Easter Giveaway – $75 BestBuy Gift Card!

UPDATE: WE ARE NOW GIVING AWAY TWO (2) $75 BESTBUY GIFT CARDS! – Thanks to Marcin of Malwarebytes for the kind donation along with everyone else who donated (the sponsors).

Easter Giveaway – (2) $75 BestBuy Gift Cards! @ 5PM EST on March 23rd, 2008! – http://live.besttechie.net

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You MUST leave a comment on this post stating what you want or plan to do with the $75 BestBuy gift card if you win!

You MUST also be subscribed to the BestTechie YouTube Channel.

Finally, you MUST be in the BestTechie chat channel at the time of the giveaway, you can join the chat here at http://live.besttechie.net

I look forward to seeing you all there!

— Jeff Weisbein

Jeff is the founder & CEO of BestTechie. He has over 10 years of experience working with technology and building businesses. He loves to travel and listen to music.

  • Desktop-Kyle

    what i would do with a bestbuy giftcard: buy some new speakers for my desktop or buy a Wii Game

  • Ethan C

    I’d probably use bestbuy gift card to help pay for the macbook pro i plan on buying

  • Cody

    Wows that is cool

  • Ryanhawiya

    I would like to buy with that $75 either more RAM or a new Blu-Ray movie… “I Am Legend”.

    Hope I win!

  • Alex F (asasin)

    I’ll maybe get me a few CDs or Crysis. Just gotta make my way to BestBuy soon (i haven’t been there for months!)

  • Tommy

    A MacBook Laptop !!!

  • http://sl0rdonline.net/ SL0RD

    I would defiantly buy new headphones for my Ipod mine just broke yesterday so :(

  • Dylan

    I would buy an external enclousure for my laptop harddrive and then buy a new keyboard and mouse for my parents(theres stinks). and i would buy the parts for my almost finished grannybox for my grandparents. hope i win thanks for the chance

  • geekazoid

    What I would do with the money is buy my mom a new cellphone because I accidently dove in a pool with it in my pocket… Sorry Kathy !

  • http://ian.lonick.com IanQ

    I would buy an apple wireless mighty mouse. =D

  • tpavra

    If I won the $75.00 giftcard for Best Buy, I would buy a desktop hard disk drive or a DVD Drive for the new computer I am building, along with a case fan.

  • Shane

    Hey.. that would be sweet!! THANKS MAN!

  • SerenadedAbyss

    I would probably buy a new mouse… or an micro SD card… I need both of those badly… or an hard drive enclosure kit… if Best Buy sells those…

  • http://michaelsherlock.com blue42richman

    I would use it, with some of my cash, for a new computer monitor.

  • http://ajiththanvj.wordpress.com dualshock

    I would buy Call of Duty 4 for my playstation 3. :)

  • mountee

    i might get ram if i get it, or use it to get FSX :D

  • boredcollegekid

    New video games definitely or a new mic, the one i got now stinks

  • http://www.ustream.tv/channel/brandons-life-at-home optiquest21

    I would use the gift card to buy my church a good quality tripod beacause we are in serious need of one so thx for gving us a chance and ii’m not lying just to let you know
    thx again

  • http://youtube.com/user/nypron Nypron

    Im probably goin gto use the giftcard for computer hardware stuff. Maybe just small things. maybe buy a webcam for live streaming too.

  • Arjun Karsan

    If I got the gift card, I’d buy the Orange Box.

  • http://youtube.com/user/ayk1987 Arjun Karsan

    This is a repost with my URL. But I’d buy the Orange Box, and use the left over on DVDs or CDs.

  • http://[email protected] Andrew12

    With $75… i would try to find a bestbuy with a Mini-DVI To VGA Cable to hook up to a monitor and my MacBook, and maybe if they have a monitor that costs < $75, i’ll buy a monitor… Thanks Jeff for doing this giveaway and Eric! :D

  • Give Away

    Best buy is cool..there have nice stuff.

  • Kyle

    Your awesome Jeff!

  • Karol

    What will I do with the gift card? There is lots of things I’m going to do with it! Maybe I’ll buy Computer hardware things. If my parents let me have. Hehe :P. Maybe a better webcam :D.

  • Jaxim

    I’d like to put the gift card towards the purchase of either a Wii or a few DS games.

  • http://swordsounds.net swordofdestiny

    I would buy Crysis :D

  • Michael Rivera

    I’d buy an external hard drive for backup purposes.

  • http://bretw.deviantart.com Bret Wilkins

    I plan on buying a new Hard Drive for my computer. 160 gigabytes is just not enough anymore. Even if I can get a cheap 250GB SATA hard drive, I will definitely be satisfied!

  • Baker7

    I would use the giftcard to possibly upgrade my memory, or get a LARGE hard drive for my machines.


  • nerdgirl

    Hey Jeff! Love your show! If I win the giveaway I would buy some headphones and some cool art software or a printer. Good Luck To Everyone!

  • http://youtube.com/profile_subscriptions?user=matt2mattie2 matt2mattie

    If I Won I Would Plan On Buying Some More Ram For My Desktop

    Sounds like a great idea

    see you sunday!!!!!

  • xox1111

    If I had a 75 dollar gift card to BestBuy I would buy a USB external hard drive. I always can use more space and have been holding off because of the price of a large capacity drive.

  • Speakurmind

    Hey jeff i would love to get this giftgard because i need to get a wireless keyboard and mouse set because i now have a wired eyboard and mouse

  • http://prozie.net prozie

    I think I’ll pick up a few family Guy DVD sets :D

  • http://thecelloman.blogspot.com TheCellist42

    Hey Jeff. Cool that you are giving away a gift card. More than likely if I won, I would buy some equipment to fix my network.

  • http://www.usrbingeek.com/ usrbingeek

    Excellent!! I’d used toward a SanDisk Extreme IV 4GB CF card. I can NEVER have enough of them!

  • string. _anomaly

    I would use the 75 (+25) dollars to buy a 500gb external hard drive.

  • Honda_Boy

    Cool. Best Buy is my favorite place to get DVD’s. I’ll probably get me some more Anime DVD’s. Not sure what sereis though :P

  • william

    i would buy a copy of c&C kanes wrath, and i would also buy a
    blue ray movie or two.

    Man i hope i win thank you so much Jeff!

  • william

    i think i have to say “WHY” also so i want to win becuase i am a big fan of the C&C series and i have been looking forward to
    buying this game but right now i am broke thats “WHY” i want to buy c&C kanes wrath witch is an expansion to C&C tiberium wars!

  • Markman641

    I would buy a Video Game I currently don’t know whic one. I would also but a CD cleaner, and some side products/ accessorices.

  • jwbirdsong

    Probably get new DVD Burner

  • http://digitallifenowpodcast.com Mike

    Nice Video Jeff. Best Buy is great. I would buy a flash drive and some blank DVD’s.


  • harveyfrank

    If I won the best buy gift card i would probably buy a capture card but it they are to expensive i would get me another dvd writer for my computer I built.

  • Ryanhawiya

    Oh I also forgot to mention I would get those nice Bose earbuds! I have been wanting them for a long time!


    Can’t wait for the winner to be announced :-)

  • http://macsdaily.com SBDTHRU

    Im definitely going to buy some new speakers! So I can listen to your site with even better quality. :)

  • needTOS (Steve)

    What I’d do was go buy a new network hub, so that I can get my IRC server up.

  • emeraldgirl93

    I would probobly get some new headphones and a few itunes giftcards

  • Snaxe

    rawr. I may be AFK during the giveaway…but I’d use the card to get my gf and me USB sticks. Maybe some movies too.

  • ironfloyd

    id get a new webcam or a cheap wireless router

  • Bryan

    With the card id buy like games for my 360 or webcam/mic

  • mikel2709

    I would buy myself a new mic for my computer and maybe some other things for my computer!!!

  • Jay1290

    Nice contest. Hope to win.

  • Greg(G_dog1985_)

    i would buy a web cam so i can start broadcast my self to talk about cp and start intact with people

  • seva

    If i had won the $75 gift card to best buy i would have probably save it until i have enough money to buy a xbox 360 since i have around $120 saved already. I would like to get the xbox because i only own a Wii and a psp, that is what i will do with the gift card and why. =)

  • http://weeztv.livejournal.com JoshTheTechie

    Yo, what’s going on?

    no better time than a giveaway than on Easter Sunday huh?

    I’ll be there with my fingers crossed!

    If I win I’m going straight out and buying Wirless Apple Keyboard :).

    Keep up the good work and take it easy



    I would use this towards my new laptop purchase and of course blog about my winning on AtA and scream for the whole world to hear how much I love BestTechie.Net – did I win yet? Can I bribe you? Just kidding!

    Warm Geeky Regards,

    The Admin!

  • http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bowler4ever-live Bowler4Ever

    I plan on either purchasing a universal A/C laptop adapter for my notebook which just happened to have it’s A/C adapter die today. Either that or I can use it towards getting a Wii gaming system.

  • http://www.kyroc.net Comspy

    If I win I will buy myself a laptop case for my new MacBook. the rest i will save.

    Thank for making a great community@

  • UncleJohn

    Whoot awesome, love these more unique giveaways of certificates that gives people CHOICE, in what they want to buy. VEry smart move.

    Now 75 bucks at best buy, well thats just even better!

  • http://www.piczo.com/thejeffshow TheJeffShow95

    Dude best buy is an awesom store im glad you got 2!!! gift certificates and i will be purchasing a ipod shuffle…BTW The Show Rocks….

    Stream On
    From Thejeffshow95 or Jeffx95

  • http://pchowtos.co.uk/ Phil

    Sounds good. If I were to win, I would put the money towards some more EoP hardware.

  • UncleJohn

    I forgot to mention what I would buy, and thats because I am a impulse buyer when it comes to certificates. I only plan my spending when it is actual cash that I have earned. So I can not give a definite answer.

  • KY_Wildcat

    Wow Jeff… two $75 gift cards?! That’s awesome.. Now all we need is for Chris to give away the $75 give card to ThinkGeek… then it will be extremely awesome.

    If I won, which I prolly wont…. but I hope I do, I will probably spend it on something for my Mac’s. I don’t really know what I would spend it on, I know it would be something good!!

  • spencer

    Well, I have been saving for almost a month now for a new computer to upgrade from the current one I have. If I would I would save it and put it towards my new computer.

  • Matt

    waddup homecheese? Why should I win? Heh, I’m cheap.

  • http://corruptcorey.blogspot.com corruptcorey

    I will buy a new motherboard, because one of my computers has a blown motherboard.

  • http://www.bestgaminggeeks.com Best Gaming Geeks

    Best Gaming Geeks Here,

    If chosen I would buy a sound card, I’m in desperate need of one. (I’m using onboard sound right now.) There is one at bestbuy for roughly $75.00 and its from creative labs.

    I’ll see you on Easter Jeff, thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  • http://www.bestgaminggeeks.com Best Gaming Geeks

    Oh also here is the link to the sound card just to prove what I want to spend on.


  • Snakeyes11

    I would probably buy myself an external hard drive. Or buy a iTunes gift card and buy some movies and music from the iTunes stores.

  • http://www.stuzilla.com Stuzilla

    i would buy Jeff an e-cookie and spend the rest on cool Stuff *nod*

  • Zerazor

    for the gift card i would buy battlefield 2142 for my cousins birthday

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ultraUSA Ultrausa

    I’d buy some new speakers for my desktop.

  • http://www.condoulo.info Condoulo

    I would probably buy some memory or a new hard drive for my computer. Probably some memory in the end. Anyway, good luck to all

  • Mike_D

    I plan to buy Rainbow Six Vegas 2 or gta 4 in april

  • JOQ89

    So i can buy a macpro for me and so i can have my show called JoqTech

  • http://www.jtcweb.com JTC

    I would buy an external hard drive.

  • stothepizzle

    hey jeff, mah youtube name is d0th4ck l8rz

  • http://www.computertechcentral.org ComputerTechCentral

    Sweet idea, I’d totally buy some games for my PC to run on it. :D Hope that will be awesome. Peace guys.

    YT names: xXEx3cuti0n3rXx

  • Charley

    Probably try to see if I can get a better hard drive since a new comptuer is out of the question.

    Youtube username: Kanzu1