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How To Clean Up The Windows Temp Folder

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Posted: 14 Oct, 2007
by: Weisbein J.
Updated: 14 Oct, 2007
by: Weisbein J.
Here's a tip on how to free up some space on your hard drive. Often times, this will clear up even Gigabytes of space! (Windows XP)

Navigate to:

C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Local Settings\Temp\

This is a hidden temp folder that doesn't get dumped when you go through disk cleanup. This folder contains nothing more than .tmps and .baks. Clearing out the folder could free up a lot of space on your machine; my personal experiences freed 17.1 GBs!

Many of the files may give you the error of "access denied" or ".. is in use" when you try to delete them. You can use this program to fix that:

**Warning: Some people have experienced problems with this tutorial, resulting in certain applications not working.**
See this topic for details:


Written by Matt and may not be reproduced without the author's permission.
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