stack Up?

Yesterday, Microsoft finally announced touch-optimized versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for the Apple iPad, a product suite that heralds Microsoft’s long overdue interest in bringing its proven software to competing platforms. While the news was certainly welcome, I took issue with the fact that in order to actually use Office Suite to create or edit files, you had to log in with an Office 365 account. Otherwise, it’s just a Microsoft-made document viewer.

But because I do happen to have an Office 365 account myself, I [...]

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