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What Is Malware/Spyware?

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Posted: 12 Oct, 2007
by: Weisbein J.
Updated: 14 Oct, 2007
by: Weisbein J.

What is malware? Malware is software that is installed on a computer usually without permission from the user. Malware is a rapidly growing problem in the computer world. It’s causing many problems for people as well. Most people don’t want this malware on their machines because it is an annoyance. I feel that companies should stop producing malware for a number of reasons.

Malware is an invasion of the privacy of computer users. This software installs without the users permission and usually contains a weak EULA-End User License Agreement. This software can track your web surfing habits and what you do online. It can come in a variety of forms from unwanted popup ads to web dialers and browser hijacks. Software such as web dialers can cost people money. When web dialers are installed on a computer they can dial out using your phone line and cost you money. And you won’t know about it until you get your phone bill in the mail. Browser hijacks are another form of malware. Browser hijacks take control of your browser in such a way that it forces you to use a particular home page, a particular search engine and in some cases it even installs unwanted toolbars.

In addition to be annoying and unwanted, malware is very hard to remove. Many of these infections are not simple to remove. Unlike software programs that you may install on your own which are easy to remove, malware can be really difficult to remove. Most times you can’t just uninstall the program. Sometimes you need to install special tools in order to remove it from your computer. There are removal tools that you can get that work quite well. The problem is that you have to know how to use them and it’s not easy to figure out. People spend a lot of time learning about these infections so that they can help victims remove the malware from their computers.

Why do companies try so hard to create malware and infect computers with it? It’s really very simple. It’s because they get paid to do it. The creators of these programs get paid every time someone clicks on a popup or a link that was place on a computer by the malware infection. They get paid even if someone clicks on the link by mistake. Malware makers say the people don’t have to click on the ads if they don’t want to. But the truth is that the links and ads look like real things so people click on them. Some of them even say something like “your computer is infected with spyware click here to remove”. That is very sly. A regular computer user wouldn’t know that it was a trick and would think that they needed the help. The thing is, clicking on it, will do two things one it will make money for the companies that create malware and two infect your machines with even more malware. It’s a never ending cycle.

This problem is growing rapidly; new infections are being created every day and the anti-malware community is doing their best to stay on top of it. There are many sites and forums devoted to fighting the fight against malware.

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